Armstrong Laminate Flooring Reviews, Products & Cost Guide

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Reviews, Products & Cost Guide 2022

The Pennsylvania Corporation, Armstrong Flooring was incorporated back in 2016, and was turned into a separate company from a subsidiary. Known for creating ideally impressive floorings, Armstrong also is famous for manufacturing the most incredible Laminate Flooring products, in terms of both performance and aesthetics. Not to mention the amazing durability factor, as well.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring is one of the best floor treatments for both commercial and residential applications. With the most realistic appearances and promising durabilities backed by the ultimate best warranties, Armstrong Laminate Flooring does stand out in a number of ways. Besides, the affordability factor serves as icing on the cake, making this flooring an entirely suitable dimension to invest in.

Last but not least is the fact that you know you’re paying for a quality brand since the outcomes are absolutely worth it. 

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Reviews

Flooring Pure presents to you a complete and comprehensive guide on Armstrong Laminate Flooring. This precise review compilation will not only provide you with all the info about the floor offerings by the brand but will also help you pick out the right laminate flooring product for yourself.

We’ve got every single essential aspect covered for you, such as the collection description, an outlook on the peculiar features, some of the major plus points and negatives, and lastly some brief comparisons with counterpart manufacturers.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Product Lines

Whether you’re in search of something super functional that provides for all those factors that you look forward to, or are looking for an ornamental upgrade within your place(s), Armstrong Laminate Flooring has definitely got you covered across its extensive collections and useful dimensions. 

With that said, these are the major lines of Armstrong Laminate Flooring, offering different versions of purposefulness and favorability. 

1. Armstrong Audacity Laminate Flooring Collection

Characteristic Quality Availability in Armstrong Audacity Laminate Flooring Collection
ConstructionArmstrong Audacity Laminate features a natural wood fiber construction and therefore has the dimensional stability of Vinyl flooring products. Besides, this rigid flooring comes with excellent scratch resistance, as well. 
Water Resistance Audacity Laminate Flooring can stay tough against moisture for up to 72 hours
General Resistance Audacity Laminate Flooring has an incredibly high resistance against scratching and staining damage, this is the best household flooring choice and also a great option for pet owners. 
AC RatingAudacity Laminate Flooring comes with an AC-4 commercial scratch-resistant rating, which is to say that this flooring is resistant to scratching damage, however not completely scratchproof.
Length and WidthAudacity Laminate Flooring generally features a length of 1213 mm and a width of 167 mm. Besides, the width can sometimes be 196 mm, as well, for a couple of styles.
Thickness12 mm is the standard thickness extent for Audacity Laminate Flooring Collection.
SpeciesAustralian Species, Classic Naturals, Hearthside, and Vintage are some of the notable species used for the Audacity Laminate Flooring Collection. 
Colors Heather Hill, Asheville, Oslo, Mountain Gray, Homestead Brown, Charleston Gray, Antarctic, Tassie Oak, Spotted Gum, and Blackbutt are the main color choices for Audacity Laminate Flooring Collection.
Look Armstrong Audacity Laminate Flooring features a Traditional Wood look. 
Warranty Audacity Laminate Flooring products have a Lifetime residential warranty against wear and tear and the commercial warranty offered for the flooring is up to 10 years.

2. Armstrong Rio Grande Laminate Flooring Collection

Characteristic Quality Availability in Armstrong Rio Grande Laminate Flooring Collection
ConstructionArmstrong Rio Grande Laminate features a unique HDF (High-Density Fiber) core construction and therefore has a 35% increased dimensional stability, unlike standard laminate floors. Besides, this resilient flooring comes with a heavy-duty wear layer, ensuring the most durable performance.
Water Resistance Rio Grande Laminate Flooring can stay waterproof for up to 72 hours, as its Tight Lock Installation System gets to seal all the moisture coming it’s way. 
General Resistance Rio Grande Laminate Flooring has an incredibly high resistance against scratching and staining damage and most importantly the tendency to outlast even the highest extent of footfall.
AC RatingRio Grande Laminate Flooring comes with an AC-4 commercial wear rating, which makes it the most suitable floor treatment for busy commercial spaces.
Length and WidthRio Grande Laminate Flooring generally features a length of 1213 mm and a width of 196 mm
Thickness11 mm is the standard thickness extent for Rio Grande Laminate Flooring Collection.
Species Australian Species and Oak are the two species used for Rio Grande Laminate Flooring Collection
Colors Ashville, Mountain Ash-Aged, Mountain Ash-Smoked, Northern Blackbutt, Oceanside Oak, Seaspray Mist, Spotted Gum, and Tasmanian Oak are the main color choices for Rio Grande Laminate Flooring Collection.
Look Armstrong Rio Grande Laminate Flooring features a Distressed Wood look.
Warranty Rio Grande Laminate Flooring products have a Lifetime residential warranty against wear and tear and the commercial warranty offered for the flooring is up to 15 years.

Complete Armstrong Laminate Flooring Guide

Post the product description, we’ve compiled the other notable aspects of Armstrong Laminate Flooring that will help you achieve the best suitable product for all of your requirements.

Some Notable Specifications Of Armstrong Laminate Flooring 

Armstrong Laminate Flooring has a number of incredible characteristics that make it one of the most favorable floor treatment choices. Let’s take a look at those outstanding perks and pros.

  • Tile And Stone Laminate

The Stone and Ceramics line of Armstrong Laminate Flooring serves as the most fundamentally attractive floor look upgrade. In addition to the impressive aesthetics, the flooring styles within this line feature ideal size attributes, essentially tiles that measure 16’’ x 48’’ and 12’’ x 48’’. These incredible tiles cover up to 4 to 5 square feet of an area, which otherwise is only covered up to 2 square feet, in the case of any other flooring brand. This way, there are minimal seams and butts visible on the floor, with the added benefit of an easy and quick installation. 

  • Usage Versatility

Armstrong Laminate Flooring, particularly the Audacity Collection is efficiently capable of being serviceable at any given area or ground level. This includes both the residential and commercial spaces, even those having to endure the highest levels of foot traffic. Besides, this flooring is just the perfect option for floors that are regularly subjected to moisture, such as Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, as well. Also, you can even treat your entire place(s) with this flooring, as any difference in level won’t be a concern at all. 

  • Acoustic Protection 

One of the most amazing aspects of Armstrong Laminate Flooring is its sound-absorbing properties, with which it tends to induce maximum comfort in daily life. Moreover, the Audacity Collection is the foremost example in this regard, which comes with a 2 mm thick pre-attached padding, providing maximum absorption of unwanted or excessive noise. 

  • Continuous Look

This is something that can’t be obtained from most of the standard Laminate floors and even Vinyl Floors, too. Armstrong Audacity Flooring comes with an extra stable core which has its significance in covering areas as wide as 4,000 square feet while providing the most continuous and seamless floor look across all the rooms. Technically, this also speeds up the process of installation, making it a lot easier, as well, and this way, even the largest spaces such as bigger homes can be treated with Armstrong Laminate Flooring. 

  • Extensive Warranties 

Armstrong Laminate Flooring products come with a minimum 20-year warranty in the first place. The maximum warranty extent for Armstrong Laminate Flooring products is 50 years with 30 years being the standard warranty for most of the products. Talking about the products with 50 year warranty, those often come with a commercial warranty of 10 years. As for the 30-year warranty of flooring products, it includes a commercial warranty of 5 years. Not to mention that there are products available with a Lifetime warranty, as well. 

Pros And Cons Of Armstrong Laminate Flooring 

Let’s consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Diverse Selection: Armstrong is known to offer one of the widest and most versatile ranges for Laminate flooring, including more than 20 adorable styles of stone and tile looks.Non-safe Structure: Armstrong Laminate Flooring is not an eco-friendly flooring and only the Audacity Collection is known to be a low-VOC product.
Longer Board Profile: The boards of Armstrong Laminate Flooring are longer as compared to other brands, and give off a greatly pleasing look. Compromised Durability: The cheap collections of Armstrong Laminate Flooring do not tend to last long. 
Incredible Water Resistance: Armstrong Laminate Flooring comes with a really effective resistance against water, particularly the Armstrong Audacity Collection, making it the perfect choice for residential usage involving spills.
Classy Aesthetics: Armstrong Laminate Flooring is the ideal way to acquire the most authentic hardwood floor look. Besides, there are vast adorable hardwood flooring options available that are realistic enough to fool the experts too. 
Easy Installation and Maintenance: The incredible tight-lock system of Armstrong Laminate flooring ensures the easiest DIY installation. Moreover, the maintenance is also really convenient, requiring only a damp or steam mopping. 
Excellent Warranties: Armstrong Laminate Flooring offers amazing warranty options across all its products, which makes it a really cost-effective floor treatment.

Cost Of Armstrong Laminate Flooring 

  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring costs around $1.50 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot. 
  • The pricing is likely to vary depending on your choice of style.

  • Styles like Walnut and Oak tend to be more costly than others like Beech. 

  • Stone resembling Armstrong Laminate Flooring styles are also likely to cost more because their manufacturing is usually more time-consuming as compared to other products. 

  • The warranty also serves as an influential factor for the cost of Armstrong Laminate Flooring, which is to say that the pricing of various flooring products can differ from each other on the basis of the warranties offered for them. 

Where To Buy Armstrong Laminate Flooring

  • Armstrong is one of the noteworthy brands of Laminate Flooring and offers the widest availability of its flooring at a number of online sources and retailers.

  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring can be purchased from home improvement and home furnishing chains and retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.

  • It can be ordered online from various sources such as Amazon and Wayfair.

  • Armstrong provides this facility on their website with which one can locate the nearby stores providing flooring products. 

  • For availing of the store locating services, you’ll need to enter your postal code in the specified section on the website and thus you can easily proceed with your flooring purchase. 

Armstrong Laminate Flooring Vs Other Brands 

We can’t, for sure, come up with a definitive decision until and unless we compare the Armstrong Laminate Flooring with some of the other counterparts/ brands, regarding a few essential criteria. 

Pergo Vs Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Let’s have a concise comparison of Armstrong Laminate Flooring with its somewhat rival, i.e. Pergo Laminate Flooring. We’ll be taking a look at a few yet influential major aspects that will help us settle for the right choice. 

Deciding CriteriaPergo Laminate FlooringArmstrong Laminate Flooring 
ConstructionPergo Laminate Flooring not only features the most sublime build quality but also it has the most resilient construction provided by the GenuEdge technology that serves as a protective barrier for the design layer. Armstrong Laminate flooring, as well, comes with a solid and incredibly purposeful construction, but it also comes up with the best selection of authentically resembling looks. 
Style Options Pergo Laminate Flooring comes within a diversified range of textures across its “natural-authentic” product lines and thus there are multiple suitable style options to choose from. Armstrong Laminate Flooring offers the most authentic-looking floor styles, along with a number of finishing options such as textured, classic, hand scraped, and specialty wood ones. 
Water-Resistance Pergo Laminate Flooring comes with the remarkable UniClic locking system that is meant to keep any possible water penetration at bay. Also, there is a HydroSeal sealant present for additional resistance. Armstrong owns one of the most impressive waterproof Laminate floors, which is known as Audacity. This flooring not only is excellent at repelling water but also is really easy to care for. 
WarrantyPergo Laminate Flooring does offer solid warranties too, with the residential warranties being of a lifetime and the commercial warranties up to 10 years.Armstrong Laminate Flooring comes with a commercial warranty of 15 years and the residential warranty goes for the entire lifetime.
Eco-Friendliness Pergo Laminate Flooring features the GreenGuard certification for being a low VOC flooring and the CARB2 Certification for ensuring a lesser emission of formaldehyde. Armstrong Laminate Flooring, as well, features the FloorScore Certification and the CARB 2 compliance too, indicating it to be an eco-friendly flooring. 

Cost-Based Comparison With Other Laminate Flooring Brands 

Here is a brief pricing description of Armstrong Laminate Flooring with some of the other famous brands of Laminate Flooring. You can easily get a precise idea about your next purchase from here. 

BrandsCost (per square foot) 
Traffic Master$0.75 to $1.50 per square foot
Mohawk $1.90 to $3.50 per square foot
Mannington$3.50 to $3.99 per square foot
Shaw$2.50 to $3.50 per square foot
AquaGuard $2.49 to $3.99 per square foot
QuickStep$1.79 per square foot to $2.39 per square foot
Home Decorators$1.79 per square foot to $1.99 per square foot

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