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Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plank Flooring; Reviews, Products and Cost Guide 2022

The Southeast-China-based Cali Bamboo, while being a relatively new provider of Vinyl Plank Flooring has still gained considerable worth amongst the top-notch flooring brands and the credit surely goes to its noteworthy quality. 

With the initial launch back in 2017 (the company was founded in 2004) Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring comes with incredible sturdiness and astounding aesthetics, with affordability being the additional perk. 

Another interesting and somewhat funny fact to know is kind of a misconception that often gets associated with the flooring. That’s none other than a bit of the confusion caused by the name. By reading or hearing “Cali Bamboo” you might presume it to be a flooring resembling Bamboo, however, as a matter of fact, it is not. 

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring gives off an adorable look of traditional Hardwood floors and is actually a really smart and affordable approach to achieving an authentic hardwood floor appearance. You may read our hardwood floor buying guide.

P.S. Bamboo does get involved in the construction of the Cali Vinyl Plus Line. 

Now we gotta go through the rest of the aspects that make Vinyl Plank Flooring from this amazing brand worth the choice. And we’ll also be taking into account all the non-favorable sides as well as a cost-based comparison with other vinyl flooring brands such as NuCore, Mohawk, SmartCore, and Shaw Vinyl Plank.

Let’s get started with the description of the notable flooring products offered by the brand. 

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plank Products

There are two lines of Cali Bamboo Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring and the major differentiation lies within the core construction. These are 

  • Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plus 
  • Cali Bamboo Vinyl Pro 
Cali Bamboo Vinyl Collection

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Pro Reviews

Characteristic Qualities Availability In Cali Vinyl Pro 
Core And ConstructionCali Vinyl Pro is a stone polymer composite (SPC) floor with a composite core, known as GeoCore featuring polymer and limestone in a pressed form for maximum strength.
DistinctionCali Vinyl Pro is the commercial-grade flooring collection by Cali Bamboo and is amazingly resistant to denting. There is no telegraphy experienced with this flooring, which is to say that all the imperfections of the subfloor (plywood gaps, grout lines, damage) get concealed perfectly. 
Mil LayerCali Vinyl Pro features a 20 mil wear layer.
Plank Width Cali Vinyl Pro comes with 7 ⅛’’ wide planks.
Styles There are 14 styles available within the Cali Bamboo Vinyl Pro, however all of them just merely give off wood looks. 
ColorsWarm Blondes, Reds, Gray Tones, Cool Charcoal, and Neutral Charcoal are some of the notable color choices. The rest include grays, dark, medium, and lighter hues. 
Areas Of Application Cali Vinyl Pro works perfectly for schools, hospitals, offices, lobbies, and other commercial buildings.
Warranty Cali Vinyl Pro comes with a commercial warranty of 15 years and a residential warranty of 50 years

Cali Vinyl Plus

Characteristic Qualities Availability In Cali Vinyl Plus
Core And ConstructionCali Vinyl Plus is a bamboo polymer composite (BPC) floor with a soft and pliable core featuring plastic polymers and ground bamboo in a pressed form. Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plus has an attached cork pad that resembles with NuCore Vinyl Flooring.
DistinctionCali Vinyl Plus is the original luxury Vinyl flooring from Cali Bamboo with a sturdy core that is soft underfoot. The planks are excellent at providing acoustic protection and perfect temperature optimization. It’s a 100% waterproof flooring as the Bamboo is concealed in Vinyl. 
Mil LayerCali Vinyl Plus features a 20 mil wear layer.
Plank Width Cali Vinyl Pro comes with 7 ⅛’’ wide planks.
Styles There are 10 styles available within the Cali Vinyl Pro, however all of them just merely give off wood looks, similar to the Cali Vinyl Pro 
ColorsReddish Brown hues, light colors, medium colors, and a few dark-colored options are available within Cali Vinyl Plus Flooring. 
Areas Of Application Cali Vinyl Plus works best for residential uses and in commercial spaces where there is a requirement for relatively soft floors such as nurseries, daycares, yoga studios, and gyms. 
Warranty Cali Vinyl Plus comes with a commercial warranty of 15 years and a residential warranty of 50 years. 

Other Notable Features Of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring

Now, since we’re done with the characteristic comprehension of the two lines of Cali Bamboo Vinyl plank Flooring, it’s time to proceed toward other significant aspects.

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring stands out in a number of ways and our precise review will help you choose the best for your next flooring upgrade project. 

There are several good reasons for Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring being considered a counterpart to the most famous Vinyl Flooring brands such as Lifeproof, NuCore, and Shaw.

1. Waterproof Structure 

  • Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plank Flooring is known to be a 100% waterproof flooring and this excellent property goes the same for both of the lines. 

  • Even within the bamboo core flooring, the functionality is entirely waterproof as the bamboo core gets locked inside Vinyl.
  • The quality construction makes Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring an absolute best and most fool-proof choice for all the spaces and most importantly which are prone to moisture. 

These particularly include laundry areas, kitchens, bathrooms, gyms, and basements. 

  • Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring, with its flawless waterproof structure, is also a perfect selection for families with pets and children. 

2. HiFi Imaging

  • HiFi Imaging is the signature term used by Cali Bamboo and it refers to the authenticity of the wood designs depicted by the Vinyl Flooring. 

  • The Cali Bamboo Vinyl planks have deep wood-like graining which is similar to the EIR construction.

  • Both the realistic wood pattern and the grain depth get transferred to the Vinyl Planks during the construction as the molds used for embossing feature genuine wood planks. 

3. FloorScore Certification

  • Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring features FloorScore certification for being a low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) flooring and is, therefore, the safest to use. 

4. Sturdiness And Safety 

  • The Cali Bamboo vinyl planks are excellently sturdy in their construction, something which the thickness of their wear layer can also determine.

  • This kind of construction makes this flooring extremely resistant to a number of damaging factors such as scratches, dents, digging, and dragging damage. This way, it becomes the safest flooring choice for pet owners

  • The natural bamboo lining of Cali Bamboo planks ensures additional user safety.

  • The Cali Bamboo Vinyl Planks do not get affected by the natural contraction and relaxation in any way and thus can be used under all circumstances, or atmospheric conditions to be specific. 

5. Ease Of Installation

  • One of the most amazing perks of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring is that it’s going to save you on the installation expenses. 

  • The planks are super easy to install and all you need to do is master the usage of a circular saw to some degree and you’ll be good to go. 

  • The planks can be both glued down to the subfloor or can be fitted in the form of a floating floor. Installation of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring isn’t going to require a lot of time as well and if all goes well, you can get done with your flooring installation in a really short period of time. 

Pros And Cons Of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring can absolutely be a really lucrative flooring choice for you in multiple ways. However, there is always a downside to everything, as well and the Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring isn’t an exception either. 

Incredible Waterproof Construction: Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring provides an excellently waterproof functionality and is the ideal choice for all moisture-prone spaces. Limited Styling: There is a confined availability of lines and styles of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring, unlike other brands.
Authentic Styling: Cali Bamboo Vinyl Planks feature the most realistic and adorable wood look, thanks to the HiFi Imaging.High Pricing: Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring is relatively more costly as compared to other Vinyl Floorings. 
Flawless Durability: It’s an amazingly cost-effective and long-term favorable flooring due to its promising longevity.
Eco-Friendliness: Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring is an entirely eco-friendly choice due to the bamboo core and it also features the FloorScore certification for being a safe flooring with low VOCs. 
Installation Convenience: Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring is very convenient to install as a DIY project, which makes it a highly budget-friendly and long-term favorable flooring. 

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plank Flooring Prices

In general, the cost of Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring ranges between $3 to $3.50 per square foot.

You May Need To Know: Vinyl Flooring Cost Guide

  • This super-affordable flooring can be easily obtained at Lowes
  • It’s an entirely cost-effective choice due to its durability.

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring Cost Comparison Vs Other Brands

The very concern of pricing for any and every given product does ask for a cost-based comparison with its other counterparts. So let’s take a look at the pricing differentiation between Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring and a few famous Vinyl Floor brands. 

Vinyl Flooring BrandsCost (per square foot)
Coretec Grande$10.99 per square foot
Shaw Floorte Plus$6.99 per square foot
NuCore RigidCore$3.79 per square foot
Home Decorators Collection$2.39 per square foot
Armstrong Vivero Best $5.79 per square foot 

Where To Buy Cali Bamboo Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cali Bamboo vinyl flooring is exclusively present at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

You can further buy online at Cali Bamboo’s own retail store.

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