Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet Buying Guide –Types, Pros & Cons, Cost and Best Brands 2022

Carpet floor covering is one of the most favorable and always-in-trend kind of ideas, since of course, nearly nothing can beat the comfort provision obtained from carpets. The way carpets enhance the surrounding beauty can’t certainly be out looked, as well. Carpets, being fabricated comforters, are something that provide us with a huge styling canvas, too.

However, whether you’re getting your room treated with an entire wall-to-wall carpeting or simply want to get somewhat of a rug-based coverage (smaller area), a carpet purchase has to be conducted real watchfully. 

When choosing carpets, never decide merely because of the appearance and always consider functional side as a more focal deciding factor

Everything You Need To Consider According To A Practical Carpet Buying Guide

Carpets are a lot more than just a fabrication placed on the floor and their choice can totally make or break the entire appearance of your room. Over and above, the functionality and durability extent that you’re going to/ not going to archive also depends on your carpet selection.
You can easily decide for an up to the mark choice, after going through the upcoming aspects. 

Material-Based Carpet Types

The material selection and usage involved within the carpet manufacturing certainly serves as the foundation for any and every carpet quality. And the best way to pick out a suitable choice is to have it under the usage scenario of the intended space of placement.

These are the major synthetic and natural types of carpet material:

Material-Based Carpet Types
  • Acrylic

Acrylic carpets feature synthetic acrylic fibers and quite an inexpensive choice of carpeting. It’s the most practical carpeting because of the ease of maintenance. Besides, their functionality is extremely cost-effective, too. 

  • Polyester

Polyester carpeting gives off a really luxurious appearance and sensation and there are versatile style options available, as well. These carpets can easily withstand a controlled and more of domestic extent of foot traffic.

  • Nylon

Nylon carpets are the most durable in nature and their high stain resistance makes them a really low-maintenance and thus a very favorable choice. They can easily outlast the highest footfalls too and are totally safe for families with pets and children.

  • Polypropylene(Olefin)

Polypropylene is a popular carpet fabrication for both residential and commercial uses, because of convenient maintenance. Polypropylene fibers seem really soft, similar to Nylon and wool, and the carpeting is easier to clean, as well. 

  • Recycled Plastic

Carpets containing recycled plastic or other is a fine idea regarding the conservation of nature. Recycled carpets are great at improving the air quality within an interior and they are highly durable in their working, too. Besides, there’s a lot of aesthetic flexibility available. 

  • Wool

Wool is a staple of natural and luxurious carpeting and the softest fiber choice for carpeting, as well. While high-grade wool carpets are very costly, you can opt for those manufacturers offering woolen carpets with a blend of synthetic fibers, as the resultant carpeting features benefits of both.

  • Smartstrand (Triexta)

Smartstrand is somewhat of a blend between nylon and polyester fibers and they come up with an enhanced durability and stain-resistance than their parent elements. And the technology advancement has made this hybrid carpeting a lot softer and ornamentally versatile. 

Texture-Based Carpet Types 

After materials, next comes the carpet texture. It refers to how the carpet fibers are attached to the carpet backing. Not to mention that there is a further classification of the carpets known as styles of the carpet.

The three main carpet textures include:

Cut Pile 

This type of carpet texture involves yarns cut from ends, which gives rise to the plushest feeling of carpet profiles. Cut pile carpets are the ideal choice for personal areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms and offices.

Cut pile carpet features 5 major styles and they differ from each other based on the twist amount in the yarns. The resultant textured cut pile carpets come with different levels of durability. 

Cut Pile Carpet Textured Types
  • Velvet Carpet features the qualities of both woven and saxony carpets and the short and dense, uniformly cut piles give off a sleek and contemporary, attractive look.

  • Saxony Carpet is an elegant and plush carpet style with straight-up fibers. Its broadloom even loops create super even and eye-catching surfaces. 

  • Frieze Carpet is more of a contemporary version of the traditional shag carpet and it comes within both multi-colored and solid-colored designs.

  • Cable Carpet features thick, long yarns and is an effectively functional choice for rooms with higher foot traffic. This carpeting gives off a fuller and softer feeling.

  • Shag Carpet has a deep and thick pile which gives rise to the messy shaggy surface. The pile usually contains upright loops or yarn strands.


Loop is the type of carpet texture in which there are uncut and looped yarns present on the carpet surface. This kind of carpeting comes with different pile heights such as low, tightly constructed level-pile and luxurious high-level pile. 

Loop carpets are amazing at concealing buildups and thus are quite a presentable option. Besides that, the strength, resilience and suitability to areas with high footfall of these carpets is incredible, too.

Looped-Pile Carpets
  • Berber is a popular and finely durable loop style, with vast areas of application.

  • Level Loop features fully natural and complete loops for an even surface creation.

  • Sisal is the carpet style with straight loop systems and it works the best for nearly all areas 

Cut-loop Pile

It’s the carpet texture type that features a combination of the two above-mentioned versions, i.e. lower loops and high-cut tufts. Besides, there are several sculptured patterns and designs available in this type of carpet texturing. 

These carpets show reasonable performance however aren’t a good idea if durability is the major factor which you look forward to, from your next carpeting. 

Saxony Carpets can often be made with a cut-loop pile texture.

Plus Points Of Carpet Flooring

Pros of Carpet Flooring

Treating your floors with carpets is always a fool-proof and guaranteed way of inducing considerable comfort to your lifestyle and to make every bit of your living spaces a lot more useful, as well.

Ahead are some other major benefits of having carpets around you

  • The Good Old Insulation: Carpets, of course, not only bring you a lot of everlasting satisfaction but also they insulate your interiors really well. This insulation, in turn, reduces the energy costs, thus making the carpeting treatment an entire win-win situation. So be ready to have a lot more fascinating winters this time!

  • Let’s Soften It All: It’s an undeniable fact that carpets give rise to incredible comfort all around you. Besides, feeling and getting pleased with the comfort underfoot as you walk over, carpeted floors are a legit delight to sit on and carry out several chores of yours there. This way, you can have the easiest and super-practical floor-based seating/resting arrangements and can accommodate maximum people, as well.

  • You Don’t Have To Tolerate Noise Anymore: Getting carpets for acoustic protection is an idea that never fails! You’re meant to notice the major reduction in noise production around you, as your carpets get to absorb the most of it right away. Therefore, letting you enjoy notably calming and disruption-free surroundings. 

  • Improve Your Air Quality And Your Health: The addition of carpets to your home decors can, totally unlike the general stereotype, help you a lot with your allergies and breathing difficulties and ultimately a well-maintained health. Carpets maintain a fine hygiene around as they are the lowest conductors of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), a factor for which your fancy floorings are likely to fail in ensuring. 

  • Increase The Safety: With carpeted spaces, you don’t need to be concerned about your restless toddler explorer and even your pet babies, too. Carpets ensure the level of best safety for babies, preventing any possible slipping or hurting and thus can let your young ones play around without worries. Besides, carpets increase the walking safety for everybody in the house, specifically elderly people. 

  • It’s An Affordable Alternative to go for: If you don’t want to spend on high-end flooring treatments and still want your interiors to appear nice and presentable. Carpets provide you with a styling freedom that no flooring can ever manage to do, not to mention the customization aspect, as well. From alluring patterned ones to those mind-blowing fluffy textured styles, the options are abundant enough to easily make you indecisive. 

Negatives Of The Carpet Flooring

Cons of Carpet Flooring

Carpets have a bit of a not-so-bright-side to them and, of course, learning about the disadvantages is an essential aspect of the carpet-purchase research beforehand. 

Carpets can be a legit bummer to your nerves because:

  • They require regular and detailed cleaning and the otherwise consequences can cost you your health.

  • You might be allergic to several toxic chemicals present in either the carpets or the padding.

  • They are likely to show nasty signs of wear and tear if put within areas with a lot of footfall.

  • They are susceptible to matting and going dull and unattractive real soon.

  • It’s quite possible that you fail in taking out certain stains out of your carpeting.

Carpet Pricing Factors 

The most mainstream deciding factor for the cost of any carpet is its construction approach. The rest of the pricing, of course, gets decided by you, i.e. the type of carpeting you go for and the brand you consider. 

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Let’s have a basic idea of the comparison given below:

Carpet Material Price Per Square Foot 
Polypropylene$1.08 per sq. foot
Nylon$1.25 per sq. foot
Wool$3 per sq. foot
Polyester$1 per sq. foot

Essential Guidelines About Carpet Padding

Density and thickness are the two major criteria to look for when choosing carpet padding, since padding, of course, is an element meant to provide cushioning and to enhance the comfort. 

A carpet padding’s density is measured in pounds per cubic foot and the ideal density extent of a carpet padding foam lies between 6 lb and 8 lb. 

As for the cushioning thickness, with that of a 6 lb per cubic feet density, should range between 1/4 inches and 7/16 inches. For the 8 lb density, the very level of thickness should be up to 3/8 inches. 

  • One of the two main carpet padding criteria, the 6lb thickness feels really nice and soft underfoot, i.e. you can go for this thickness if comfort is your major concern

  • The 8 lb thickness works best for spaces with high footfall since it is more durable in its working and also improves the life expectancy of the carpeting.

Carpet Padding Types

The main types include:

  • Rubber Carpet Padding
  • Foam Padding (aka Prime Urethane)
  • Fiber Padding
  • Frothed Foam Pad (aka Frothed Urethane)
  • Rebond Pad (aka Bonded Polyurethane, Bonded Urethane)
  • Memory Foam Pad
  • Waffle Rubber Pad
  • Flat Rubber Pad

Pad Types Along With Their Densities

Pad Type Recommended Density
Frothed Foam PadMore than 12 lb
Foam Pad2 lb to 5 lb
Synthetic Fiber PadMore than 7.5 lb (40 oz)
Rebond Pad5 lb to 10 lb
Slab Rubber PadMore than 21 lb
Waffle Rubber PadUp to 90 oz

Factors To Look For While Choosing Carpet

Factors to Look while choosing carpet

Carpet choice undoubtedly is one of the most significant home decor and maintenance decisions, and the dire need for making a suitable choice can’t possibly be stressed enough. 

Since carpeting treatment is quite a major project, you’d definitely want this enormous investment to be done in the appropriate dimension. Keep the following aspects in mind, while you shop for the next carpeting for your place.

  • Be realistic and practical with your budget: and always go for what has a possibility of NOT BURDENING your budget, besides must be cost-effective too. Opt for the carpeting that’s likely to last and remain serviceable all along, as well. Still, it’s never a bad idea to invest a lot regarding gaining good carpeting as long as you get a sustainable quality. 

  • Consider the usage extent and dimension of your space: Whether you’re getting the carpet (s) for a busy space or a rather deserted area, if it’s a front-facing or more of a prominent one or serves as a receiving space for everybody. The intended area can significantly influence your choice of carpeting.

  • Your expectations from your carpeting: You can either take it as, do you want an ornamental floor covering or want to treat a specific area in order to make it more functional for you? This way, you can proceed with your carpet selection in a smart way, since you’ve figured out the exact purpose (s) to be fulfilled. 

  • The way you’ll be maintaining it: Ask yourself, Are you essentially able to maintain a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule for your upcoming carpeting? If you’re going for some particularly high-end carpeting with a specific maintenance manner or requirement for professional cleaning, can you manage that easily in the long run? Post, getting the right answers, go on with your carpet choice or else there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a carpeting with basic or minimal maintenance. 

  • Well-syncing design and structural choice: For sure, you can’t possibly outlook the aesthetic side of your next carpet treatment. Besides, if you’re really considerate about styling, you can consider bringing home/ordering some sample carpet pieces and can hold them against the walls, curtains, anchor pieces and/or secondary furniture to look for suitability. You can either go for color matching or contrasting. 

  • Get Green Label Plus Carpeting: ask for Green Label Plus carpeting, so as to maintain a healthy IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). And this must be crucial conduct to consider while choosing carpet if you’ve got any allergy or breathing concerns. Green Label Plus Carpets ensure a high standard of IAQ with both their padding and adhesive materials having low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), thus won’t be a hazard to your health. 

Beneficial Hacks For Carpet Installation 

Carpet Installation is much likely to seem a really easy and fun DIY project to you, but things don’t remain fun and games at certain points of this home improvement procedure. 

Carpet Installation guide

And to not end up with any such uncontrollable situation, the best approach is to have every essential done for you by the professionals.

Let’s take a look at some of the lucrative tips and the odds of Professional vs DIY carpet installation

  • You can give a DIY attempt if you’ve got somewhat of a previous carpet installation experience.

  • Consider professional help if there are a lot of tricky points and edges present within your intended room or space, because there is a higher possibility of you wasting the product in attempts to cut it according to the room’s profile.

  • If you’re all up for the DIY fitting, consider getting yourself a proper carpet installation kit, rather than relying on your basic toolkit or cutlery supplies. You can either buy it or rent it.

  • If there is a huge area of coverage that you’re opting for, don’t hesitate to hire professional services because you have the least chances of getting done with the entire area in a definitive time span. P.S. You can totally go for it, if you’ve got plenty of time!

  • If you’re about to deal with patterned or designed carpeting, don’t forget purchasing up to 5% extra.

  • Consider learning how to use certain crucial tools such as a carpet stretcher.

  • Depending on the situation of your place, you can either interact with those manufacturers providing complete packages (including moving of the stuff and putting it back, removal of the old carpeting, padding installation, etc.) or if all these steps seem easy to you, you can do them yourself and save some money this way.

  • Always look at your carpet pile under an abundant light in order to detect the right syncing pattern and maintain pile consistency.

Top Notch Carpet Brands 2022

The best carpet brands you should look for while making a carpet purchase include:

Best Carpet Brands 2022

DreamWeaver Carpet

Dream weaver carpets come with a heavy-duty nature and their high stain resistance makes them a practical choice for everyday use. This brand has got an entire range of pet-friendly carpets. Also, there are vast grading, design, pattern and highly retaining color varieties available and you get pallets to choose from. 

Empire Today Carpet

This American-based Home improvement brand specializes in carpets and you can find multiple carpet types here. Besides, they’ve got an immense collection of a vast majority of carpet styles and textures. This goes the same for color and design options, as well. 

Mohawk Carpet

Mohawk Flooring is a one of the top-tier brands and you can get excellent carpet choices here, that are best for everyday utilization. Mohawk’s most phenomenal line of carpets involves Polyester fabrication and thus a highly resistant working, too. The design ranges are absolutely spectacular to explore and shop from. 

Shaw Carpet

Shaw as well, is an industry leader for flooring treatments and their carpetings are the best practical choice to consider regarding the domestic usage. Their carpets are reasonably heavy-duty and highly stain-resistant, therefore, very convenient to manage. Another noteworthy and praiseworthy aspect of choosing Shaw is their considerate behavior towards recycling.

Masland Carpet

Masland comes with a beautiful and eye-catching collection of rugs and carpets and their latest innovative carpet versions involve excellent craftsmanship. You can find several adorable options within all known carpet materials such as Nylon and Wool. Over and above, there are innumerable “signature” carpet styles available with the color representing particular aspects and theme buildings. 

Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster carpets are known for their long-term sustainable resistance against spilling and staining damages, thus undoubtedly the perfect carpet choice. This brand has gained its enormous popularity from pet owners and family persons, because of the safe, resilient and non-toxic and resilient carpeting. Also, there are effective cleaning products available, as well. 

Lifeproof Carpet

Lifeproof is owned by Mohawk Flooring, and their carpets are sold exclusively at Home Depot. The incredible engineering of their carpets is dedicated to making them greatly resistant to stains and spills and here you can find the highest carpet ratings as well. Their carpets are an incredible choice if your usage involves a lot of spilling or you’ve got pets. Last but not least is the super promising durability factor. 

Karastan Carpet

Karastan is a notable brand working for over 90 years and which truly aces at the manufacturing of super adorable rugs and carpets. There are multiple carpet fiber, color, design and style options at hand and these carpets last maximally with a considerate maintenance. The resilience and build quality of these carpets stands out within all usage scenarios. 

Fabrica Carpet

The firm Fabrica quite resembles Shaw in their striving for environmental safety, which implies the fact that their flooring and carpeting products are absolutely eco-friendly. Their highly sustainable carpets are just the solution to go for, if functional durability is your major concern. They offer specialized wool and nylon carpets which effectively ensure high standards of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Lifespan Of Carpet?

An average lifespan of carpet lies between 5 and 15 years. Initially, the build quality of the carpet decides its longevity and the rest of the durability comes from the way it’s treated. A well-maintained carpet can even last up to 20 years. 

How To Get Paint Out Of Carpet?

Start by moistening the affected area first, followed by pouring a paltry amount of a mild dish soap atop the stain. Scrub lightly with the help of a scrubbing brush having stiff bristles, all the way to forming a lather from the water and dish soap mixture. The paint should start to dissolve as you continue with the scrubbing. 

How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A 10×12 Room?

The general pricing of carpeting a 10×12 room ranges between $200 and $900. The overall cost of getting the old carpet removed, new carpeting along with padding and involved labor goes around $8 per square foot with a $2 starting price. 

What Is Meant By Carpet Face Weight?

The density measurement of a carpet is known as its face weight. It is measured in ounces as the weight of carpet per square yard. Face weight is one of the essential factors for determining the carpet quality. Higher face weight means higher quality carpeting.

Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?

While it isn’t particularly necessary to match your carpet with your curtains or drapes, a fine and presentable mutual syncing, however, is quite essential. Since both of the elements serve as focal decor and functional elements of any given space, it’s important that they must appear nice and complementing together. 

How Long Does It Take Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

A freshly done carpeting can require around 6 to 12 hours for it to dry completely under normal circumstances. This time span is likely to increase if there is greater humidity around or the carpet doesn’t get enough ventilation. 

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

Dogs do that because of their burrowing instinct and they are likely to end up scratching a carpet because of their urge to feel safe and comfortable. This scratching damage can also happen to your bedding and the best way to prevent it is to either keep your dogs away from the fabrication or have their claws trimmed. 

What Causes Shocks From The Carpet?

Carpets tend to build up static electricity and, as you walk atop, you shed free electrons from the carpet surface and have those extra electrons on your body. So there is a likelihood of experiencing somewhat of a shock when you come in contact with metal conductors, such as a doorknob. 

What is Carpet Installation Cost Per Square Foot?

On average, you can expect to pay from $3.50 to $11 per square foot for the carpet installation. In terms of yards, the cost ranges between $32 and $100 per square foot. The pricing and labor cost can fluctuate depending upon the brands or retailers you’re dealing with. 

How To Measure Stairs For Carpet?

Start by measuring the depth and height of each step, followed by adding the got number together in order to get the overall length. Do the same to the width of your stairs and you should get a resultant estimate by adding the two numbers together. This way, you can get the individual area of each step.

What Is A Broadloom Carpet?

Broadloom refers to the traditional wall-to-wall carpeting treatment and is the most common for residential spaces because of huge favorability. The carpet rolls are much easier to install and maintain and they provide amazing comfort, too. Besides, broadloom carpet comes with versatile design ideas for an aesthetic uplifting.

How To Make Carpets Smell Good?

One simple homemade recipe for achieving fresher smelling carpets is to start by mixing half a cup of baking soda with around 30 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpet and let it sit for the next 24 hours. Finish by vacuuming the treated area and you’ll be left with nice smelling carpets.

How To Tell If A Carpet Is Of Good Quality?

Face weight and construction materials are the major aspects to look for. A fine quality carpet must feature premium materials within its manufacturing and should have a higher face weight. Besides, a strong backing support for the floors and the extent of resilience are some other quality deciding factors. 

Is Carpet Padding Necessary?

The addition of carpet padding is an effective idea to enhance the durability of your floors. That’s because carpet padding works as a protective element for both the carpeting and the flooring, while also providing considerable comfort to the users. This increases the usefulness of the carpet (s). 

How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpet?

Once a week vacuuming works pretty fine in terms of carpet maintenance and is an effective approach to keeping your carpets functional for long, as well. However, as for the entrance areas, you’ll need to carry out the vacuuming at least twice a week, because of the increased exposure to footfall.