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AquaGuard Laminate Flooring Reviews

AquaGuard Laminate Flooring Reviews 2022; Collection & Cost Guide

Exclusively constructed and sold by Floor and Decor, AquaGuard Laminate Flooring is an excellent quality Laminate flooring with the notable perk of water resistance. This flooring gives off the most authentic appearance and sensation of real hardwood floors and comes within wide style collections. And as an added benefit, it’s quite budget-friendly and at the … Read more

Cali Bamboo Decking Reviews

Cali Bamboo Decking Reviews, Collection & Cost Guide 2022

Cali Bamboo being a renowned manufacturer of Bamboo flooring has also gained quite a lot of acknowledgment for its decking construction. This decking has its significance in the sustainability factor, which basically comes from the incredible crafting involving bamboo.  When using the Cali Bamboo decking products, you can be absolutely guaranteed of the fact that … Read more

Stainmaster Carpet Reviews and Cost Guide

Stainmaster Carpet Reviews, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

Stainmaster, being one of the leading carpet collections in the US, is an all-exclusive and particularly significant in-house brand of Lowes’. Lowes’ got the intellectual rights of Stainmaster carpet from Invista which has been its original manufacturer since 1986. Now, there are a number of USA-based companies that make Stainmaster carpets for Lowes’ including Shaw, … Read more

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Reviews and Cost Guide

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Reviews & Cost Vs Other Brands 2022

Mullican is considered one of the top-grade flooring manufacturers offering an abundance of its collections. Established back in 1985, Mullican has been a noteworthy provider of quality engineered and solid hardwood floorings with the significant perks of diversity and affordability. The high-quality flooring not only offers a reasonable performance but also provides the satisfaction of … Read more

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews and Cost Guide

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews, Options & Cost Guide 2022

Quick-Step is a renowned European Flooring manufacturer known for constructing quality Laminate Flooring since 1990. The brand initially produced Laminate Floorings only, however, commercial carpets and vinyl floors are also available now. Quick-Step, as a matter of fact, is a flooring brand by Mohawk. As for the laminate flooring, Quick-Step comes up with wide selections, … Read more

DuraLife Decking Reviews and Cost Guide

DuraLife Decking Reviews, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

DuraLife is one of the notable brands of decking and it stands out with its unique construction involving a peculiar blend of composite materials. DuraLife has its exceptional significance in being a highly sturdy product as compared to regular PE or PVC deckings.  It’s an extremely cost-effective choice of decking treatment since each and every … Read more

Masland Carpet Reviews and Cost Guide

Masland Carpet Reviews, Collection, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

Masland is a renowned brand providing carpeting products for more than 150 years at this point. Its parent organization is the famous carpet and rug mills company Dixie Group, Inc, which is also the parent organization of the well-known carpet brand Fabrica. Masland Carpets are, fair enough, a totally exceptional concept of carpets, since they … Read more

Khars Hardwood flooring Reviews and Cost Guide

Kahrs Hardwood Flooring Reviews, Collection & Cost Guide 2022

Kahrs Flooring, being one of the oldest flooring brands, is a legit flooring inventor amongst all the brands. It started working back in the 1850s, essentially for more than 160 years. The dynamically engineered floors, as well as incredible solvent-free floorings, are notable examples of the exceptional excellence of Kahrs Flooring. There are up to … Read more

Mohawk Vinyl Plank flooring Reviews and Cost Guide

Mohawk Vinyl Flooring Reviews, Products, Cost Vs Other Brands 2022

The US-based Mohawk Industries being the largest flooring manufacturer is renowned enough to not require any introduction. This industry leader soft and hard flooring manufacturer provides both luxury vinyl plank flooring and sheet vinyl flooring.  Mohawk Vinyl Flooring, by all means, is entirely unbeatable when it comes to both performances as well as aesthetics. With … Read more