Decking Cost Guide 2022 | Average Prices and Installation Cost

Decking Cost Guide: Average Prices and Installation Cost 2022

Decking or decks are the undeniable beauty we all love to see within our outdoors. And even if you keep the aesthetics aside, it’s still an amazing dimension to invest in and to make your outdoor spaces a lot more functional for you. 

This ultimately results in the expansion of your living space, as by now, you can easily spend your quality time outdoors and can also entertain your valued guests there. How much does decking cost is the next primary concern you’re about to experience, post you’ve decided to get/build one for yourself (as you couldn’t resist the beauty and the benefits!)

$20 to $45 per square foot is the average cost estimate that you can expect paying, in order to have a decking treatment within any of your outdoor space. 

Let’s get to know other worth-acknowledging aspects, to pay a fair price for every single factor, and of course, after having a sound idea about it. 

Factors For The Entire Decking Treatment Cost

For an easier comprehension, it’s best to segregate the entire project cost into various dimensions. Or to have it the way, it’s the learning about those distinctive aspects that combine to generate the overall decking project cost. 

We shall begin with the type of materials.

Decking Cost By Material 

Material, of course, serves as the primary cost deciding factor for decking treatment and it’s also the major cause for the pricing being fluctuated. 

Decking MaterialMaterial Cost (Per sq. ft.)Installation Cost (Per sq.ft.)
Pressure-Treated$2.15 – $5.5$15 – $18
Steel$3.25 – $6.75$16 – $20
Redwood$3 – $6$18 – $47
IPE$8 – $10$30 – $47
Composite$9 – $17$21 – $40
Fiberglass$9 – $17$21 – $40
Mahogany$12 – $17$30 – $47
Vinyl$10 – $18$22 – $40
Cedar$17 – $35$30 – $47
Aluminum$15 – $17$26 – $37

Ahead are the major materials used within decking construction.


Pressure-Treated Decking
  • It’s genuinely the best and quite a costly material choice (of course!) for building a deck. 

  • In most cases, it’s the Pine wood, however, other species of softwood can also be used. 

  • The wood is made to soak in a preservative (often Carbon Copper Arsenate) to prevent it from rotting and rusting in the long-term.
Pressure-treated wood decking costs around $15 to $18 per square foot.

Decks built from pressure-treated wood species often have somewhat of a green tone to them, therefore painting is essential post the installation. 


Steel Decking
  • Steel is the option that’s considered for creating contemporary or specialized decks and is not a very common choice otherwise. 

  • Another reason for steel not being a recommended material for decking is its rapid heating nature, which certainly isn’t agreeable on extremely sunny days. 

  • Still, you can opt for the option if you want your decks to be sleek in their appearance and aren’t that much of a fan of wooden decks. 
The price for steel decks ranges between $3.25 and $6.75 for a square foot. 

The labor cost for building a steel deck is usually higher because there is an extreme level of labor involved.


Redwood Decking
  • Redwood is the option to go for, if you don’t find yourself okay with pressure-treated wood versions.

  • It’s also a highly tough material against moisture, rotting and insect damage. 

  • Besides, there are multiple design choices available in terms of color, patterns and styles and the durability is super promising too. 
The cost for Redwood decking ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot.

Redwood cost depends on the shipment expenses from the nearest forest to your place. 

IPE (Brazilian Walnut)

IPE Decking
  • IPE is an incredible and particularly exotic hardwood choice for decking.

  • Besides its dark and rich staple beauty, it’s an extremely sturdy, hard-wearing and thus very durable decking option. 

  • You don’t really need to maintain it a lot and still it’s good to go with, for multiple years on end, without single damage.
IPE costs up to $30 to $47 for a square foot for installation and around $8 to $10 for material per square foot. 

IPE Installation cost is much likely to get doubled because of the difficulty scale of the labor. 


Composite Decking
  • Composite refers to deck railings and planks featuring a blend of different materials such as vinyl, fiber cement, wood, plastic, wood pulp and others. 

  • Despite resembling wood in appearance, composite decking does not require a lot of demanding maintenance.

  • Composite decking can withstand weathering with quite a reasonable efficiency and this goes the same for water-resistance, too. 
Composite decking costs around $9 to $17 for a square foot for material and between $21 and $40 for installation, per square foot. 

Composite decking needs to be installed the correct way, as there is a chance of swelling otherwise. 


Fiberglass Decking
  • Fiberglass, in the first place, features a blend of different materials, which technically makes it a subversion of the composite decking.

  • Often the material blend goes all the way to the planks and in other cases, it’s just the core and fiberglass particles are present in either the core or the external wrapper.

  • There isn’t a lot of maintenance required for the fiberglass decking and it can remain sustainable for long.
The cost for fiberglass installation ranges between $21 and $40 for a square foot and, as for the materials, they cost up to $9 to $17 per square foot. 

It’s quite easy to find fiberglass decking versions that don’t get heated up on hot days. 


Mahogany Decking
  • The rich and dense mahogany hardwood makes up the most excellent and durable decking.

  • Mahogany features super long-lasting colors and retains its beauty for long.

  • It’s quite an amazing choice for decking, considering the best outcomes and reasonable functionality. 
The cost for mahogany decking goes around $12 to $17 per square foot for materials and the installation cost is likely to range between $30 to $47 for a square foot. 

Mahogany is pretty demanding to deal with and most of the procedures are much time-consuming, too, so the installation is guaranteed to get prolonged and pricey.


Vinyl Decking
  • PVC or vinyl decking, since it features a composite core, is also considered being a subversion of the composite decking. 

  • Except for simply the Vinyl exterior, there is often the entire usage of the same material.

  • Vinyl decking is a much more suitable option as it does not get damaged by water or weather in any way.
The pricing for vinyl decking material goes around $10 to $18 for a square foot and up to $22 to $44 for installation per square foot. 

There is essentially no need to paint a vinyl decking and the overall maintenance isn’t very difficult either.


Cedar Decking
  • Cedar, besides decking, is quite a common choice for several other residential woodworks, such as furniture, since it’s a highly resilient hardwood.

  • Cedar decking is something that won’t leave you with rotting or insect-damage concerns, at all.

  • As a hardwood, cedar is really convenient to deal with, which ultimately makes the installation job easier.
The cost for Cedar decking installation ranges between $30 and $47 per square foot and the material costs somewhere around $17 to $35 for a square foot. 

Cedar decking does not require painting or staining either, however the application of a primer is essential in order to avoid bleeding, if you’re anyway going to paint it. 


Aluminum Decking (1)
  • Aluminum is an excellent choice to pair up with all modern outdoor decors and it’s an amazing alternative to steel decking, as well.

  • Getting an aluminum decking is a highly favorable idea as it does not get heated up on sunny days. 

  • Aluminum is likely to feel somewhat disturbing because it makes a lot of noise when walked over and is prone to denting, too. 
The cost for aluminum decking material is around $15 per square foot and the installation expenses are likely to range between $26 and $37 per square foot. 

Aluminum being ideally lightweight makes it significantly easier to deal with it and carry out the fitting. 

Decking Cost By Sizing 

It’s much easier to come up with an overall project cost estimate once you’ve decided the sizing you’ll be going. Or to have it the other way, it’s the measurement emphasis of the very area in which you’ll be getting treated. 

Major Decking Sizes Along With Installation Costs

Deck Dimensions / Square Feet Installation Cost 
8 x 10 / 80 square feet$1,200 to $3,760 
10 x 10 / 100 square feet$1,500 to $3,500
10 x 12 / 120 square feet$1,800 to $4,200
12 x 12 / 144 square feet $2,160 to $5,040
14 x 20 / 280 square feet$4,200 to $9,800
16 x 16 / 256 square feet$3,840 to $8,960
20 x 20 / 400 square feet$6,000 to $14,000

Decking Cost By Places

Decking, by all means, is the vastest styling spectrum and an endless canvas as well, in which you can literally induce any and every of your desired ornamentation. Whether it’s the structural side or the post-decoration, you’ve always got a lot to flaunt with your creativity. 

And don’t forget the expenses!


A roof deck usually has a surface area of 15 to 30 square feet and thus the entire project is likely to cost around $2,250 to $10,500, with the per square foot rate of $15 to $35. 


Pool Decking, in general, is a project of up to $5,000 and you can expect to pay as much as $12,000 and as little as $3,000. If you’re sticking with a simple and basic wood pool decking, you’ll be ready with in a budget of $3,000.


The decking for steps and stairs costs around $1,000 to $2,000.

Decking Cost By Construction Style

Decks are constructed in a lot more different styles than you can think of. Besides, having a deck building within your place is the best opportunity to gain all your desired customizations and come up with the most marvelous outdoor art pieces of your own.

You’re the most likely to frame your exact decking idea, with these common styles listed below. 

1. Freestanding

Floating decks, or what are generally referred to as freestanding decks, are generally installed away from the residential space. It’s quite a popular style of decking and you can either have a connection path to your house or can also go otherwise, as well. 

2. Raised

Raised decks are a pretty common phenomenon, i.e. a structure that is supported by pillars and reaches to the second story of the house, by being attached all along. The pillars usually have concrete footings underneath for the purpose of support, which makes raised decking a more secured style of the decking. 

3. Two-Storey

Two-storey deck can either begin from one storey above or straight from the ground level, too. There are stairs connecting both the stories and they get aligned on one side of the decking. You can directly enter to each level from your house, as there are entrances present on both levels. 

4. Platform

Platform decks do not contain any footings or pillars and they usually have the initial height of one step. This brings about a more well-defined and elevated area and also there is no direct attachment to the house. 

Platform decks can provide you with the best recreational spots and they work wonders for hot tubs, as well. 

5. Multi-level

As the name suggests, this deck style can feature up to three storeys with the similar structural pattern of the double-storey one. 

The more you go on with the addition of levels, the more will be the project pricing ultimately, as there is a greater requirement for support systems too. 

6. Covered

Covered decks are the ones that contain protective elements such as protective shades or pergolas. The shading can be done in different ways, under the dimension required.

 Besides, the choice of materials varies respectively, too. Covered decks are the satisfactory outdoor treatments for those not liking bare areas.

Deck Construction Styles With Costs 

Deck Styles Installation Cost 
Freestanding$12 to $35 per square foot 
Raised$28 to $47 per square foot 
Two-Storey$30 to $60 per square foot 
Platform$12 to $35 per square foot 
Multi-level$30 to $75 per square foot 
Covered $40 to $100 per square foot 

Cost To Build Deck Railing

The cost to install deck railing varies according to the construction material (s) and is measured in linear feet. The pricing begins from $37 and goes all the way to $210, depending on the material being used. 

The most suitable and commonly used railing materials include composite, metal, Wood, Glass and Cable. 

Cost To Build Deck Stairs 

The very project aspect of building deck stairs begins from $160 and goes all the way up to $3,000, with the pricing fluctuation based upon materials as well as certain associated additions. 

Cost For Deck Enhancement And Improvement

You can consider the enhancement part as somewhat of the ornamentation dimension, since we aren’t going for bare decks only and want to see them adorned in the nicest way possible.

The same goes for those improvement procedures, a legit cruciality!

Let’s explore what you can do with your deck in order to make it the most pleasurable spot for yourself. 

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to go for if you’re into cooking and consider it the best pastime of yours, so why not have a classy arrangement within a fun spot, none other than your cutest deck? Make way for those sizzling steaks and coziest plus warmest evenings!

A Fire pit installation is going to cost you around $300 to $1,400. 

Outdoor Kitchen

An entire outdoor kitchen is definitely one of those beyond fun ideas, as it makes both cooking times and meal times a lot more fascinating. You can go for either a very basic setup or a super detailed one, based on your preference for your customized cooking spot.

You can expect spending around $7,000 to $20,000 for an outdoor kitchen organization!


Lighting is essential not just to make the deck area a lot more beautiful to be around, but also to make it functional post the Sun has been set. And lighting is the very aspect where you’ve got loads of options to choose from and create with. 

The per light cost of deck lighting ranges between $50 and $250, with an installation cost of $40 to $120 per hour.

Deck Cover

Deck cover is an excellent idea for both the aesthetic enhancement of your decking and for protecting it against weathering. You can go for an increment such as roof elaboration of a certain style and can also stay basic by opting for fabric covering.

Based on the material being used, the cost for deck cover starts from $1,200 and goes all the way to $20,000.

Hot Tub

Adding a hot tub is the kind of addition that requires your deck to be considerably large and perfectly capable of holding weight, too. You can either go to an electrical outlet or for a gas lining to fuel. 

The addition of a hot tub is an expense ranging between $4,000 and $8,500.

Labor Cost For Deck Installation

In the first place, the labor cost for getting a deck installation goes from $22 to $65 for a square foot (metal deck) and ranges between $11 to $32 per square foot (wood deck).

The overall labor expenses are quite a varying aspect and various factors such as decking materials, pattern and style, square footage and locality can influence it, so there isn’t essentially a definitive estimate. 

DIY Deck Installation

  • That’s something which is only suggested to be practiced when you’ve got up to the mark info, right supply of equipment and, of course, abundant time. 

  • When going for the DIY deck installation, make sure that you stick to a basic and convenient project pattern, to not have things out of control.

  • Even in the DIY attempt, you’ll need to have certain procedures done with professional services, such as preparation or the site or working with concrete. 

Let’s compare the two ways of deck installation

DIY Deck Installation Vs Professional Deck Installation

DIY InstallationProfessional Installation
Can only produce basic or minimalist styles Gives the freedom to get any and every desired styling 
A whole lot of tool and equipment renting/buying cost needs to be consideredIncludes the execution of every single procedure
Requires excessive time Comes with calculated time consumption
Costs up to $8 to $10 per square footCosts up to $11 to $32 for a square foot

Cost For Deck Replacement

  • The very cost for deck replacement is just the same as that of getting a new one installed. 

  • While the chances of a complete deck replacement are quite rare, there will be times when getting certain parts replaced shall be an unavoidable event. 

  • In most of the cases, you only need to go for the fixing or replacement of the elements, such as railings, stairs, decking, etc. 

  • However, whether you’re going for the complete return or merely of a few parts, the project includes expenses of removal of the former structure, (don’t forget the clearance, too!) 

Considering the deck replacement being done in the same size, the cost is likely to range from $20 to $62 per square foot. 

Significant Pricing Factors For Decking Treatment

Deck installation, while being the most beautiful outdoor treatment and enhancement, is actually quite a vast project and the one that involves multiple essential factors. And you need to keep them in mind, while opting for such a decision.

Don’t forget that the entire watchful conduct and mandatory expenses will be totally worth the beautifying as well as the advantages!

  • Pattern Of The Decking

Decking pattern refers to the manner in which the planks are being laid. And as the pattern intricacy rises, so happens the increment of up to 15% to 20% within the project cost. Therefore, if you want it simple (affordable!), it’s best that you go with either the parallel decking or with the straight patterned one. 

On the flip side, for those of you looking for really adorable deck styles, there are certain options, such as diagonal (more than basic, less than complex), Parquet (Classical look), Herringbone (for dimensional detailing) and lastly the customized decking patterns. 

  • Foundation Of The Decking

From holes needed to be dug for footings to the usage of blocks as the base, there are multiple ways of laying a foundation for the deck. And this goes the same for the labor extents and costs, as well.

 A sturdy and sustainable foundation is undeniably important, so it’s best to never compromise over this particular aspect at all. Foundations with materials laid atop the ground don’t cost a lot, and similarly the ones with a lot of digging are going to be expensive. 

Deck foundation costs around $25 to $300 per section/post.

A sturdy and sustainable foundation is undeniably important, so it’s best to never compromise over this particular aspect, at all. Foundations with materials laid atop the ground don’t cost a lot, and similarly the ones with a lot of digging are going to be expensive. Deck foundation costs around $25 to $300 per section/post.

  • Deck Framing

Framing is essential in order to well-define the structure of a deck and also to make it last long by enhancing stability. The boards of the decking frame get supported by foundation beams, followed by an attachment with the house through brackets. 

Decking boards usually have a perpendicular alignment to the house, and the decking goes in a parallel direction. Extremely large frames aren’t a common choice for decking and the general cost goes around $9 to $12 for a square foot. 

Decking boards usually have a perpendicular alignment to the house, and the decking goes in a parallel direction. Extremely large frames aren’t a common choice for decking and the general cost goes around $9 to $12 for a square foot. 

  • Deck Styling 

There are a vast number of styles available for decks and a well-synced harmony is the focal point of the approach. Besides, simply opting for what’s under major requirements utilization scenarios is also equally important. 

The major styling ideas for decks can include pairing up with the surrounding landscape, traditional styles decks, colonial style decks, contemporary styles, coastal decks, mountain decks, etc. You can always have the structural customizations according to your usage requirements.

The major styling ideas for decks can include pairing up with the surrounding landscape, traditional styles decks, colonial style decks, contemporary styles, coastal decks, mountain decks, etc. Moreover, you can always have the structural customizations according to your usage requirements. 

  • Essential Considerations 

These factors include getting a deck building permit (with a starting cost of $100) and expecting the increment within property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, as the foremost ones. Besides, getting at least up to 3 to 4 estimates is also a crucial aspect, to pay fairly. 

Do not go for super complex styles if you’ve got a limited budget and specifically if there are any landscape flaws in your place, such as sloped spaces/yards. You’ll also need to consider certain additional maintenance procedures, like pressure washing (costing around $200).

Do not go for super complex styles if you’ve got a limited budget and specifically if there are any landscape flaws in your place, such as sloped spaces/yards. You’ll also need to consider certain additional maintenance procedures, like Pressure washing (costing around $200). 

  • Atmospheric Conditions

Do considering the positioning of the Sun in your area and the way it faces your places. Then go to the deck building accordingly i.e. whether you want a lot of sunlight or need to avoid it. The same goes for the condition of the wind in surroundings.

If your locality faces, then you need to choose a spot for deck building that has to face extreme winds or other atmospheric damage (storms, etc.) to the least possible extent. This careful conduct will make the deck area usable under all circumstances.

Deck Vs Patio Vs Porch 

Why not go through the precise comparison mentioned ahead and eliminate all the indecisiveness, once and for all? 

Comparisons Of The Major Outdoor Treatments

Differences/ Criteria Deck Patio Porch 
Construction Can be installed at a height several feet above the ground Is only built up directly atop the ground Is constructed in the front-facing area, as an entrance extension
Levels Can feature multiple levelsDoes not feature any levelsDoes not feature any levels
Materials Requires significant amount of materials Requires least materials Requires perfect syncing of every part
Supportive PartsRailings are necessary for safety The ground-oriented structure doesn’t require railings The ground-oriented structure doesn’t require railings 
Placement Can either be attached or separated from the houseCan be built in either the front yard or the back yard Are often built on the front side of the living space 
Cost$5,500 to $16,000$2,000 to $8,000$15,000 to $35,000

Decking Cost By Brands 

These are the best brand recommendations for your next deck project.


One standard price for a 12 feet deck from Zuri Premium is $101.88, with more pricing extents for greater square footage.


Fiberon decking prices start from $2.15 to $2.60 per linear feet, while excluding the cost of installation. 


Trex Decking costs around $5 to $12 per square foot for the boards and up to $5 to $15 for installation per square foot.


The rate for Azek Decking goes up to $9.38 per square foot for the “Basic” version and up to $12.40 per square foot for the “Better” version.


The average cost for installing Duralife Decking is around $7,000 to $9,500 regarding a low budget-level and up to $11,600 to $13,800 for the High-Premium Deck budget level.

Wolf Decking

Wolf Decking costs around $9,500 to $20,000. Cost can be varries by material used and installation factors.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Stain Decking?

You can absolutely go for staining your decks, that too, in multiple ways. This can either be done with the help of a roller or a pump-up garden spray, as these two methods guarantee the finest results. However, making use of a paintbrush (traditional way) is also a really effective approach since paint brush offers the deepest penetration.

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Deck?

It’s quite a budget-friendly idea to build a deck on your own, using the basic lumber. A general estimate of expense within the DIY deck building scenario is around $8 to $10 per square foot. This pricing can always fluctuate depending on your choice of materials. Besides, keep in mind the additional expenses in case of stuff wastage or misconducts, as well. 

What Is The Cost Of Timbertech Decking?

The cost for Timbertech decking ranges somewhere between $2,300 and $3,000. Besides this basic pricing estimate, you can always expect the cost to rise, considering the fact that you go for a more premium choice in terms of materials. In that situation, you can expect a payment up to $3,500.

How Much It Costs To Remove Decking?

Decking removal is usually a project costing around $5 to $10 per square foot. The pricing can extend based upon the very situation of your decking and the extent of labor. The situations could be the involvement of heavier components, such as metal railing, deck boards and multi-storey decks.

How Long Does A Deck Last?

Deck has a lifespan of up to 30 years if it’s made from untreated wood. However, if you go for the treated versions of wood, you can absolutely expect your deck to last up to a good 50 years on end, and even more, depending on the way you maintain and take care of it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Roof Decking?

A reroofing project can cost you around $400 to $550 per square foot, under the size of the area you’re dealing with, as well as the materials involved. For the removal of an existing roof decking, you’ll have to pay around $1,500 to $3,000, on the whole. Again, the entire budget varies under the surface area and quality of the materials being used. 

Can You Paint Composite Decking?

Composite decking can always be painted, and that’s quite an amazing idea, as well. However, it’s good to never compromise over the quality of the paint being used, to expect greater durability and resilience. An incredible choice in this regard is the latex paint, as it’s extremely resistant to fading and comes with a high durability, as well. 

Which Is The Best Composite Decking For Full Sun?

Fortress’s Apex is the best recommendation to consider when the concern is about a decking that has to be under the exposure of direct Sun. Besides, it performs really well under the Sun and has no chances of fading or disintegrating at all. Also, this decking isn’t that much prone to compressing and expanding, as compared to the other ones. 

Does Trex Decking Get Hot?

Trex Decking gets hot under extreme atmospheric conditions and because of excessive exposure to sunlight. Choosing lighter and cooler shades works as quite an effective remedy when you need to keep your composite or plastic decking cool. Such color choices reduce the temperature of decking during hot days. 

Is Composite Decking Cheaper Than Wood?

Composite decking is usually more costly as compared to the wooden one. However, wood decking pays back well in terms of value, as it remains durable. Composite decking is meant to stay functional, but it requires a lot of maintenance which eventually adds to the yearly expenses. 

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