Decking Buying Guide

Decking Buying Guide-Types, Material and Best Brands 2022

Decking, one of the most eye-catching and sometimes even breathtaking outdoor elements, has always been a really trendy décor approach. And we can’t possibly resist the urge to have them within our places, just as we get to see one. 

From gardens to patios, and even terraces, decking is an entire universe of styling and a vast canvas to induce all your aesthetic creativity within, as well. So if you’re up for having a decking project in your place, things become really interesting for you.

As you can get involved in every single step of the decking construction and thus can come up with a uniquely ornate and adorable piece of art flaunted within your outdoors and receiving spaces. 

Everything You Need To Consider According To The Best Decking Buying Guide

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Now that you’re about to have this adorable and, most importantly, really favorable outdoor treatment within your places, it’s best to have a sound knowledge about every necessary aspect beforehand. 

Whether you’re having the entire decking constructed within your outdoors or just about to pick out your favorite color for that of the pre-defined styles, there’s always a lot that you need to be thoroughly aware of. 

The Main Formats of Decking

Decking Format Types

Prior to moving to the types of decking, an initial approach at this point would be to learn about those formats in which you’re going to get your decking. And of course, to figure out which one is a more suitable option for your place.

  • Decking Boards 

They work the best for larger areas

  • Decking Tiles 

This option is suitable for smaller spaces

Types Of Decking

The main types of decking include:

Aluminum Decking

aluminum decking

If you’re fond of metal floors more than the wooden ones, then aluminum decking is simply your thing to go for, P.S. It’s quite a fun and interesting choice to gain! It’s a super smart idea to consider because of several reasons and the foremost one is the unquestionable sustenance. 

What’s Exactly Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decking features a structure that’s been anodized. Besides, it’s texturizer, as well, to generate traction. It appears eye-catchingly sleek, is amazingly lightweight to deal with, and gives off the look of a presentable metal surface. 

By all means the coolest option out there!

What’s The Point Of Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decking is worth going for because:

  • It’s entirely free of the concerns or corrosion or rotting
  • It’s ideally lightweight to handle
  • It stays functional throughout the year
  • There are no chances of any kind of potential damage to it. 
  • You can expect it to be functional for long

Why Aluminum Decking Isn’t The Right Choice?

There are chances you might not find aluminum decking to be the right choice for you, due to:

  • It being insanely expensive
  • The difficulty meter of its installation

Where To Install Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decking is one super cool choice with which you can flaunt multiple spaces of your property. Besides, you can figure out the exact area of application, based upon the extent of your particular utilization, i.e the area you prefer the most to spend your quality time in.

This might be your backyard, front yard, a cute corner or greater area within your garden or even your patio. Also, you can go for the selection according to the atmospheric conditions. 

  1. Aluminum flooring is a true lifesaver on scorching days because it does not get heated at all
  2. You can have it besides the swimming pool or any other area, which is otherwise unusable because of the blazing summer sun.

How Much To Pay For Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decking generally costs around $12 to $15 per square foot and you can be lucky to pay a lesser price, if there are no major concerns involved such as demanding on-site situations, difficult geographic regions or an over laboring installation due to certain hurdles, etc.

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PVC Decking

Pvc decking

PVC, with its increasing popularity within nearly every other decor and maintenance dimensions, is considered a smart and effective decking choice, as well. And if you manage to come across some really sublime quality PVC decking, all the way from a renowned manufacturer, you’re literally ready with a lot of enjoyment in the future. 

What’s The Structural Dimension Of PVC Decking?

There are two main versions of the PVC decking available. Besides that, you can also get it with either uncapped or capped planks, depending on your preference. Uncapped PVC decking planks are usually more costly, because their appearance gives off somewhat of a wooden look, so you can go for this option if a realistic wooden look is your concern.

What Makes PVC Decking Worth It?

PVC Decking is quite an amazing idea because:

  • It has a high mold and moisture resistance

  • Both capped and uncapped PVC can’t be affected by staining or weathering

  • It can easily last up to a good 30 years

  • Cellular PVC decking is an excellent way to keep insects and warping at bay

  • It is an entirely cost-effective and long-lasting investment

Is There A Downside To PVC Decking?

PVC Decking might not be an acceptable thing for you because:

  • Just like wood, it gets heated on hot days

  • Many manufacturers restrain from its usage, as it can’t get along with other PVC products, like a mat, and often ends up with discoloration 

What Are The Suitable Areas Of Application Of PVC Decking?

PVC decking is quite a budget-friendly option to settle for and it works wonders for almost all areas. Besides, since there are no labor-intensive procedures required with PVC Decking installation, you can easily make the most out of this treatment regarding the decorative uplifting of your outdoors.

  1. PVC decking, due to its moisture, mold and mildew resistance, is an excellent choice for moisture prone areas such as, around swimming pools, artificial waterfalls, fountains, etc.
  2. PVC decking can be your absolute mind-blowing terrace or balcony treatment

How Much For The PVC Decking?

For acquiring a PVC decking treatment, you can expect to pay around $13 per square foot with $5 as a starting cost. One major reason for PVC Decking being an affordable option is that it’s mainly plastic and thus recyclable, so you don’t really have to pay a pretty penny for this treatment.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Composite decking has been a considerably popular choice lately and there are a lot of good reasons for this. If you manage to get a composite decking with capped board or a good grade one, you can expect a lot of long-term sustainable benefits from it. 

Also, you can have several versatile finishes from it, a styling freedom available with that of the engineered hardwood flooring.

What Are Some Structural Dimensions Of Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a good old choice of a wood-like material for building, that too, without the need to tolerate major drawbacks. It is basically a blend of either wood fiber or by-product along with recycled plastic (yes, you’re doing nature a favor with this choice!) just as vinyl planks construction. Thus, the resultant boards come with a high-resistance against rotting, corrosion, spills and stains.

Is Composite Decking Worth It?

Composite decking is an entirely favorable outdoor decor to consider, since

  • It remains tough against mold, moisture or any other defiling damage

  • With the composite decking board, you get many shade options to choose from

  • It isn’t a heavy-maintenance treatment at all

  • Its structural styles, such as capped and uncapped ones, are really easy to install

  • Is the perfect way to achieve a realistic wooden look

What Are The Cons Of Composite Decking?

Some factors which this decking somewhat of disagreeable include:

  • It being susceptible to sun damage and thus fading
  • The overall project cost can get much higher

Best Areas For Installing Composite Decking?

Composite decking can literally be installed at any outdoor spot that you wish to make significantly more attractive. Also, you can go for a direct contact with this decking with the ground with no concerns, too, thanks to the highly resistant build quality. 

  1. It’s a perfect choice for creating entire walkways and paths and even stairs 
  2. It makes the most amazing “bridges” if you’re up for that kind of scenery within your outdoors 

What’s The Average Cost For Composite Decking?

$9 to $6 per square foot is a starting cost estimate for the composite decking treatment and this includes railing, structure and certain other factors, too. However, with that of the addition of the labor cost, the overall project can extend up to $55 per square foot. 

Wood Decking

Wood Decking

Wood, of course, is one of the oldest concepts of decking and a reasonable number of folks consider it to be the best and more of a satisfying option for decking. Over and above, with all the advancements taking place lately, we’ve got several mind-blowing versions and styling manners for this good old outdoor treatment, as well. 

Wood Decking has been segregated into three main types:

Wood Decking Types

Pressure Treated Wood

It’s the most low-cost version of wood decking, having an origin of the Southern Yellow Pine (SYP). This wood decking gets infused with several chemicals (preservatives) in order to save it from the external damaging aspects such as insects and, most importantly, termites. 

Besides, this preservation serves as a prevention from rotting and warping, as well. 

With an adequately carried out seasonal maintenance, your pressure treated wood decking is likely to last for a good 20 years, all the way with a cost-effective serviceability you’ve got to admire.


Redwood is an excellent domestic choice, and its neutral tones make up ideally inviting spaces. It’s a quite sustainable decking option which is super smooth in the appearance and the boards are an effective way to keep insects away. 

Redwood might be a bit demanding to find, however the astounding functionality is absolutely worth all the hunt and investment. 

The greatly satisfying Redwood decking lasts for up to 40 years and even above, all depending on the way you treat it. 


Cedar is one unquestionably ideal material choice for decking and just the right treatment for those having a thing for nature and natural decors. It’s a wonderful, rot-free and anti-insect choice for sliding, as well.

This wholly eco-friendly option can be stained in many ways and thus is a perfect approach to outdoor styling. 

And if you manage to maintain a fine seasonal care schedule, you can easily make the most out of Cedar wood decking for as long as 40 years on end.

What Are The Major Plus Points Of Wood Decking?

You would definitely want to consider wood decking treatment for your place as

  • It’s a guaranteed way of increasing the value of your property
  • Its beauty is totally worth the choice
  • It will be beyond serviceable for your indoor-outdoor family
  • It comes with the sturdiest and therefore most durable build quality
  • It’s the most practical option regarding everyday usage

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Wood Decking?

Chance are that you might not be able to benefit that much from wood decking because:

  • It’s low-cost versions aren’t reliable against atmospheric and impact damage
  • It requires a lot of seasonal maintenance, which in turn adds to the overall cost 

Where To Install Wood Decking?

From gardens to pools and all the way to patios and balconies, as well, wood decking provides for the maximum number of areas. 

  1. It’s a mind blowing choice for boat decking and even for roofs, too
  2. The seamless designing can be used for adorning patios and pergolas

How Much To Spend For Wood Decking?

A general estimate for wood decking treatment starts from $6 and it can range up to $8, as well. If you go for some of the premium or exotic versions, the project pricing can exceed up to $35 per square foot, including the supportive composite materials, as well. 

Tropical Hard Wood Decking 

Tropical Hard Wood Decking

The vintage symbol of wealth in the properties of the elite class, i.e. tropical hardwood, has become quite an accessible option for us today. Though this decking treatment was considered to be something associated only with the rich back then, we can savor this staple decor much more easily nowadays. 

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Apart from the wood being harvested and transported all the way from Brazil initially, there is a variation of solid composite boarding or domestic species available, as well. 

Tropical Hard Wood Decking Types

IPE (Brazilian Walnut)

It’s the most famous tropical hardwood and you might be unaware of the fact that it’s pronounced as “ee-pay”, a fancy terminology for the excellent Brazilian Walnut. On the Janka scale, this wood literally has a rating of over 3000.

In addition to that, class A fire rating is a mandatory criterion for the top quality Brazilian Walnut, which also implies its vast usage within the areas prone to wildfire. 

Being an exotic species, IPE is neither easy to find nor everyone’s cup of tea to pay for, and of course, that’d be really tasteful to you, if you manage to do so. 


Itauba is the option you can easily settle for, if getting Brazilian Walnut seems a way too big deal. It’s a reasonably durable and efficiently resistant choice. And this incredibly dense and decay-proof species has an origin of South America.

You can have several eye-catching color choices with this tropical hardwood species, such as either a lustrous toned deep brown or a golden-toned brown. 

If excessive rotting or decaying are your concerns regarding your decking, Itauba is the option you must consider switching to 


Tigerwood is more of a common tropical hardwood species, like the options of Red Balata, Garapa and Cyprus. Using Tigerwood for outdoor decking is an effective approach to put an end to the concerns of decaying or rotting.

Over and above, this super sturdy hardwood species is a definitively durable treatment and apart from decking, you can expect excellent performance from it as a flooring, too. Also, there is no need for adding any preservatives, as this incredible species comes with a natural resistance.

In most cases, The Tigerwood decking treatment can easily last up to 30 years and you totally be lucky enough to enjoy the serviceability more than this estimated lifespan.

Benefits Of Having Tropical Wood Decking

Tropical wood species belonging to the category of “very durable species” is a cost-effective investment by all means. Not to mention the other favorable aspects of:

  • You get many rich color and styling options
  • Tropical hardwood species are usually extremely long-lasting in their working
  • You don’t have to deal with a lot of damaging issues such as rotting, corrosion, warping, etc.
  • You don’t have to indulge in a lot of maintenance expenses or procedures
  • A vast majority of the tropical hardwood species have the tendency to outlast all weathering

What Are The Unfavorable Aspects Of Tropical Wood Decking?

You might require reconsidering your decision to get a tropical wood decking because:

  • Most of the exotic and high-end versions are way too expensive
  • Being natural hardwood, these species are quite heavy to deal with

What Are The Best Places For Tropical Wood Decking?

Frankly, it’s the treatment that requires being in abundance around us, as much as possible. And you can’t possibly resist the idea of treating your entire outdoor spaces with this adorable natural decor. 

  1. From stairs to general outdoor deck flooring, tropical wood species do set the sail for the most eye-catching creations.
  2. Tropical wood decking is a mind-blowing idea for garden landscaping, as a living space extension and even for fun treehouses for kids. 

What’s The General Pricing For Tropical Wood Decking?

Tropical hardwood decking is generally costly and since you get what you pay for, that adorable wooden treatment is meant to be expensive and serviceable at the same time. 

The average estimated cost for having a tropical hardwood decking treatment can reach up to more than $14 per square foot, depending on the hardwood species you get to choose.

Some Helpful Comparisons Between Decking Materials 

It often aids in making up the mind once we’re given a definitive comparison of certain choices or options under consideration. 

By looking at the upcoming comparative aspects, it will be significantly easier for you to pick out a suitable treatment for your place. 

Composite Vs PVC Decking

Composite vs PVC Decking

There are quite many similarities between these two options, which are likely to make the choice difficult. However, looking at the differences can help.

Composite Decking PVC Decking
Composite Decking has a hybrid structure combining recycled plastic and wood core PVC Decking features 100% plastic construction 
Composite Decking does not warp and is more slip-resistantPVC does not rot and has more resistance to atmospheric impact 
Composite Decking does not contract or expand with weathering PVC is lighter in weight and is totally recyclable 
Composite decking greatly resembles wooden appearance It does not appear that much realistic 
Composite Decking is quite affordable PVC is a more costly choice 

Composite Vs Wood Decking

Composite vs wood Decking

While wood and composite decking might seem a bit confusing because of some similarities, they differ completely from each other regarding multiple aspects. 

Composite DeckingWood Decking 
Composite decking gives off a wood-like look, however, it might appear plasticy, at times. Wood decking features the traditional beauty 
Composite decking does not get affected by waterWood decking can’t handle a constant or excessive exposure to water
Composite decking works fine with minimal yearly maintenance There is a lot of yearly maintenance required 
Composite boards are easy to bend during working Wood decking boards are quite hard to bend 
Composite decking has a greater upfront pricing Wood decking is affordable initially and the price can fluctuate according to the species 

Best Areas For Decking

Best Areas for Decking

The entire decking debate comes down to the concern of where exactly to get the decking treatment at? Even if you’re pretty clear about what’s the point of decking by now (considering you’re a novice to the usage), you might still wonder about which exact spot or area of your place to get treated with a cute-looking decking.

Now decking in the first place is a complete personal choice and chances are that when you ponder in this very direction, you can come up with super incredible ideas, literally those that aren’t present in the catalogs of famous manufacturers!

Just saying! Let’s have a look at those areas which you can consider for having a decking. And you might generate better ideas this way, too. 

Pool Decking

So if you own a nice and cool pool in your place, you’ve already got the right frame to fit your decking in! Besides, this is also going to make your swimming pool surroundings a lot safer, cleaner and comfortable under bare feet. 

Patio Decking

Patios are considered a counterpart for decking, however you can create really suave and inviting spaces by going with a decking over an existing patio of yours. Even if you’ve got some really nasty-looking bad-shaped patios, you can revive and beautify them timelessly with a decking. 

Roof Decking

Getting a rooftop decking is one of the all-time best home decor ideas and you can add a lot to what you get to see normally, just by going for a roof decking. Besides, you also get several functional benefits this way, such as greater thermal performance and fire-resistance. An additional living space and a fine system of drainage are also the essential perks. 

Boat Decking

Deck boats are amazing to deal with. Decking makes the boats a lot more easy to handle, and the same goes for the dynamic enhancement in the overall safety. Also, you can find several interesting formats such as rolls, strips and panels with a pre-done fabrication. 

Garden Decking

Decking is a fabulous way to beautify your gardens and lawns and to turn them into the best entertainment spots. Over and above, decking is a super flexible and low-maintenance treatment that can be accomplished on a short notice of time, and a smart approach to increasing your living space, as well. 

How To Lay Decking? Useful Tips And Tricks.

To make the most out of this very treatment, there are certain aspects of which you can take care of, rather than relying on the workers for everything. Besides, if you’re up for the decking installation yourself, keeping these essential factors in mind will help you achieve the best and most timeless consequences.

  • Look For The Privacy: No matter what’s the area you’re dealing with, maintaining an appropriate height is a crucial factor in order to not compromise over your privacy and also not to be overlooked by the neighbors. Raised decking means more privacy, and this goes specifically crucial for areas such as tubs or pools.

  • Always Start With A Full Board: The best part to take a start with is a full board from the outward edge of the decking. Work your way to the living space (your house) as this will conceal the odd-looking board perfectly and not affect the overall appearance. 

  • Have The Right Side Down: as this is just the appropriate and most recommended way to lay your decking. The primary reason for this is the ridges design that allows the air passage and thus an overall sturdy and unaffected performance by the decking. 

  • Proper Gapping: Do ensure leaving around 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch gap while laying the decking, to let the boards breathe properly and aren’t prone to warping. Also, leaving the gaps in between the boards makes it convenient to clean them and develop a proper drainage, as well. 

  • Consider The Positioning Of Your Nearest Star: We mean the Sun! Whether you crave the way it behaves (sunlight!) or are seriously sick of it, you need to keep its position in mind and lay your decking accordingly, to either have the most pleasant sunbathes or to prevent your sensitive skin from tanning. 

Decking Maintenance And Finishes

Decking, of course, while being the most delightful element, asks for a careful and well-regulated maintenance schedule, as well. That’s how you can save your investment for long and make it return to you really well. 

Maintenance Of The Decking 

Let’s see what you have to take care of!

  1. Using a hose and elbow grease is always a good cleaning approach
  2. Pay a close attention to the yearly maintenance of wooden decks in the early years, to ensure the longevity of the treatment
  3. If you really want to get a lot of versatility with the color choice of your aluminum decking, go for a wooden one as the other options often arrive pre-finished, like PVC 
  4. Have your pressure-treated wood dried out completely before you begin with the painting or staining
  5. Before painting or staining, do a water test first, and then proceed with the coloring

Finishes, Painting And Staining Of The Decking 

Take care about relativity, in order to achieve well-functioning outdoors. 

  1. Going with semi-transparent or clear finishes is a good idea to protect your decking in the long run
  2. Painting is an effective way to fix several imperfections such as small cracks and gaps
  3. Ensure a proper priming before painting
  4. Consider the quality of your stain, whether it requires re-application soon
  5. Opt for the stain that enhances the original look and beauty of your decking, instead of hiding it.
  6. Finishing is an excellent addition while opting for exotic hardwoods as it makes the natural appearance stand out and since it’s not very thick like a paint so, the overall look doesn’t seem overdone in any way. 

Best Brands To Get Your Next Decking From

Best Decking Brands 2022

Ahead are the best decking brands

Trex Decking

Trex decking stands out with its matchless durability and there are several significant factors that add to the very worth of this choice. It’s highly stain-resistant and safe from fading, as well. Besides, no need for a lot of painting, this decking will stay safe from insects, warping and corrosion for the long-term.

Wolf Decking

Wolf Serenity decking is an excellent choice regarding the concerns of weathering and, most importantly, moisture damage. Besides, this supremely durable decking is also a great alternative to wood decking and also the elimination of all the associated maintenance difficulties. 

Zuri Decking

Amongst the Zuri Premium Decking, you can easily look for the most adorable tropical hardwood decking choices. Their incredible decking boards come with a rapid cooling mechanism, to make them walkable immediately when they are not in contact with a heat source or direct sunlight. Specifically detailed prints, patterns and grains are also some other incredible aesthetic perks of the Zuri Decking. 

Duralife Decking

Duralife Decking features several praiseworthy aspects such as satisfactory firmness and comfort underfoot, slip-resistance (when wet too!) and the reduction of flex or sagging in between the joists. All these factors add to the structural significance of the Duralife decking, making it a super safe and long-lasting choice to go for. 

Cali Bamboo Decking

Cali Bamboo is known for producing the finest composite decking. Over and above, choosing this decking contributes to environmental conservation as it consists majorly of recycled materials. Cali Bamboo decking experts are just the right professionals you’d want to hire for the next smoothest conduct of a decking installation project within your place.

Fiberon Decking

Fiberon Decking is quite a visually pleasant choice to settle for. Their sublime quality hardwood boards feature hugely attractive grain patterns within warm and delightful tones, thus a dynamic enhancement of your outdoor decor. While Fiberon decking comes with a major and often very demanding maintenance, the adorable consequences of the treatment are pretty much worth the treatment. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Paint Trex Decking?

It’s absolutely possible to paint Trex Decking and you can even go to stain it if you want. However, a proper preparation of the surface is extremely important, to achieve the best results. This includes cleaning, scuffing and priming of the deck surface. Acrylic latex exterior primers and satin or semi-gloss finish latex paints work best in this regard.

How Long Does It Take To Install Trex Decking?

Installing Trex Decking is quite a quick task and mostly you can get done with the entire procedure in hardly 2 hours. Trex RainEscape is one super easy-to-manage choice and all you need is a few supplies, including a caulking gun, utility knife, staple gun and scissors.

What Is Best Wood For Decking?

Pressure-treated wood, cedar and redwood are the three major popular choices in this regard and there is a versatile choice of wood species available with these types. If insects and rotting are the primary viable concerns in your residence, it’s best that you go with either cedar or Redwood. 

Can You Paint Composite Decking?

Composite decking can totally be painted and latex paint is the best choice to do so, regarding durability and reducing the chance of fading, as well. Painting the composite decking won’t increase its life expectancy in any way, yet is a smart way to conceal all the imperfections and dull or bad looking areas. Besides, painting prevents sun-bleaching, too.

How To Finish The Ends Of Composite Decking?

There are multiple effective ways in which you can finish the ends of composite decking. Such as painting the ends, adding picture framing, attaching composite nosing strips, vinyl stair nosing cove, raising fascia boards, composite corner tripping or even by adding plastic end caps. 

What Is Composite Decking Cost Per Square Foot?

The pricing of composite decking ranges from $30 to $60 per square foot, and this includes the installation as well. Wooden decks are generally more cost-effective as compared to concrete patios, so you can go with either of these ideas, according to the particular requirements of your place.

How Much Is Trex Decking?

The average cost of Trex Decking lies between $1600 and $9600 with the per square foot cost ranging from $5 to $12. As for the installation, you can expect to pay up to $15 per square foot. Sizing (surface area) is the greatest cost deciding factor and you’re likely to need to pay more if you are dealing with a bigger space.

What Is The Cost To Replace Roof Decking?

A roof decking replacement project could cost you up to $27,000 on the whole. The highest price range goes for PVC membrane with a measurement of 80 mil. And often it isn’t quite possible to determine an estimated cost because every roof comes with different details and the same goes for the distinction and cost of treatments, too.

What Is Composite Decking Made Of?

Composite decking features a construction of plastic and wood fibers combined together. This kind of construction makes the decking a lot more sturdy and durable. Since the materials used within are mostly the recycled ones, this decking is often called with certain other names, too, such as WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) Decking or plastic composite decking. 

How Long Does Trex Decking Last?

Trex Decking can effectively last up to 25 years at least and at best up to 30 years, too. Generally, there are certain problems associated with the Trex Decking too, such as discoloration, flaking, or, in some of the worst cases, virtual disintegration of the decks, too. This usually happens because of the coating sealing coming off, exposing the decking to wear and tear.

How Wide Is A Decking Board?

Decking boards generally have a 5 and a half inch width with a length of either 12 feet or sometimes 16 feet. The width can vary according to the type and style of board you choose or get and the same goes for other dimensional details, as well. 

Which Is The Best Boat Decking Material?

Oak is one of the best material choices for boat decking because of several reasons. It’s highly durable, robust, flexible and heavy-duty in nature and thus works well as a decking. However, sometimes it can be a little demanding to apply epoxy on Oak, because of its bit of an oily surface. 

How Long Does Wood Decking Last?

An average wood decking can easily last up to 15 years and often more, as well. The life expectancy of your wood decking primarily and majorly depends on the type of wood being used. Next comes how you get to treat your wood decking and how much do you take care of it?

Is Composite Decking Slippery When Wet?

Certainly, composite decking is likely to become quite slippery when it is wet, because the boards are generally not slip-resistant in nature. However, this does not imply any major risk because even if the boards are wet, they don’t become slippery enough to cause accidents or injuries. 

What Space Should There Be Between Decking Boards?

The ideal gap that needs to be left within decking boards should be between 1/4 inches and 1/8 inches. So ensure leaving this space during the installation, to let the boards breathe properly and there is adequate drainage present in between them. Besides, this makes it a lot easier to clean the decking boards, too.