Dream Weaver Carpet | Reviews, Products, Cost Guide 2022

Dream Weaver Carpet: Reviews, Collection & Cost Guide 2022

Manufactured exclusively by Engineered Floors and owned by Shaw Floors, Dream Weaver Carpet, despite being a relatively new brand, still has gained a huge fandom due to the quality and affordability it offers for its carpets. Dream Weaver promises you ideally sublime quality for the best budget-friendly residential carpets. 

The carpeting is not just super durable and cost-effective but also is entirely satisfying in terms of beautification and comfort provision. This makes this carpeting a really lucrative manner of home improvement and of course a beneficial investment. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Reviews

Within our Dream Weaver Carpet review compilation, we’ll be going through the entire analysis of what the brand offers with its carpeting. From structural and aesthetic specifications all the way to the description of product warranties and not to forget the advantages and disadvantages, there’s a lot to discover and benefit from.

Last but not least, Flooring Pure has also got you a couple of comparisons of the Dream Weaver Carpet with a few other famous carpet brands, as we believe that a side-by-side collation really helps in settling for an appropriate choice. 

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Let the dazzling and dreamy journey of Dream Weaver Carpet begin!

Dream Weaver Carpet Collection

There are four main product collections by Dream Weaver Carpet, named as:

Dream Weaver Carpet Collection

1. PureColor Nylon

PureColor Nylon is the budget collection from the brand and comes in 8 different styles. Besides, there are up to 10 to 15 colors available per style. There is a lifetime warranty offered against fading, pet, and staining damage and a warranty of 15 years against soil or texture damage. This collection is CRI Green Label Plus Certified, as well.

2. PureColor Polyester

PureColor Polyester is also the budget collection from the brand and offers up to more than 35 different styles with an availability of 6 to 24 colors for each style. This collection also comes with a lifetime warranty against pet, staining, and damage and a 15-year warranty that covers any texture and soil damage. This one is CRI Green Label Plus certified, too. 

3. PureColor Soft Nylon 

PureColor Soft Nylon is the premium collection by Dream Weaver and it comes in 9 distinctive styles, with up to 10 to 50 colors per style. There is a lifetime warranty against fading, pet damage, and staining and a good 25-year warranty against soil and texture damage. This premium collection does feature the CRI Green Label Certification, as well. 

4. PureColor Soft Polyester 

PureColor Soft Polyester is the other premium collection by Dream Weaver and there are more than 50 styles available for this luxury and classy carpeting line. With up to 10 to 36 colors for each style, this noteworthy collection offers a lifetime warranty against damage caused by pets, staining, and fading. Just like the PureColor Soft Nylon collection, this one also has a 25-year warranty that is to cover any texture or soil damage. Plus, the CRI Green Label Certification is the same for this premium line, too

Major Characteristics Of Dream Weaver Carpet 

Ahead is the description of those incredible specifications that make Dream Weaver Carpet stand out and gain so much popularity. These mainly include the structural comprehension, factors for supporting physical attributes or aesthetics, and most importantly those proprietary and innovative technologies induced by the brand, to boot. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Material

Initially, Dream Weaver only used to make Polyester carpets, however, it began crafting the nylon ones, as well, back in 2015.

And there are four main product lines offered by the brand, two of them featuring Polyester as the construction material and the other two being made from Nylon. 


PureColor Soft Polyester is the premium carpet collection featuring Polyester construction while PureColor Polyester is the budget collection from the brand. 


PureColor Soft Nylon is the premium carpet collection featuring Nylon construction while PureColor Nylon is the budget collection from the brand. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Technology

There are two main innovative carpet technologies owned by Dream Weaver Carpet and each of them is meant to enhance the performance as well as the resilience of the carpets. 

These are the technologies:

1. PureColor

PureColor, in a literal sense, is a solution-dyed fiber and proprietary product by the brand which is totally resistant to fading.

This color cannot be affected by any given damaging factor in any way, such as foot traffic, UV rays, staining, and fading.

PureColor fibers are designed to endure all the spills and splashes and they won’t develop single damage from food, liquids, or even from pets.

PureColor fibers, besides resisting moisture and stain damage, also have their significance in making carpet maintenance a lot easier. In other words, these fibers make it really convenient to clean the carpet and to effectively treat any of the occasional damage, as well. 

2. PureBac 

PureBac is actually a premium-grade backing that comes with Dream Weaver Carpets and is there to serve a number of purposes, such as odor and mold resistance.

It does not involve latex or any other glue, therefore can be the best choice for those not appreciating any delamination. 

PureBac offers the highest grade dimensional stability to the carpeting and also works as a protective barrier for the carpeting. Also, it comes with all of the select styles of Dream Weaver Carpets. 

Unlike other backings, this one is super easy to deal with, including all the procedures of cutting and other forms of handling. It does not move once it gets perfectly secured and does not defile even when it is wet, too. 

PureBac is an antimicrobial backing, which effectively eliminates the likelihood of any bacteria or mold growth underneath the carpeting. This also makes it the best choice for people with certain allergies or breathing concerns, since it flawlessly ensures the entire carpet’s hygiene maintenance. 

Dream Weaver Thread Coloring Ranges 

There are three main thread coloring ranges available in Dream Weaver Carpet. In other words, the Dream Weaver Carpets get treated in three distinctive ways:

  1. PureColor
  2. PureColor TwistX
  3. PureColor Solutions

Dream Weaver Carpet Colors

  • There are up to a good 50 color choices offered by Dream Weaver Carpet and most of them are either mosaics or solid color patterns. Also, there are gray, white, and brown hue options available, as well. 

  • There are 6 to 24 colors available per style amongst more than 35 styles of the PureColor Polyester Collection.

  • PureColor Soft Polyester offers up to 10 to 36 colors per style within more than 50 styles on the whole. 

  • There are 10 to 15 colors available per style amongst the 8 available styles of PureColor Nylon

  • There are 10 to 15 colors available per style amongst the 9 available styles of PureColor Soft Nylon

Dream Weaver Carpet Styles

  • There are more than 100 carpet styles available for the Dream Weaver Carpets.

  • The style options include Cut Pile, Textured Cut Pile, Cut and Loop Pattern Repeats, Deere Run, Casual Comfort II, and Acclaim. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Warranty

  • All of the Dream Weaver PureColor Collection features limited lifetime warranties against staining, fading, pet damage, wear, manufacturing defects, texture retention, and abrasion. 

  • The duration of warranties starts from 15 years and goes to a lifetime.

  • There is a 25 year prorated warranty offered by PureColor Soft Polyester and PureColor Soft Nylon against fading, soil, pet staining, and general staining.

  • Dream Weaver Carpets need to be taken care of in perfect accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer or else the warranty claim will be compromised. 

  • This does include having the professional clean up after every 12 to 18 months.

  • There is no warranty transfer to the next owner in case there is a residential relocation. 

Some Other Specifications Of Dream Weaver Carpet

Here are a few other particular attributes that make Dream Weaver worth the choice and serve as its major distinction. You can easily relate most of your structural and functional requirements with these aspects and can therefore succeed in getting the best stuff for your places. 

Pet Damage Resistance

All of the product lines of Dream Weaver Carpets including the two low-budget collections as well feature the highest level of resistance against pet damage. This way, you can obtain the best carpeting for yourself if you’ve got pets in your house and can achieve all your home decor goals without getting worried about their damage.

Basic Beautifying 

Dream Weaver Carpet does not feature a lot of fancy designs or really intricate patterns, rather the brand focuses on keeping it simple yet suave. This basic and at the same time beautiful styling approach can really be a game-changing point for your entire home decor of yours.

Maintenance Condition

There is kind of a strict requirement for taking care of the Dream Weaver Carpets if you want to make the most out of them. This does include both the everyday care as well as seeking professional maintenance services periodically too. Otherwise, you’ll simply end up compromising the warranty claim offered by the brand. 

Moisture Resistance 

Probably one of the most amazing perks about Dream Weaver Carpets is the fact that they can absolutely handle anything and everything that comes their way and therefore can totally put an end to all your maintenance concerns. Since these carpets are primarily meant for residential usage, they can easily withstand all the domestic mishaps such as spills, splashes, or food clutter.

Budget Varieties

Dream Weaver offers two significantly low-budget collections as well, in addition to the four main product lines. These are the PureColor Basics and PureColor Solution collections. They come with a relatively lighter face weight and the warranties are shorter as compared to the major product lines, as well. 

Quality Construction

Dream Weaver only crafts synthetic carpets with amazingly innovative techniques and there is no natural fabrication or woolen material involved. Solution-dyed fibers and PureColor Technology are the other aspects of distinction. Solution-dyed fibers refer to the fact that the fibers are dyed during the process of extruding, instead of an afterward dyeing. As for the PureColor Technology, it gets to diminish any of the “dye sites” (tine holes likely to accumulate dye or stains) within the fiber.

Dream Weaver Carpet Pros And Cons

Dream Weaver Carpet is an absolute win-win situation regarding multiple criteria, however, there are always a bit rather unfavorable aspects too. And it goes without saying that learning about them is essential to avoid any unfavorable decision(s). 

Best Coverage Warranties: Dream Weaver Carpet comes with the most solid warranties on both mid-range as well as premium products Limited Texture and Pattern Collection; There is no diversification available for the patterns and textures of Dream Weaver Carpets. 
Incredible Dyeing Technology: PureColor Technology makes Dream Weaver Carpets an ideal carpeting choice, featuring a lifetime resistance guarantee against staining and color fading.Troublesome Warranty Claiming: Making a warranty claim in case of any issue is a really prolonged and complicated procedure for Dream Weaver Carpet. 
Durability and Comfort: Dream Weaver Carpet comes features extremely durable fibers, yet the carpeting feels the plushest and cozy underfoot. This makes it a soft yet tough choice for families with children and pets. 
Convenient Maintenance: It’s really easy to maintain and care for Dream Weaver Carpets and yet the minimal maintenance goes well for a long way. 
Eco-friendliness: There are no PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) used in the constitution of Dream Weaver Carpet. Besides, there is 87% less water and 30% less energy consumption by the production technology, unlike traditional carpet manufacturing. 

Where To Buy Dream Weaver Carpets

  • Dream Weaver Carpets are exclusively sold by Engineered Floors through authorized dealers all across the US.

  • It is not possible to order Dream Weaver Carpets directly from the manufacturer, i.e. Engineered Floors and you have to look for a retailer near you.

  • The company provides a “Dealer Locator” on the website which can be used to find the nearby retailers. 

  • Dream Weaver Carpets can also be purchased at a number of big-box hardware stores as well as chain retailers, however, you’ve got to confirm the fact that your chosen carpeting actually belongs to Dream Weaver. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Prices

The general pricing for Dream Weaver Carpet goes around $1 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot, depending upon the collection as well as the style of carpeting. Not to mention while excluding installation expenses and padding.

  • An adequately thick carpet padding is a must-have element with Dream Weaver Carpet and it’s going to cost you around $0.30 to $1 for a square foot.

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  • Installation services expenses make up most of the overall Dream Weaver carpet upgrade project cost. Yet hiring professionals for doing the job is absolutely mandatory and is the safest approach to keeping troubles and misconduct at bay. 

Dream Weaver Carpet Vs Other Carpet Brands

While Dream Weaver is a relatively new brand, it indeed is a sign of excellence in many ways. The foremost reason is the fact that it has the same original creator as Shaw Floors, who’s none other than Bob Shaw. Besides, the quality is quite pleasing regarding multiple factors. 

So this carpeting is likely to create indecisiveness to some degree, and for the effective elimination, we’ve compared Dream Weaver with two noteworthy carpet brands, in terms of the major pros. 

Mohawk Vs Dream Weaver Vs Shaw Carpet

Characteristic QualityMohawk CarpetDream Weaver Carpet Shaw Carpet 
DistinctionMohawk is the world’s largest flooring brand providing the most premium quality flooring.Dream Weaver is known to be an excellent residential carpet brand providing affordable carpet choices. Shaw is the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and also shares the original creator with Dream Weaver, i.e. Bob Shaw.
Choice VersatilityMohawk carpets come in endless style, color, and design varietiesDream Weaves Carpets do feature really dazzling design and style options, as well. Shaw Carpets are infinitely diversified when it comes to styling and design choices.
ResistanceMohawk carpets are more resistant to color fading.Dream Weaver Carpets are likely to fade under direct sunlight. Shaw Carpets have a fool-proof resistance against wear and tear and the durability is super flawless too. 
PricingMohawk Carpets offer a number of pricing ranges and there are many low-budget varieties available, too.Dream Weaver Carpets are known to be the best budget-friendly solutions for every decor requirement Shaw Carpets are indeed costly due to the most premium-grade quality and the addition of installation expenses too. 

Cost Comparison With Other Carpet Brands 

This pricing comparison of Dream Weaver Carpet with other renowned brands will help pick out a more budget-friendly and long-term effective carpeting choice. 

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Shaw Carpet$3.50 per square foot to $7 per square foot
StainMaster Carpet$4.50 per square foot to $5.45 per square foot 
Mohawk Carpet$3.50 per square foot to $5 per square foot
Karastan Carpet$3 per soiree foot to $11 per square foot
Fabrica Carpet$6 per square foot to $16 per square foot
SmartStrand Carpet $2.30 per square foot to $5.50 per square foot

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Dream Weaver Carpets?

Dream Weaver Carpets is owned by Shaw Flooring and the manufacturer is Engineered Floors. While Dream Weavers is one of the newest carpet brands in the U.S. Carpet Industry still stands out with its unique approach to carpet construction. Dream Weaver Carpets are known to be majorly budget-friendly and there is a vast spectrum of colors and styles available too. Another noteworthy aspect of Dream Weavers Carpets is the Dream Weavers’ patented PureColor technology which is an incredible dyeing technology. Moreover, there are four primary product lines of the company. 

Where To Buy Dream Weaver Carpet?

Dream Weaver Carpets by Engineered Floors are sold through authorized dealers across the US and cannot be ordered directly from the manufacturer. The company offers a “Dealer Locator” on their website which can be used to look for a retailer in one’s locality. In addition to that, Dream Weaver Carpets are also available at several big box hardware stores and chain retailers. However, to get the carpet made exactly by Dream Weaver, one might need to ask the sales representative for the purpose. 

Is Dream Weaver A Good Carpet?

Dream Weaver is known to be a great brand of quality residential carpets which are highly affordable as the foremost perk. There are multiple reasons for this carpet being an outstanding choice, such as the PireColor Polyester which is the original product of the brand. This amazing product offers a greatly promising performance and is highly durable, as well. Besides, Dream Weaver Carpets are a really safe choice for those who are sensitive and have got allergies or similar health concerns. 

Is Dream Weaver Carpet Low VOC?

Dream Weaver Carpet features the Green Guard Plus Certification and is therefore guaranteed for emitting low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). And since it does not release any harmful chemicals, it neither is a hazard for the indoor air quality nor for those with respiratory or allergy issues. Another advantage in this regard is the fact that Dream Weaver Carpets feature an odorless backing and since there is no glue or latex involved, the backing does not release any fumes even when it gets hot, so those who are likely to get troubled by smells will be in relief. 

What Is a Dream Weaver Carpet Made Of?

Initially, Dream Weaver only used to manufacture Polyester carpets, however, it started creating Nylon carpets as well, back in 2015. Now there are four primary product lines offered by the company. These are PureColor Soft Polyester, PureColor Polyester, PureColor Soft Nylon, and PureColor Nylon. Each of these features the company’s proprietary Dream Weavers’ PureColor Technology and there are multiple choices of spectacular styles and eye-catching colors available. Also, there is a vast texture selection available within the Dream Weaver Carpets. 

Is Dream Weaver Carpet Nylon Or Polyester?

Dream Weaver initially used to make Polyester carpets only, however, it began the crafting of Nylon carpets, as well, back in 2015. And by now, Dream Weaver owns up to four major product lines of both Polyester and Nylon carpets, dyed with PureColor Technology. Both of these carpets turn out to be highly resistant against not just staining but color fading, too. Apart from that, they can easily endure huge extents of wear and tear, something which adds a lot to the cost-effectiveness. 

Can Dream Weaver Carpet Be Installed Without A Pad?

Padding, just like any other carpeting, is a mandatory factor for Dream Weaver carpets, as well, and considering its addition is anyways a rule of thumb. Over and above, the very padding that you choose for your Dream Weaver Carpeting must have a suitable level of thickness to ensure maximum performance as well as protection against rubbing damage. As for the general pricing of carpet pads, it usually goes around $0.30 per square foot to $1 per square foot. 

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