DuraLife Decking Reviews and Cost Guide

DuraLife Decking Reviews, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

DuraLife is one of the notable brands of decking and it stands out with its unique construction involving a peculiar blend of composite materials. DuraLife has its exceptional significance in being a highly sturdy product as compared to regular PE or PVC deckings

It’s an extremely cost-effective choice of decking treatment since each and every style comes with a flawless resistance against damaging factors like staining, fading, mold, and mildew buildup. Another notable perk of DuraLife decking is the fact that it does not tend to absorb moisture and there is a minimal movement (expansion and contraction) of the boards, taking place due to the surrounding temperature changes. 

DuraLife Decking Reviews

Flooring Pure will help you choose the best and most favorable decking treatment for your outdoors, without even the slightest trouble. And with that said, today we’ll be reviewing the DuraLife Decking so as to learn about all those essential factors that can influence a certain purchase. 

For this purpose, we’ve got you the compilation of all the collections of the DuraLife Decking, followed by its multiple structural aspects, some of the notable features, and lastly a brief comparison with other decking brands such as Zuri, TimberTech, and Wolf. 

Let’s get started and we shall be gaining a lot of useful info today. 

DuraLife Decking Collections

  • DuraLife Decking comes in two styles, i.e. Hardwood and Landscape. And technically both of the collections share the same kind of construction as well as features. 

  • Both of the DuraLife Decking collections have high resistance against the damage caused by warping, rotting, and splitting. 

  • DuraLife’s Color-lock multilayer system is the treatment for both of the collections of DuraLife Decking. It helps prevent fading and retain the deck’s naturally rich colors and attractiveness. 

Here is a comprehensive description of both collections.

1. DuraLife Hardwoods Collection

Characteristic QualityAvailability in DuraLife Hardwoods Collection
ConstructionThere is a color variation with every board of DuraLife Hardwoods Collection since they are made while using a random dispersal process. 
Colors Brazilian Cherry, Tropical Walnut, Garapa Gray, and Golden Teak are the available colors within the DuraLife Hardwoods Collection.
Appearance The boards from the DuraLife Hardwood Collections turn out to be having a distinctive color pattern and a deeply embossed texture.
Best UsesDuraLife Hardwoods Collection Decking looks best with all sorts of traditional, modern, and coastal styles. 

2. DuraLife Landscape Collection

Characteristic QualityAvailability in DuraLife Landscape Collection
ConstructionThere is no color variation or blending in the boards of the DuraLife Landscape Collection 
Colors Pebble, Coastal Gray, Slate, and Mahogany are the available colors within the DuraLife Landscape Collection.
AppearanceThe earthy-toned boards of DuraLife Landscape Collection give off a minimalist and solid look. They seem a bit less natural than the DuraLife Hardwoods Collection Decking. 
Best Uses DuraLife Landscape Collection Decking is highly versatile and looks best within all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Flooring Pure’s Guide On DuraLife Decking 

Since we’re done with learning about the collections of the DuraLife Decking, it’s time for taking the rest of the aspects into account as well. And Flooring Pure has made the job easiest for you so that you don’t have to be concerned about anything at any point prior to or during your purchase. 

DuraLife Decking Profiles

These are the two available profiles of DuraLife Decking, meant for different usage scenarios. 

1. Siesta Profile

  • Siesta Profile is the profile that features a solid-core board for ensuring maximum stability and strength of the decking.

  • DuraLife Decking boards having the Siesta Profile are more solid in nature, as compared to the MVP Profile. 

2. MVP Profile

  • The MVP profile comes with a scalloped structure on the underside for providing a relatively lighter version of the boards.

  • DuraLife Decking boards having the MVP profile are more cost-effective, as compared to the Siesta Profile.

DuraLife Decking Sizes And Dimensions 

  • There are three different size options available for DuraLife Decking. These are the lengths of 12’, 16’, and 20’.

  • All the decking styles have a thickness of 1’’ and a width of 5.5’’.

  • Also, there are custom length programs available for the DuraLife Decking program for the larger decks that exceed up to 750 linear feet of decking, where there is a requirement for non-standard-sized boards. 

  • In the Custom length program, the boards can be up to 6’ and24’. And while there are no additional charges for these boards, such orders might as well, require as much as two weeks for completion. 

Railing Styles Of DuraLife Decking

  • There are three versatile railing styles available for DuraLife Decking. 

  • Most of the railing styles come within the sections of 10’, 8’, and 6’. 

  • The standard heights for DuraLife Decking railings are 42’’ and 36’’.

  • A coordinating deck board can also be used as a top rail in the form of a ledge for holding stuff, with each of the available decking styles of DuraLife Decking.

  • Merrimack Railing

It’s the white PVC traditional railing that comes with either white square or black round 

balusters and is greatly customizable. 

  • Nantucket Railing

It’s the powder-coated aluminum railing that comes in the colors of matte white, matte black or matte bronze and there are multiple post cap and post designs available with three top-rail choices.

  • Concord Railing

It’s the streamlined and classical powder-coated steel railing that comes in the colors of hammered bronze or matte black.

Notable Features Of DuraLife Decking

Here are some of the other particular factors that add to the worth of DuraLife Decking, making it the best way of upgrading and ornating your outdoors. 

  • DuraLife Your Choice Program

DuraLife Decking comes with a simple 3-step process called “Your Choice Program” for making the purchasing of composite decking a lot easier for the customers. For finishing off the look of your deck, all you need to do is select a color as per the first step. The second step involves choosing the deck profile while the third and last one is the selection of the railing system. Also, DuraLife’s system is there to guide you about each and every essential factor of the decking, helping you thoroughly with your purchase.

  • Polypro Construction

DuraLife Composite decking boards feature a unique blend of Hardwood Composite and Polypropylene called PolyPro for the planks. This not only provides additional strength to the DuraLife Decking but also makes it extremely resistant to any contraction and expansion, likely to happen due to surrounding temperature and which ultimately tends to give rise to a number of problems. Also, this way the decking boards turn out to be having a fine resistance against mold, mildew, fading, and staining.

  • DuraLife’s Cooltrac Advantage

Cooltrac Advantage is a unique feature of the DuraLife Decking which ensures its most comfortable, safe, and favorable usage. Due to the innovative feature of Cooltrac Advantage, DuraLife Decking remains up to 18% cooler than regular composite deckings, even on the hottest days too. In addition to that, this feature makes the DuraLife Decking absolutely safe and anti-slip to use, by increasing the slip resistance up to 136 % when the decking is wet and up to 56% while it’s dry.

  • DuraGreen 

DuraLife Composite Decking is an all green product since 90% of its construction features recycled materials and the recycled content comes from both post-consumer and post-industrial sources. Over and above, this decking is completely free from Formaldehyde and is an extremely sustainable product, too. 

  • Rapid Installation

DuraLife Composite Decking is highly convenient to install, thanks to the Step-Click System, which only requires a roofing nail gun or hammer for snapping the deck boards into place. The installation of this decking isn’t time taking at all this way and is also the safest, as well.

Cost Of DuraLife Decking 

  • On average, the DuraLife decking with treated substructure costs around $7,000 to $12,000, depending on the decking material, size, and styling.

  • The average cost of treated substructure DuraLife Landscape Decking is $7,700 to $9,500 and it is a low-budget choice.

  • The average cost of treated substructure DuraLife Hardwoods Decking is $8,400 to $10,250. 

Learn more about Decking Cost in Detail – Installation Cost as well

  • DuraLife Landscape Decking with a treated substructure on a medium budget level costs around $10,500 to $12,750.

  • The average cost of treated substructure DuraLife Hardwoods with Deck rails costs up to $11,600 to $13,800. 

Where To Buy DuraLife Decking

  • DuraLife Decking can be obtained through professional Lumber dealers all across the country, and it’s easy to look for a dealer in your locality. Besides, it’s really easy to track down the decking products locally.

  • Deck contractors can be reached out to for this purpose and thus the DuraLife decking can be purchased at a wholesale price. 

  • There are multiple reputable online sources for purchasing DuraLife decking, however, it is not usually available at Lowes or Home Depot. 

Pros And Cons Of DuraLife Decking

Incredible Patterns: DuraLife decking features exceptional grain patterns that are embossed deeply into the structure.Confined Style Choices: There aren’t a lot of style and color choices available for DuraLife Decking.
Eco-Friendly Structure: DuraLife Decking is a wholly environmental-friendly decking since 90% of its construction involves recycled materials and the rest are natural hardwood and polypropylene.Difficulties With Decking Amount: Occasionally, it is rather hard to order/ purchase the accurate amount of decking. 
Easy Installation and Maintenance: DuraLife Decking is easy to install in terms of a DIY project and there is no need to paint or stain it either. Moreover, the maintenance and cleaning are really convenient, too. 
Complementing Accessories: DuraLife offers an entire line of versatile matching components and railing options for DuraLife Decking. 
Excellent Warranties: There is a 25-year warranty available for DuraLife Decking that covers multiple performance and structural aspects. 

DuraLife Decking Cost Comparison With Other Decking Brands

For the last part of our DuraLife Decking Reviews, we’ll be taking a brief look at its pricing-based comparison with the other famous decking brands.

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Fiberon$15 per square foot to $22 per square foot
Zuri$70 to $90 for a 12-foot length 
Trex$15 per square foot to $35 per square foot
Envision$15 per square foot to $35 per square foot
Cali Bamboo$15 per square foot to $75 per square foot
TimberTech$20 per square foot to $40 per square foot

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