Empire Today Carpet Reviews, Collection & Cost Guide 2022

Empire Today Carpet Reviews, Collection & Cost Guide 2022

The Northlake-based American home improvement and furnishing company, Empire Today is a leading carpet manufacturer, which, as a matter of fact, goes alongside the famous brands like Mohawk and Shaw. It is known to provide sublime quality carpets that best fit all sorts of residential requirements with the perks of heavy-duty functionality and style versatility.

Empire Today Carpets feature this uniqueness that they don’t come within way too intricate style collections or have a lot of innovative and in other words complicated technologies, yet nail at being entirely purposeful. The excellence lies in the simplicity and still serviceability is a definitive factor all along. 

Empire Today Carpet Reviews

Flooring Pure presents to you the entire guide about Empire Today carpet manufacturing, including all the notable aspects, characteristic qualities, aesthetic availability, and much more. Not to mention those factors too that tend to be significant regarding a purchase.

This includes the description of both the benefits as well as drawbacks of Empire Today carpets, followed by a cost-based comparison with a couple of other popular carpet brands like Fabrica and Masland.

So let’s get started with our comprehensive Empire Today Carpet Reviews. 

Featured Carpets Products By Empire Today

As mentioned earlier, Empire Today Carpet Collections are rather relatively simpler yet amazing in their work and thus absolutely worth the choice. It’s easy to benefit from these carpet types, in terms of different purposes, as you know you’re investing in a cost-effective dimension. 

1. Empire Today Berber Carpet

Empire Today Berber Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Berber Carpet Type 
DistinctionEmpire Today Berber Carpets come with an all-natural styling and their looping isn’t quite visible either. 
ConstructionThese carpets feature a thick and highly resistant build quality. Besides, they are incredibly plush and comfortable to touch.
Areas of Application Empire Today Berber Carpets are excellent for all residential areas with heavy foot traffic, such as bedrooms, halls, hallways, living rooms, and lounges. 

2. Empire Today Home Fresh Carpet

Empire Today Home Fresh Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Home Fresh Carpet Type 
DistinctionEmpire Today Home Fresh Carpets are the sole carpets that come with simple style choices and an incredible ability to neutralize any of the surrounding odors, thus are a great option for people with breathing concerns.
ConstructionThese carpets come with an innovative moisture-resistant and breathable construction, designed to stay tough against microbial or allergy-causing buildups. 
Areas of Application Empire Today Home Fresh Carpets work wonders for all residential spaces that have to go through a huge footfall and are also a great choice for families with pets. 

3. Empire Today Plush Carpet

Empire Today Plush Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Plush Carpet Type 
DistinctionEmpire Today Plush Carpets are a great neutral choice in terms of styling and color availability and they are really low-maintenance, too. 
ConstructionThese carpets feature a flexible construction and a fine resistance against soiling damage. 
Areas of Application Empire Today Plush Carpets pair well with all minimalist decors, as they serve as an attractive and serviceable floor treatment.

4. Empire Today Frieze Carpet

Empire Today Frieze Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Frieze Carpet Type 
DistinctionEmpire Today Frieze Carpets are the perfect durable floor treatment choice and their suave “shaggy” appearance is available in multiple styles.
ConstructionThese carpets feature a twisted fiber construction which gives rise to the mind-blowing “shaggy look”. Moreover, their build quality is highly-resilient, too. 
Areas of Application Empire Today Frieze Carpets can be considered for all the homes with heavier extents of foot traffic. 

5. Empire Today Pattern Carpet

Empire Today Commercial Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Pattern Carpet Type 
DistinctionEmpire Today Pattern Carpets are the wonderfully attractive ones, available with extensive style choices and delightful touches.
ConstructionThese carpets have a durable build quality and their maintenance is really convenient, as well, making them the most suitable choice of patterned flooring.
Areas of Application Empire Today Pattern Carpets can be used for areas with less foot traffic and with a major requirement of aesthetic uplifting. 

6. Empire Today Indoor And Outdoor Carpet 

Empire Today Indoor and Outdoor Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Indoor And Outdoor Carpet Type 
DistinctionThese carpets, as the name suggests, can be used within both interiors and exteriors, thanks to their amazing serviceability.
ConstructionThey feature an artificial loop and turf construction and are tough enough to provide for a vast majority of uses. 
Areas of Application These carpets are best suitable for both indoors and outdoors and particularly for homes with a major yard or garden usage. 

7. Empire Today Commercial Carpets And Carpet Tilling

Empire Today Commercial Carpet
Characteristic QualityAvailability in Commercial Carpets and Carpet Tilling
DistinctionEmpire Today Commercial Carpets are particularly designed for commercial-grade requirements and therefore offer a very heavy-duty functionality.
ConstructionThese commercial carpets are often built in a tile format and offer the most durable and hard-wearing functionality. 
Areas of Application They work best for both residential as well as commercial areas, particularly offices and other public places. 

Significant Features Of Empire Today Carpets 

While Empire Today carpets are the true sign of simple yet suave serviceability, they, for sure, have got various structural as well as aesthetic aspects to them.

Here is a precise description of those prominent specifications and functionalities. 

Colors Of Empire Today Carpets 

  • Empire Today Carpet, despite featuring a basic and not-so-detailed styling does come within suave choices of color. 

  • Empire today’s Carpets aren’t way too excessively flaunted or loaded with a lot of technologies, yet this simplicity turns out to be super serviceable in terms of all sorts of residential usage scenarios. 

  • The cool and pleasant toned hues not only pair up really well with all of their surroundings but also bring about the most pleasant sensation all around. 

  • Browns, blues, grays, beiges, and mustards are some of the major color families available within Empire Today carpets. 

  • Besides being visually pleasing, these colors are the easiest to pair up with most the decor scenarios and this versatility factor also saves a lot of effort.

Some Other Particular Features Of Empire Today Carpets 

Simplicity or not going very complicated on the collections and technologies, does not, under any circumstances, imply that Empire Today carpets are any less incredible or feature outdated constructions as compared to carpets from other brands.

These carpets are actually amazingly serviceable and here are a few other notable factors that make Empire Today carpets stand out.

  • Hypoallergenic Construction:

Empire Today Carpets feature a hypoallergenic build quality which makes them the best and safest choice for people with issues like asthma or certain allergies. 

  • Extensive Style Availability:

There are up to 470 distinctive carpet styles available for Empire Today Carpets and therefore it’s really convenient to pick out super suitable choices regarding most of the requirements. 

  • Heavy-duty Functionality:

Empire Today carpets are built to endure huge extents of usage without getting affected in any way and this primarily includes foot traffic (the most common usage phenomenon) and other forms of wear and tear, as well. 

  • Pet-Friendliness:

Home Fresh is the specialized carpet collection of Empire Today carpets which is best for pet owners, as it comes with odor neutralizing properties and is heavy-duty in terms of its working, too. 

  • Easy Maintenance:

Empire Today carpets are very easy to care for, which makes them a super practical and favorable choice for residential usage. 

Pros And Cons Of Empire Today Carpets

Empire Today Carpet absolutely has the tendency to be the first and foremost residential carpet choice. However, there are a few points where this carpeting fails to keep everything right.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Empire Today Carpets 

Plenty Of Choices: Empire Today Carpets come within great options regarding a suitable styling as well as for serving various functional purposes, most of which are domestic often. No Cost Determining: Since Empire Today does not offer any predefined prices or cost-extent for its carpets, it can sometimes seem unpleasant to have estimates yourself and be wrong while doing so. 
Decent Performance: Empire Carpets do work fine as both an attractive and at the same time serviceable floor treatment, and therefore can be considered a reasonable choice amongst other famous brands. 
Attractive Aesthetics: Empire Carpets feature rather simpler yet suave stylings and they are best for creating minimalist and attractive looking decors. Also, there are not tons of technologies induced within the carpet to keep it entirely simple and basic. 
Excellent Warranties: Empire Today carpets feature both the installation and the product from the manufacturer. This way, it becomes way too favorable to own this carpeting, since you don’t really need to be concerned about your carpet getting subjected to damages or even worry about the problems taking place due to faulty installation.
Budget-friendliness Empire Today carpets are entirely affordable and provide the most cost-effective functionality. 

Cost Of Empire Today Carpets 

  • Empire Today has this somewhat unique or out-of-the-way approach that they don’t provide any detailed or particular info about their carpeting. 

  • The reason for this is quite obvious, as well, i.e. each residential place comes with different requirements and asks for distinctive manners of handling. 

  • Therefore any “standard” or “mainstream” carpeting cost can possibly be determined beforehand or initially, until and unless there’s actually some progress achieved with the carpet installation. 

  • The best way to do so is to request the company a quote and you’ll be provided with all the necessary info that will help you plan/visualize the expenses or essentially a plan beforehand. 

  • The low pile carpeting or what is known as the “Good” carpet quality starts from $1 and goes all the way to $5 for a square foot. The installation expenses as well, are meant to vary accordingly.

  • The soft and durable carpet quality, otherwise known as “High” carpets costs around $4 per square foot to $8.50 per square foot. 

  • As for the “Luxury” carpet quality which is the most durable one of all, the lowest pricing goes around $7.60 per square foot with the highest one being $17 per square foot. 
  • The wholesale range has varying prices for both the products as well as installation. 

Empire Today Carpet Cost Comparison Vs Other Carpet Brands 

It’s by far, the endpoint of our Empire Today carpet reviews and we have really high hopes for them to be absolutely helpful for you, in terms of settling for a certain choice. With that being said, we’ve got you a cost-based comparison of the Empire Today carpets with some of its other renowned counterparts.

This will let you know what exactly you are paying and what’s worth spending on, as well. 

BrandsCost (per square foot)
LifeProof$1.52 per square foot to $7.19 per square foot
Dream Weaver$1.00 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot
Phenix Carpet$1.75 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot
TrafficMaster$0.65 per square foot to $3.39 per square foot
Mohawk $1.99 per square foot to $3.99 per square foot
Shaw$3.50 per square foot to $7 per square foot 

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