Fabrica Carpet Reviews 2022 | Products, Cost vs Other Brands

Fabrica Carpet Reviews: Collection, Pros and Cons Vs Other Brands 2022

The California-Based Fabrica Fine Flooring is one of the most high-end carpet manufacturers and it has been working for a good 48 years at this point. This industry-leader carpet manufacturing company is actually a part of the Dixie Group and is known for creating adorably styled premium quality broadloom carpets for Nylon and Wool.

Fabrica Carpet Reviews

Fabrica Features two distinctive carpet types which further have multiple astonishing collections within them. So we will shortly be learning about those carpet collections that fall under these two major types of Fabrica Carpeting, along with all their essential aspects and structural distinctions. 

This will then be followed by the description of the favorabilities and flaws of Fabrica Carpets and lastly a pricing-based comparison with other counterpart brands. 

Fabrica Carpet Collection (Types And Styles)

  • As mentioned earlier, the fabulous Fabrica Carpeting comes within the broadloom constructions of Nylon and Wool, with a number of distinctive collections owned by each. 

  • The premium and High-priced Fabrica Carpets come within beautiful multi-tonal designs, ideally-eye-catching to sync with all decors. 
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Let’s take a look at a detailed analysis of the two. 

Fabrica Nylon Carpet 


There are up to 57 versatile collections available within Fabrica Nylon Carpeting. Some of the notable names are Accolade Collection, Denali Collection, St. Croix Collection, Bangladesh Collection, Angelico Collection, Chez Cote Collection, Donegal Collection, Classic Elegance Collection, Chinois Collection, Cotton Club Collection and more.


Fabrica Nylon Carpets feature a 100% Stainmaster Tactesse Bulk Continuous Filament 

(BCF) Nylon construction. This Nylon is usually 6,6 and has the most excellent 


Construction And Styling

A vast majority of the Fabrica Carpets have a cut pile styling, while some (those included within the Bangladesh Collection) feature loop blends and most importantly ultra-plush cut piles, too.

The combined approach of loop blends along with Ultra-plush cut piles results in a greatly unique linen resembling texture. Besides, often there is a mesh pattern infused within these sorts of creations, too, which adds to both styling and plushness of the carpets. 

Other construction styles include cut loops within swirling patterns. Berber styles and uncut loop selections are some other pilling options too, extensively available across all the collections. 

Face Weight

Most of the Fabrica Residential carpets come with a face weight of either 30 oz or 60 oz. However, some of the plushest versions (those coming under the Accolade Collection) also come with a pile weight (it’s same as the face weight) of 112 oz.

Another example is the Denali Collection that has a face weight of 56 oz. Last but not least is the Bangladesh Collection featuring up to 104 oz face weight. 

Colors And Patterns 

The versatile options for Fabrica Carpet hues are White Dove (very light), Ground Coffee (dark brown), Pastels, Blues, Greens, Purples, Primary Neutrals, Purple Passion (deep toned), Paradise, Champagne (light neutral), Pistachio Ice Cream, Peacock Feather (deep toned), Starlight (light neutral) and a number of blended and multi-colored options. 

Linen-textures, Velour looks and Organic mesh etching are some of the popular patterns available across the collections. 

Fabrica Wool Carpet


There are up to 30 distinctive collections available within Fabric Wool Carpeting. Some of the noteworthy collection names are Savant Collection Saba Collection, Vallerio Collection, St. Germain Collection, SmartWool Collection, Hirst Collection, Villa Maria, Statement, Venice, Seville and a number of other classy and entrancing collections. 


Fabrica Wool Carpets feature a 100% wool construction, while some of the other varieties are made of Strong Wool (made from British Wool) and New Zealand Wool. Permaset.

In addition to that, some of the carpets (those included within Valerio Collection) feature 100% high luster yarns within their construction. Also, a few carpet versions (those under the St. Germain Collection) are made from Wool and Nylon with a ratio of 60% and 40% respectively. 

Construction And Styling

Cut loop is the construction style that’s in ultimate majority within the entire Fabrica Wool Carpeting. Other construction styles include uncut loops and a number of different patterned and blended approaches. This kind of versatile looping results in the creation of various adorable visual effects, too. 

Face Weight

81.0 oz is one of the face weight levels of Fabrica Carpeting and it comes within the Savant Collection. Apart from that, the Saba Collection comes with a pile weight of 99 oz. And similarly there is a face weight variation within the rest of the Fabrica Wool Carpet Collections, as well. 

Colors And Patterns 

Fabrica Wool Carpeting stands out due to the company’s proprietary wool dyeing method that gives rise to excellent color uniformity. This procedure is referred to as Permaset Wool and it creates adorable custom dyed patterns and styles of the Fabrica Wool Carpeting. 

As for the colors, the Savant Collection comes within up to 32 colors, including Deblois (light gray), Willis (dark navy), Lemke (copper color). Saba Collection comes within 12 versatile colors that include Volcanic, Wild Orchid and Sand Bluff.

The Valerio Collection comes within 8 different colors including gray, light beige and deep blue. As for the St. Germain collection, there are up to 24 neutral color choices available. 

Naming some of the styling patterns of Fabrica Carpeting, these are textured effects (created from both Nylon and wool), Visual flow creation with a striated rib effect (tone-on-tone) and Two-toned geometric patterns.

Pros And Cons Of Fabrica Carpet

This side-by-side emphasis of the advantages and disadvantages of Fabrica Carpets will help you make up your mind, much more precisely. 

Extensive Stylin: There are multiple chic and classy colors, patterns, styles and textures available within Fabrica Carpeting. So it’s super easy to look for the right kind of flaunting stuff for all the intended areas.High-Pricing: Fabrica Carpets are quite high-priced, however so is the quality, too.
Quality Dyeing: Fabrica Carpets feature deep immersion dyeing and proprietary dyeing procedures, which remains exceptionally tough against color fading.Limited Selection: Fabrica Carpeting only comes within Nylon and Wool Selection.
Green Label Plus: Fabrica Carpeting features Green Label Plus Carpet Testing Program Approval which is to ensure the fact that it is entirely eco-friendly with low levels of VOCs. 
Higher Resistance: Fabrica Nylon Carpets are highly resistant against soil and stain damage. 
Greater Warranties: Fabrica Carpets comes with a 20-year warranty against abrasion and texture damage. 

Cost Of Fabrica Carpet 

  • The average Fabrica Carpet Cost is around $6 to $16 for a square foot.

  • Fabrica Premium Lines are likely to cost up to $24 for a square foot.

Fabrica Vs Shaw Carpet 

Let’s compare Fabrica Carpeting with the other world’s greatest and most famous flooring manufacturer, none other than Shaw Carpet

Characteristic CriteriaFabrica CarpetShaw Carpet
Carpet FiberFabrica Carpeting features Type 6,6 Wool and Nylon BlendsShaw Carpeting features Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester and various material blends 
StylingThere are up to 100 different styles and more than a dozen styling collections available within Fabrica CarpetingThere are up to 6 primary collections and up to 330 distinctive styles available within Shaw Carpeting.
DurabilityFabrica Carpets are meant to last real extensively, as long as they are maintained in the perfect way, both mechanically and chemically.Most of the poly blends and Polypropylene collections come with a superior durability, however, Shaw Nylon carpets are somewhat 
Warranty Fabrica does not offer any definitive warranty for their carpeting products on their website, rather only a strict and well-followed (according to the manufacturer’s guidelines) maintenance will ensure their enduring for a couple of years.Shaw Carpet warranties start from 10 years (a general standard) and goes all the way till 25 years (for Ballera Collection).
Cost Fabrica Carpeting costs around $7 to $16 for a square foot. Shaw Carpeting costs around $1.50 to $11.90 per square foot. 

Fabrica Vs Other Carpet Brands

Fabrica Carpeting, according to the general opinion, is considered to be an expensive one, and therefore might not be the first and foremost choice by everyone. However, a precise cost comparison is much likely to be helpful at this point.

Fabrica Carpet Cost Comparison With Other Brands

LifeProof$1.52 per square foot to $7.19 per square foot
Mohawk $1.99 per square foot to $3.99 per square foot
Dream Weaver$1.00 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot
TrafficMaster$0.65 per square foot to $3.39 per square foot
Phenix Carpet$1.75 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Carpet Is Comparable To Fabrica?

Masland Carpets are the ones that are truly comparable to Fabrica, since they belong to the same manufacturer as Fabrica. The parent company of both these carpets is also the same, i.e Dixie Group.  Both of these carpet lines are considered to be the most high-end ones, with innovative stylings and higher qualities. Fabrica, however, manages to defeat Masland Carpets at multiple points. 

What Is Fabrica Carpet Made Of?

Fabrica Carpets feature two types of construction materials, that are wool and nylon. Some further versions of these two materials are New Zealand wool and Strong wool (made from British wool). This uniformity of construction gives rise to the huge face weights of Fabrica carpets, making them a greatly plush fabrication underfoot and the one that’s highly durable, as well. 

Are Fabrica Carpets Safe To Use?

Fabrica carpets are an entirely healthy and safe choice, as long as they are installed the right way. They are totally safe and non-toxic in nature for both your family as well as your pets, which does ensure the fact that you don’t need to be concerned whether you are a parent or pet owner. Besides, they are extremely capable of staying functional for long, that too, while sustaining all the beauty and benefits. 

How Often Should Wall-To-Wall Carpet Be Replaced?

10 years is the general and highly recommended timespan after which you should preferably consider a replacement for your wall-to-wall carpet. Though this isn’t a walk in the park at all, since wall-to-wall carpets are generally very great setups expanding to the whole room area (of course!). And therefore the removal and replacement are quite demanding procedures, as well. Still, all the effort is totally worth the advantages as carpets are prone to developing microbial buildups. 

What Color Carpet Hides Dirt The Best?

The best and most useful option in this regard is the Brown colored carpet as it not only is a greatly entrancing choice but also a really smart one. It is excellent at concealing dirt, dust and debris and is frankly the best lazy carpeting option to go for. Brown carpets work wonders for when you can’t possibly manage to maintain a proper or regular cleaning schedule for your carpeting. 

What Color Carpet Is Most Popular?

There are a number of popular color choices when it comes to carpet aesthetics, since there is essentially no hard and fast rule for picking a carpet color. However, some of the most-used and easily syncable carpet color choices include Gray, Various shades of Blue, Black, White, Green, Beige and Brown. Besides, you can always have the styling of patterned carpets that goes well with almost all of the interior decors. 

Can I Lay Carpet Without Tack Strips?

It’s quite possible to install your carpeting without making the use of tack strips, since there are multiple alternatives available. Adhesives, Underlays, Staple and Tapes are some of the useful examples in this regard. In addition to that, if you don’t want to invest in any of the adhesive stuff at all, you can always switch to the smarter and convenient options such as a magnetic flooring or carpet tiles. 

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