Karastan Carpet Reviews Vs other Brands

Karastan Carpet Reviews 2022; Collections, Cost Guide Vs Other Brands

Karastan, being a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, has been in the carpet business for more than a century at this point and is famous for creating the most exceptional quality carpets. With a particularly sublime standard selection of nylon and wool fibres and most importantly the proprietary Smartstrand ones, Karastan Carpets offer really promising serviceability, which can easily outperform a number of other carpet brands.

Besides the quality construction, there are a number of other legit perks offered by Karastan Carpets such as high stain resistance, pet-friendliness, eco-friendliness and beauty that won’t get affected even after years of utilization. Karastan Carpets can be the most favorable floor treatment if you expect good comfort provision from your next carpeting and if you’re the parents of four-legged or two-legged babies.

Karastan Carpet Reviews

Flooring Pure has got you entirely precise and lucrative info about this top-tier carpet brand, so as to make your upcoming carpet purchase as convenient and advantageous as possible. Our Karastan Carpet Reviews comprise every bit of the essential knowledge about these renowned artisan-led and highly durable carpets. Not to mention the major perk of adorable aesthetics. 

We’ll begin our Karastan Carpet Analysis from the description of their style choices and will be going all the way through other prominent details as well as all that you need to know for buying carpet for yourself.

Let’s get going! 

Karastan Carpet Styles

Karastan Carpets come within 6 major style carpets, which you can also comprehend as the design, print and color approaches. 

1. Karastan Animal Prints Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Animal Prints Carpets 
DistinctionKarastan Animal Print Carpeting provides the widest styling spectrum to play with your creativity and achieve all your desired styling scenarios. 
ConstructionKarastan Animal Print Carpeting features a low pile construction and mostly they are only made from Nylon Fibers. 
StylesThere are only 3 styles available in the Karastan Animal Print Carpeting, basically three different animal prints. These are the Zebra Print, Cheetah Print and Antelope Print (which come in 7 versatile color options).
Benefits These carpets are the most durable and highly suitable floor treatment for a vast majority of places. They provide an ideal level of comfort and are extremely lucrative in homes with pets as they can withstand all the spilling and staining.
Ideal For The Karastan Animal Print Carpeting work best for all spaces where a prominent or entrancing and loudly styled flooring is required, as these carpets instantly become the center of attraction. 

2. Karastan Traditional/Persian Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Traditional/ Persian Carpets 
DistinctionKarastan Traditional or Persian Carpeting adds the classiest styling to all places and is known for inducing the most pleasurable comfort and warmth in the surroundings.
ConstructionKarastan Traditional or Persian Carpets feature a low pile construction and mostly they are made from either the Nylon Fibers or the SmartStrand Fibers, with a few wool fiber options, as well. 
StylesThere are up to 11 distinctive styles available within the Karastan Traditional or Persian Carpeting line. 
Benefits These carpets are the most durable and highly suitable floor treatment for a vast majority of places. They provide an ideal level of comfort and are extremely lucrative in homes with pets as it can withstand all the spilling and staining.
Ideal For The Karastan Traditional or Persian Carpets work best for all personal spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, etc. 

3. Karastan Casual Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Casual Carpets
DistinctionKarastan Casual Carpeting line is the largest one of all and here you can find the most impressive style options, whether it’s designing or coloring that you’re looking forward to. Besides, the carpets from this line feature the most excellent warranties, too. 
ConstructionKarastan Casual Carpets feature SmartStrand Forever Clean Silk Fiber and they come with a loop construction. 
StylesThere are up to 55 distinctive styles available within the Karastan Casual Carpeting line and each of them offers nearly 10 to 12 color choices. 
Benefits These carpets serve as the best accentuation of the whole interior space and all the elements within while ensuring the level of best comfort sustenance too. The built-in stain resistance makes these carpets extremely easy to take care of 
Ideal For The Karastan Casual Carpets work best as an entire home solution in terms of a single type of carpet. In other words, they are the ideal wall-to-wall carpet choice and you can treat your whole place nicely with them.

4. Karastan Check/Plaid/Stripe Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Check/ Plaid/ Stripe Carpets 
DistinctionKarastan Check/ Plaid/ Stripe Carpeting is, by far, the smallest carpet line by Karastan. These carpets give off the amazing sensation of luxurious styling and excellent comfort at the same time. 
ConstructionKarastan Check/ Plaid/ Stripe Carpets are made from Kashmere fibres and have a Tonal LCL construction. The loop pile and soft-cut crafting of these carpets serve as the most impressive addition to any given decor. 
StylesThere are up to 5 distinctive styles available within the Karastan Check/ Plaid/ Stripe Carpeting line and they come in nearly 44 color options. 
Benefits These carpets are the most versatile when it comes to patterns and designs and you can easily find a mind-blowing carpet option to best suit all your ornamental requirements. Also, they are really easy to maintain and don’t consume a lot of time for their installation, too. 
Ideal For The Karastan Check/ Plaid/ Stripe Carpets work best for all particular decor needs or in other words for the spaces where a specific style statement needs to be created. 

5. Karastan Floral/Trellis Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Floral/ Trellis Carpets 
DistinctionKarastan Floral/ Trellis Carpeting features the ColorMax Technology which combines the charm of neutral hues and distressed patterns for rich and classy ornamentation.
ConstructionKarastan Floral/ Trellis Carpets are made from Kashmere fibers and they come with the stain and soil protection of EasyClean.
StylesThere are only 2 different styles available within the Karastan Floral/ Trellis Carpeting line, however, you can find up to 20 color options in each.
Benefits These carpets are the most durable and highly suitable floor treatment for a vast majority of places. They provide a heavy-duty and at the same time extremely durable functionality and can be used for spaces with high foot traffic, too.
Ideal For The Karastan Floral/ Trellis Carpets work best for larger areas as their adorable repetitive patterns create a uniform and pleasant styling. 

6. Karastan Modern/Contemporary Carpets

Characteristics Availability in Karastan Modern/ Contemporary Carpets 
DistinctionKarastan Modern or Temporary Carpeting serve as the perfect style statement and they can also be used to upgrade and spice up the old and dull-looking decor scenarios. Also, you can choose the innovative and incredible option of SmartStrand Silk Carpet, featuring the most advanced fibers. 
ConstructionKarastan Modern or Temporary Carpets feature a textured construction and are made from SmartStrand Forever Clean Silk Fibers. 
StylesThere are up to 15 distinctive styles available within the Karastan Modern or Temporary Carpeting line and each of them offers around 20 color choices.
Benefits These carpets provide a warm and delightful comfort with their excessively plush structures. Besides, their built-in stain resistance offers the advantage of really convenient maintenance. 
Ideal For The Karastan Modern or Temporary Carpets work best for all the modern styled decors and can also be used as a revamping element for unattractive spaces. 

Flooring Pure’s Take On Karastan Carpet Reviews 

Post the Karastan Carpet Styles, here is all the rest of the essential info for you, regarding picking out a suitable choice for your places. 

Karastan Carpet Fiber Types

These are the four fiber choices available for Karastan Carpets and besides their supreme quality, all of them come with high resistance against soiling and staining damage. 


  • Karastan Nylon Carpets are exclusively made from the highest quality Kashmere Nylon fibers.

  • These carpets come within up to 33 distinctive style options, such as refined patterns, several classy neutral styles and most importantly eye-catching animal prints.

  • Karastan Nylon Carpets are excessively plush and therefore very comfortable in nature and their extreme durability serves as icing on the cake when it comes to the overall performance. 


  • Karastan Wool Carpets are made from 100% New Zealand wool, which in fact is the purest and the whitest wool all across the globe. 

  • The wool is spun, dyed and woven in-house by Karastan, in order to ensure the most perfect quality control.

  • There are up to 36 different styles available with the woollen construction. All of them are super easy to maintain and come within adorable neutral and traditional style options.

  • Karastan Wool Carpets are known to enhance indoor air quality with the added benefits of the highest level of comfort provision and durability.

Wool Blend

  • Karastan Wool Blend Carpets are pretty much similar to wool carpets except for the fact that they come within 7 different style options. 

  • These carpets, as well, are made using 100% New Zealand Wool and will offer you the most comfortable usage and most importantly the convenience of maintenance.

  • Karastan Wool Blend Carpets come in subtle yet very attractive style patterns and therefore you can have them as an integral part of all your decor themes. 


  • SmartStrand is the all-exclusive and proprietary carpet fiber option offered by Karastan. Carpets featuring the SmartStrand fiber provide totally exceptional functionality.

  • These carpets come within up to 42 versatile style options and all of them are the perfect pet-friendly choices. Most of them feature neutral styles while a couple has bold stylings as well as tonal patterns. 

  • Karastan SmartStrand Carpets are the only ones that come with a built-in resistance against soiling and staining. This implies the fact that these carpets won’t ever get affected by any wear and tear and won’t wash away, as well. 

  • The impressive stain resistance of Karastan SmartStrand Carpets comes from the innovative technology that is meant to prevent any spill absorption by the carpet fiber core, eventually restraining the formation of a stain. 

  • Karastan SmartStrand Carpets are highly eco-friendly in nature as they feature a construction carried out from completely renewable sources. In addition to that, these carpets emit the least extent of greenhouse gasses, a feature that isn’t usually found in most of the manufactured carpet fibres. 

Pros And Cons Of Karastan Carpet 

Top-tier Brand Worth: Karastan is a renowned carpet brand as it belongs to Mohawk and therefore has noteworthy recognition in the industry.Higher Pricing: Karastan Carpets can be considered costly as they belong to a premium and high-end brand. 
Impressive Styling Spectrum: Karastan offers an extensive selection of carpeting products. Therefore, it’s way too easy to look for the most well-syncing carpets for all your ornamental requirements. 
Extraordinary Fiber Quality: Besides the highest quality Nylon and natural wool fiber construction of the carpets, Karastan also offers the incredible option of SmartStrand which offers the particular perks of comfort and stain resistance.
Excellent Performance: Karastan Carpets provide a really praiseworthy functionality in terms of both quality as well as durability. Moreover, these carpets are easy to maintain and are ideally pet-friendly, too.
Amazing Warranties: All of the Karastan Carpet Products, i.e. Nylon, Wool and SmartStrand Carpets come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers all the manufacturing flaws, staining, pet pee and soiling damage, too. In addition to that, there is a 25-year warranty offered against the concerns of fading, texture retention and abrasion. 

Karastan Carpet Cost

  • Karastan is a premium carpet brand and has its positioning amongst the top-tier carpet brands such as Masland, Tuftex and Fabrica. 

  • Most of the Karastan Carpets start around $3 for a square foot and can reach up to $12 per square foot. Do note that this pricing is for the carpet materials only and does not include installation expenses or any other associated equipment/material.

Here is the complete pricing description for all the styles of Karastan Carpet.

Karastan Carpet StyleCost (per square foot)
Stripe/ Plaid/ Check$6.50 per square foot to $9.50 per square foot
Floral $5 per square foot to $7 per square foot
Casual$5 per square foot to $9 per square foot
Modern$5.50 per square foot to $8 per square foot
Animal $6.50 per square foot to $9 per square foot
Traditional $6 per square foot to $8 per square foot

Where To Buy Karastan Carpet

  • Karastan Carpets are quite convenient to acquire due to the fact that their parent manufacturer, i.e. Mohawk Industries is a really popular and easily accessible name.

  • Karastan Carpets are not available at any of the big box retailers and you need to reach out to a local dealer, specialist flooring store or hardware store for the purpose of purchase.

  • Karastan also offers location services for the retailers of their carpeting products on the official website. This feature is called the “Retail Partner Locator” and as the name suggests, you can benefit from it to learn about a Karastan Carpet retailer near you by entering the zip code of your locality. Besides, the retailer’s name, address and contact information are also provided by this feature. 

Karastan Carpet Vs Other Carpet Brands 

Karastan Carpet Vs Stainmaster Carpet

Characteristic CriteriaStainmaster CarpetsKarastan Carpets
Styling OptionsStainmaster Carpets come in rather confined style options as compared to the Karastan Carpets. Karastan Carpets offer a wide style selection with innumerable options of colors, patterns and designs. 
Stain ResistanceStainmaster Carpets feature a number of proprietary stain resisting and repelling technologies, something the brand is exclusively known for.Karastan Carpets are also an incredible choice when it comes to stain resistance and the additional benefit lies in the fact that the brand focuses on comfort provision and styling as well, along with stain resistance.
DurabilityStainmaster Carpets do offer a long-lasting performance. Karastan Carpets lead the durability aspect due to their proprietary SmartStrand option, which not only is designed to last long but also to provide comfortable performance.
Pet Friendliness Stainmaster, with its specialized collection, i.e. the Pet Protect Collection is considered quite an excellent choice, in terms of pet-friendly functionality.Karastan Carpets, while being a really suitable choice for homes with pets, also offer an overall better performance.
Affordability Stainmaster Carpets are rather pricey carpets which might be a discouraging factor for many users. Karastan Carpets as well, are high-priced since it’s a premium carpet brand, however, the quality is absolutely cost-effective. 

Cost Comparison Of Karastan Carpets With Other Carpet Brands

Since Karastan is a premium and more of a somewhat pricey brand of carpets, you might as well, want to compare its cost to some of the other renowned carpet brands, too. 

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Mohawk $1.99 per square foot to $3.99 per square foot
Shaw$3.50 per square foot to $7 per square foot 
LifeProof$1.52 per square foot to $7.19 per square foot
Dream Weaver$1.00 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot
TrafficMaster$0.65 per square foot to $3.39 per square foot
Fabrica$6 per square foot to $16 per square foot 

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