2022 Laminate Flooring Cost and Installation Guide

Laminate Flooring Prices and Installation Cost Guide 2022

How much does Laminate Flooring cost? Is the most basic concern of anybody and everybody while opting for a flooring upgrade or during an entire switching. 

Laminate Flooring, fair enough, is an entirely incredible choice in terms of not just the timeless aesthetics, but also an unquestionable performance and most definitive durability. 

Besides preserving your subfloors, it does stress the extent of comfort you enjoy, while also inducing healthful advantages within your lifestyle, such as an improved and well-balanced air quality. 

Let’s get to know about the expense side of this favorable treatment. 

Laminate Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

For a quick and mainstream estimated idea,

The overall project cost (including both materials and labor) goes around $8 per square foot as an initial pricing and it can extend all the way up to $15 per square foot. 
Laminate Flooring Cost per sq. ft.

List Of Laminate Flooring Cost Factors

Of course, there are multiple other aspects that can affect the overall project cost of Laminate Flooring installation. From choice of materials to the demanding extent of the labor, there is a lot that can influence (increase/decrease) the average cost to install laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Cost According To The Type

The primary cost deciding factor for a Laminate Flooring installation project is, of course, the type that’s being used. 

Laminate flooring cost by type


This version of the Laminate flooring is just the most suitable and affordable floor treatment to settle for, if you’ve a thing for natural stone patterns and the adorable effect escalated by stone floors. 

The average pricing of Stone Laminate Flooring Installation ranges between $3.50 and $4 per square foot. The cost can fluctuate based on either you’re dealing with an antiqued stone floor or with a tumbled stone floor style.


Wood Laminate Flooring is a wonderful and classy choice and also the one that’s easiest to pair up with a vast majority of interior decors. 

Getting Laminate wood flooring installation can cost you around $6 to $14 per square foot and this includes both materials and labor charges, too. 

Learn More about Types of Laminate Flooring

Wood Laminate Flooring Cost By Type

Wood Laminate Flooring Cost By Type

Now wood laminate flooring further features several different versions and you will come across various price ranges depending on the type you’re going for.

You can get a comprehension of the Wood Laminate Flooring as distinctive wood species, since this entirely is a dimension having an all-natural origin. Let’s get to see the major wood species.


Acacia is a super significant and highly durable species and it can literally last up to a good 100 years if taken care of the proper way. This way, you can easily estimate the cost-effective favorability of choosing Acacia wood as the flooring treatment for your place.

Acacia Laminate Flooring costs around $1 – $2.3 per square foot and you can find several entrancing color choices within this flooring genre, such as the popular choice of chocolate flooring.

Besides, you can easily refinish this flooring multiple times during its entire lifespan, and thus enjoy an entire beauty revival every single time. 


Oak is another popular hardwood species and when used as Laminate Flooring, it flaunts your places wholly incomparably. There is a vast flexibility available with Oak Laminate Flooring to style.

$1 – $3.7 per square foot is the average pricing that you can expect to pay for getting an Oak Laminate Flooring treatment and the overall cost definitely depends on the area coverage you plan to work on. 

Oak Laminate Flooring makes up the most adorable looking decors and is an excellent commercial-grade choice, as well. 


When opting for a clean, sleek and fresh revamping of your floors and ultimately the entire spaces, Beech Laminate Flooring is an absolute fool-proof choice to consider. Apart from that, if you’re going for this upgrade for the very first time, you can request multiple samples to look for their syncing with your interiors, as many manufacturers and retailers offer this facility.

Laminate Beechwood has varying price ranges based on the very extent of the thickness and the manufacturers/retailers you’re dealing with. One average estimate goes around $1 – $2.9 per square feet.


Maple is one of the most durable floor material choices and this enormously hard wood species is literally meant to last for ages. On the Janka chart, this wood species has a hardness rating of 1450. Apart from that, Maple Laminate Flooring is the ideally suitable choice for areas with greater extent of foot traffic. 

You can look for a wide variety of color and pattern choices for Laminate Flooring and the pricing usually goes around $1.89 – $3.89 per sq. ft., when you make the purchase from some of the Renowned Retailers 


Hickory Laminate Flooring is quite a sturdier choice as compared to the Oak one, and the marvelous aesthetic side offered by this species is simply surprising. You can dynamically brighten up your interiors with the natural shades of hickory and, for a more enhanced décor, you can go for multiple choices of finishes and stains.

Hickory is of a pricier choice as compared to the mainstream versions, such as Oak. However, it isn’t way too costly, with the average rate of $4 to $5 per square foot


Walnut is a warm, cozy and amazingly eye-catching species for Laminate Flooring and comes with significant levels of durability. The resultant flooring is extremely low-maintenance and a practically sustainable choice for everyday usage. Besides being budget friendly, Walnut is an excellent option for those with allergies or respiratory issues. 

Quality Walnut Laminate Flooring isn’t too pricier at all and you can have this astounding treatment in an affordable cost extent of $2 – $3 per square foot.

Besides that, the very installation of Walnut Flooring is really convenient, as well.


Cherry is a mind blowing choice of Laminate Flooring and the spaces flaunted with this adorable floor treatment turn out to be entirely pleasing. Cherry is quite a convenient option for the procedures of cutting and installing, since it has a relatively softer structure than other species like Oak. The hardness rank of Cherry goes around 6.

An average cost extent for the Cherry Laminate Flooring is up to $1.48 – $2.8 per square foot and this price can vary depending on your choice of manufacturer or retailer.

Cherry Floors initially have a light pinkish tone to them which eventually turns to a rich-toned red.


The elm wood has an American origin, and its coarse structure results in a remarkably durable hardwood floor. There are multiple colored textures and grain patterns available, and each one looks beyond inviting when flaunted within any and every space. Besides, the grain patterns include straight and a bit of interlocked ones, as well. 

$1.5 – $3.8 per square feet is the average cost you’ll be needing to spend for the Elm Laminate Flooring and a mainstream choice includes 4-sided Micro V-groove edges.

You need to ensure an adequate underlayment installation for the Elm Laminate Flooring, to make the most out of this treatment.

Laminate Flooring Cost By Texture Type

Laminate Flooring Cost By Texture Type

The very distinction of surface texture serves as a prominent cost deciding factor for Laminate Flooring. Look at the description ahead and you’ll be getting a sound idea of how this is going to influence your project.

Texture, as a fun fact, is simply defined as how your Laminate Flooring feels underfoot. So you can choose according to your preference for either softness or sturdiness. 


As the name suggests, this kind of finish feels super smooth and plush and there are no deep grains present, as well. The resultant finish seems like somewhat of a stain-resembling thing and often has a subtle and presentable shine to it, too.

The cost of smooth finished Laminate Flooring ranges between $1.69 and $2.59 per square foot.

Hand Scraped

Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring textures resemble real Hardwood floors and the overall design profile features multiple scraped textures as knots. There are both soft-scraped and deeply scraped patterns available within versatile color options, too.

Domestic species (Maple, Walnut, Oak, etc.) are inexpensive for the hand-scraped texture of Laminate Flooring and you’re likely to pay around $10 to $14 per square foot

EIR (Embossed In Register)

The very engineering involved within this kind of texture gives off a wood grain appearance which is quite similar to hardwood, to boot. The resultant floor features an intense depth and structure. 

$1.9 – $3.9 per square foot is one average cost estimate for the EIR finished Laminate Flooring. 

Wood Textured 

This is an extremely versatile and diversified texture category of the Laminate Flooring and nearly any non-specific texturing style can be counted in this. The examples include ridged appearances and synchronized wood textures. 

You can expect paying between $2.59 and $5.99 per square foot for having the wood textured Laminate Flooring installation.

High Gloss Piano 

This kind of finishing does not have a particular surface texture, rather the appearance seems to be reflective and glossy to look at. Besides, there are no ridges or indents present too, and the surface appears to be entirely smooth, a perfect decor choice for modern interior styles.

One general pricing range for the High Gloss Piano Finish Laminate Flooring is about $6.5 per square foot

Oiled Wood

The oiled wood texture of Laminate Flooring is a styling dimension meant to depict natural designs. Also, you can know the surface texture as a well-maintained hardwood that’s been freshly oiled.

The pricing extent of Oiled Wood Laminate Flooring also ranges from $2.59 to $5.99 per square foot 


Within this kind of texturing, the Laminate Flooring is made to be brushed with a metal wire, which results in a soft and unique textured finish of the surface. 

The cost of brushed Laminate Flooring ranges from $2000 to $4000, for that of an area of 1000 square feet. 

Laminate Flooring Cost By Thickness Level

While thickness is a major quality and serviceability deciding factor for a vast majority of products, and specifically floorings. It bears focal significance for the pricing determination of Laminate Flooring, as well.

Laminate Flooring Cost By Thickness

Let’s look at the mainstream standards of Laminate Flooring thickness and their respective price ranges. 

Laminate Flooring Thickness (in mm)Cost (per square foot)
6 mmBetween $0.69 and $0.99 per square foot
7 mmFrom $0.79 to $0.99 per square foot
8 mmFrom $1.09 to $1.19 per square foot
10 mmAround $2.79 per square foot
12 mmBetween $2.29 and $5.99 per square foot

Selection-Based Categorization Of Laminate Flooring 

There are 4 major categories of Laminate Flooring that determine its build quality and, of course, give you an idea about the working you can expect from the treatment in the upcoming years. 


Cheap laminate flooring is considered a poor selection because of its least longevity. It isn’t an option for commercial usage and as for the residential warranty, cheap Laminate Flooring can only last up to 10 years, in general.


This falls into the mid-price category and is considered an excellent selection with a general longevity extent of 15 to 20 years. It can last up to lifetime regarding residential usage and generally stays functional for up to 15 years within commercial-level utilization.


This flooring lies in the category of High-cost and thus is an excellent selection, that is ready with, for up to 20 years, on average. Its commercial-grade lifespan is up to 15 years and it can last for lifetime in terms of residential usage.


Waterproof Laminate flooring is an upgraded category from the water-resistant one (in which only the topmost surface is water-resistant) as it completely and timelessly blocks the passage of water. It’s considered an excellent selection and can remain serviceable for a lifetime, regarding residential usage. 

A Rapid Reminder 

Let’s learn about various aspects ensured by these four categories of Laminate Flooring

Category Average CostEstimated LifespanAreas Of ApplicationOffered Warranty 
Cheap Laminate Flooring$0.99 to $1.295 to 10 years Residential Only 10-20 years Residential/ No commercial warranty
Better Laminate Flooring$2.50 to $3.4915 to 20 years Both Residential And Commercial Lifetime Residential Guarantee/ 15 years Commercial Guarantee
Best Laminate Flooring$3.49 to $4.00+15 to 20 years Both Residential And CommercialLifetime Residential Guarantee/ 15 years Commercial Guarantee
Waterproof Laminate Flooring $1.79 to $3.7510 to 20 years Both Residential And CommercialLifetime Residential Guarantee/ 15 years Commercial Guarantee

What About The AC Rating Of Laminate Flooring?

AC Rating refers to “Abrasion Coefficient” and is a determining criterion for the toughness of a wood flooring and its resistance to wear and tear. The major influential and daily-life scenarios that get to affect an under consideration flooring include:

  • Foot Traffic
  • Moisture Damage
  • Impact
  • Heat
  • Movement of furniture or other heavy objects 

The rating system ranges between AC 1 and 6, with AC 6 being the sturdiest and most resistant. 

The table will help you come up with a definitive idea

AC RatingRespective Application
AC 1 Laminate FlooringAreas with the least footfall, for instance Bedrooms 
AC 2 Laminate FlooringAreas with low footfall, such as kitchens or dining rooms
AC 3 Laminate FlooringAreas with lower to moderate level footfalls, like walkways, hallways, etc. 
AC 4 Laminate FlooringMore than moderately busy residential areas, commercial areas with lower extents of usage
AC 5 Laminate FlooringCommercial areas with higher extents of footfall
AC 6 Laminate FlooringCommercial areas with extreme levels of usage, like public places, recreational and meeting areas 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Laminate Flooring?

Considering only the Laminate Flooring, the general pricing ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot. Besides, when you include material and labor to it, the entire project cost is likely to go around $15 per square foot, with $8 per square foot as a starting price. 

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost On Stairs

The labor cost for Laminate Flooring installation on stairs ranges from $45 to $125 per step. As for the flush airnose, the individual price for a 78-inch length is between $40 and $76. 

For that of a step nose, considering 78-inch length for each, you’re likely to spend somewhere between $18 and $96.

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost On Stairs

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost With Method Differentiation

How your chosen Laminate flooring gets installed not only serves as a cost-deciding factor but also determines the purchasing favorability of that flooring. Or to put it the other way, whether you will install it yourself/ will require professional help otherwise. 

Laminate Flooring Cost Installation By Different Methods

These three primary methods are counted on in this dimension. 

Glue Down

In this method, you’ll need to apply specific adhesive on the side of Laminate Planks, which are to be put down, followed by pressing firmly against the floor. Often there are pre-glued versions available as well, which are less messy and you don’t need to deal with the adhesive, i.e. just peel and stick.

For a glue-down setup, the average labor cost goes around $3 to $6 per square foot.


This is the cheapest method and also the one where lies the original definition of Laminate Flooring, as it’s meant to “float” atop the subfloor and not to be “attached” to it in any way. These versions, such as the click-together or loose-lay one, usually feature tightly locking groves and all that needs to be done is to snap the planks together.

Besides, some versions don’t even need that, and only the weight of the planks themselves and the pre-defined rubber backing is enough to securely hold them in place. 

For a floating setup, you can expect a payment between $1.50 and $3 per square foot.

Nail Down

There is no essential cost estimate for this method of Laminate Flooring installation, since the price fluctuates depending on the contractor. Nail down or staple down methods aren’t that much popular and applicable anymore, since there are easier alternatives available.

Some Additional Factors For Laminate Flooring Cost

There are a bunch of various supportive factors that add on to the overall cost of the Laminate Flooring installation. 

And while they might seem unnecessary to you, they are important to take care of, in order to make your floor treatment last long and stay more functional all along. 

Flooring Removal

Removing the former flooring, of course, is unquestionably crucial and you’ll want to get every bit of the residues out of your way, before you proceed with the installation of the new flooring.

P.S. If your subfloors are in good condition and without major damages, you can totally go over with the Laminate flooring installation, but only after ensuring a good cleanup. 

$0.25 to $0.50 per square foot is the average price range for getting your former flooring removed. 


Floor moldings are essential in order to achieve fully finished looks and seamless floor coverages. Over and above, molding is a crucial element for both walls and transitions, so that the entire floor appearance doesn’t seem “broken” or “discontinued” at any point. 

When hiring a contractor for getting the baseboard and floor molding job done, you can expect to pay around $5.75, all the way to $9 per linear foot.


Underlayment, as implied by the name, is what gives rise to all the comfort and cushioning of a flooring (and in our case, of course, its Laminate Flooring!) that you’ll be feeling underfoot. 

In most cases, underlayment comprises soft, padded and absorbent materials such as foam, fle, rubber or fiber. 

  • Besides comfort provision, the very presence of underlayment ensures considerable acoustic protection, deceased wear and insulation, as well. 
  • Last but not least, underlayment serves as a vapor barrier, too.

Underlayment Cost For Laminate Flooring 

Underlayment cost, fair enough, is a varying aspect and you can’t possibly have a definitive criterion for the exact payment, because of the difference of materials, quantity required, condition of the subfloor, etc. 

However, for a general idea, the underlayment price ranges between $0.42 and $0.47 per square foot, with an average of $0.44 per square foot.

Best Manufacturing Brands For Laminate Flooring

Ahead are those notable brands that you should preferably consider when opting for a Laminate Flooring installation project within your places.


The general pricing extent of Mohawk Laminate Flooring goes around $2 to $3.50 per square foot. 


Pergo Laminate Flooring costs between $3 and $22 per square foot


One mainstream price extent for Laminate Flooring from Shaw Floors is about $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot. 


The cost of Tarkett Laminate Flooring costs between $0.99 to $3.29 per square foot. 


The price extent for AquaGuard Laminate Flooring ranges from $2.59 to $3.99 per square foot. 


The average price for TrafficMaster Laminate Flooring lies between $0.59 per square foot to $2.20 per square foot.

Quick Step

Quick Step is quite an affordable brand for Laminate Flooring, as the general pricing is $2.65 per square foot.


Armstrong offers exceptional quality industrial floors and for Laminate flooring, you can expect to pay around $1.00 per square foot. 

Dream House

Dream House provides quality Laminate Flooring for as much as $0.59 to $2.69 per square foot.


The all-exclusive Restoration collection by Mannington includes sublime quality Laminate flooring costing around $3.50 to $3.99 per square foot. 

Cost Comparison Of The Best Retailers For Laminate Flooring 

Let’s get to know what price perks can you get from these famous Retailers 

Retailers Flooring Cost 
Home DepotMaterials $1.50 per square foot, Installation $2 to $3 per square foot
Lowes$0.79 to $0.99 per square foot
Lumber Liquidators $1 to $3 per square foot
WayFair Starting from $2.59 per square foot
Floor And Decor$0.57 to $3.79 per square foot 

How To Find Good Quality Laminate Flooring At A Fair Price

The most practical approach regarding the cost-cutting of your next Laminate Flooring installation project is to do it on your own, and save the fitting money. 

  • As for ensuring the rest of saving, getting a sound about every single aspect beforehand will prove really favorable to you.

  • Comparing a bunch of flooring providers or retailers, essentially along with their installation expenses, is a perfect way to figure the suitable choice for yourself.

  • And most importantly comes the appropriate info about the very procedure of installation. 

Always remember that for getting some sort of major home treatment such as, of course, a flooring installation, paying more won’t ever go in vain. And you can always expect long-term favorable consequences in the future, even if you settle for a relatively pricey floor treatment today!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Install 1,000 Square Feet Of Laminate Flooring?

The cost of getting Laminate Flooring installed within a 1000 sq. feet of area can range between $800 and $2,800 per square foot. The rest of the increment or decrement in the overall project cost depends on the choice of Laminate flooring material and whether there are too many potential hurdles experienced during the installation.

How Long It Takes To Install Laminate Flooring?

As for the DIYers, that’s usually a matter of 3 to 4 hours while excluding the floor priming and preparing steps. The procedure is likely to consume an additional of about two hours for getting done with all the wrapping of the flooring surrounding doorways and cabinets. Professional installers generally require less time span, in comparison.

Do Laminate Floors Need To Be Acclimated?

There is a major requirement for the Laminate Flooring to get acclimated for at least 48 hours, in advance to proceeding with the installation. The time allocated for acclimation ensures the structural syncing of laminate planks with that of its surrounding temperature and humidity levels. 

How Long Do Laminate Floors Last?

One general lifespan estimate for Laminate flooring is around 20 years with a least of 15 years, depending on the product quality being used. And of course, if you consider taking appropriate care of your Laminate flooring, you’re the most likely to benefit from it for extended periods of time. 

What Are The Common Mistakes When Laying Laminate Flooring?

The most common misconduct during the installation of Laminate Flooring includes starting with an uneven subfloor or, at worst, choosing Laminate flooring treatment for an unsuitable space. Other major mistakes involve not ensuring the use of underlayment and vapor barrier and not allowing proper acclimation and sealing.

Is Laminate Flooring Good?

Laminate flooring, by all means, is an incredibly high-end and long-term favorable choice, with attractive aesthetics being a plus point. Besides, it’s a super suitable option for families with children and pets. It’s a pretty affordable alternative to costly hardwood floors and comes with greater resistance against denting and scratching, as well. 

How Soon Can You Walk On Laminate Flooring After Installation?

It’s extremely important to let the floor curing take place adequately, and the best way to do so is to not step or walk over your freshly installed Laminate flooring for as long as 24 hours at least. Or you’ll end up with a damaged and uneven floor otherwise. You can also allow your floors to cure for up to 48 hours. 

What Is The Pergo Laminate Floor Installation Cost?

The mainstream Pergo installation cost ranges between $2000 and $3000, considering a working space of 500 sq. feet area. This goes with the standard of about $22 per square foot, with a starting cost of around $3 per square foot. Labor cost, contractor fees, choice of flooring and the overall coverage area are the major factors affecting the entire project pricing.

Can You Install Laminate Flooring Over Tile?

In the first place, the answer is a big “Yes”, as that’s a totally practical idea to go with Laminate flooring fitting atop an existing tile floor. However, there is a dire requirement for the former tile flooring to be in a fine condition and there must be no major damaged points, such as huge cracks or loosened spots. 

How Much Is The Labor Cost To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs?

Installing Laminate Floors on the stairs can cost around $45 all the way to $125 per step. The step nose cost for a 78-inch length ranges between $18 and $96 each. As for that of the flush stairnose cost, that goes around $40 to $76 for every single step. Do set aside the money for some additional labor charges in case of demanding installation scenarios. 

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