Masland Carpet Reviews, Lines, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

Masland Carpet Reviews, Collection, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

Masland is a renowned brand providing carpeting products for more than 150 years at this point. Its parent organization is the famous carpet and rug mills company Dixie Group, Inc, which is also the parent organization of the well-known carpet brand Fabrica. Masland Carpets are, fair enough, a totally exceptional concept of carpets, since they are the most high-end, luxury, and kind of designer products that you can ever come across. 

With the widest styling spectrum all across the market, the most vivid color choices, and innovative build qualities, Masland Carpets actually are the game changers when it comes to their functionality. They feature a number of incredible technologies and techniques, making them endure anything and everything that comes their way and also the most heavy-duty, as well. 

Masland Carpet Reviews

Flooring Pure has got you the most precise collection of Masland Carpet Reviews. We’ll begin with the comprehensive explanation of the major styles of Masland Carpets, followed by a brief outlook on their major aspects as well as carpet technologies.

Next up, will be a bit of both the bright side and the downside of Masland’s carpets and lastly, we’ve got you all the necessary info about making a purchase. Let’s get started right away!

Masland Carpet Styles

Masland offers a mind-blowing and amazingly extensive broadloom carpet variety, not to mention the most incredible carpet fabric selection, too. Over and above, these high-end carpets come within a vast variety of the most entrancing designs, patterns, and colors. 

Masland Carpets majorly feature wool and nylon construction with the proprietary StainMaster technologies. Masland, for sure, provides the best carpeting for any and every purpose. 

1. Masland Strongwool Carpet

Characteristic Quality Provision by Masland Strongwool Carpet 
DistinctionThe sheep for Masland Strongwool Carpets are raised in an entirely ethical manner, following The Five Freedoms Of Sheep Guidelines that are established by the Farm Animals Welfare Council. 
ConstructionThe carpets within the Masland Strongwool line are constructed from 100% all-natural New Zealand Wool and have a backing made from recycled materials. 
StylesThere are over 50 luxury styles available in the Masland Stronwool Carpet line and most of the styles are patterned while a few are solid-colored too. 
Color and Design Options Londonderry (a simple undyed textured loop carpeting), Zebra (animal print), Leopard (animal print), Grantham (neutral style), Wexford (neutral style), Alexia (bold pattern), Imari (bold pattern) are some of the notable carpets from the Masland Strongwool line. Also, there are several options with fun-dyed shapes and swirls too, 
Benefits The high-quality wool of Masland StrongWool Carpets is flame-resistant and thus ensures the safest and healthiest usage. Plus these carpets are entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable, as well. The wool also has the tendency for absorbing any of the pollutants present indoors, followed by regulating the moisture content of the interior, too. Moreover, these carpets are stain and odor resistant too, offering the advantage of easy maintenance. 
Areas of Application Masland Strongwool Carpets serve as the most ideal green and softer flooring solution. Also, these carpets offer just the perfect styling with their mesmerizing patterns and colors. 

2. Masland Nylon Carpet

Characteristic Quality Provision by Masland Nylon Carpet 
DistinctionMasland Nylon Carpet line is the largest selection amongst all others and is the largest selling one, too. There are multiple fiber options included in this collection, such as StainMaster Tactesse, StainMaster Luxerell, and 100% Universal Fibers to name a few. 
ConstructionThe carpets within the Masland Nylon Carpet line are constructed from 100% Universal Fibers of the BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) Nylon having permanent stain resistance and this line consists of both continuous as well as solution dyed carpets.
StylesThere are up to 141 styles available in the Masland Nylon Carpet line with over 800 combinations of the classiest colors and styles, with up to 3 to 24 colors available for each style. Cut pile, loop, and patterned loop are the popular styles of carpets in this line. These carpets have pattern-based segregation on the website
Color and Design Options Panache (sophisticated neutral, Delray (sophisticated neutral), Bungalow (subtle pattern), Tristan (subtle pattern), Veritas (bold geometric pattern), and Cervantes (bold geometric pattern) are some of the notable carpets from the Masland Nylon Carpet line.
Benefits Masland Nylon carpets are naturally stain-resistant, therefore very convenient to care for. Over and above, these carpets are highly durable and work wonders for areas with heavier extents of foot traffic.
Areas of Application Masland Nylon Carpets are the ideal choice for those areas where a heavy-duty, fade/stain/moisture-resistant, and durable floor treatment is required. 

3. Masland Pet Protection Carpet

Characteristic Quality Provision by Masland Pet Protection Carpet 
DistinctionMasland Pet Protect is the line that is specifically designed with high resistance against pet hair and for the reduction of pet odor, as well. Technically this line is a part of a Nylon carpet group.
ConstructionThe carpets within the Masland Pet Protect line are constructed from StainMaster SuperiaSD Nylon, which is a solution for BCF type 6.6 dyed fibers. The carpets are then treated and induced with stain, moisture and odor repelling properties. 
StylesThere are up to a dozen styles available in the Masland Pet Protect Carpet line.
Color and Design Options Masland Pet Protect Carpets come in earthy colors, solid textures, and patterned textures. 
Benefits The fibers of the Masland Pet Protect Carpets are the best Nylon fibers for stain resistance. They are very convenient to clean with vacuuming as they release the pet hair easily and do not accumulate liquids or odor too. The breathable moisture barrier of these carpets restrains the moisture from seeping through the carpet padding and of course the subfloor. Also, there is excellent warranty coverage available, too. 
Areas of Application Masland Pet Protect Carpets are the most lucrative choice for homes with pets or children. In other words, it’s the usage that involves a lot of staining, spilling, and/ or droppings. 

4. Masland Commercial Carpet

Characteristic Quality Provision by Masland Commercial Carpet 
DistinctionMasland Commercial Carpets are sold in bulk and come with two different shipping methods, i.e. Office to Home and Quick Ship. As suggested by the name Quick Ship or QS, this line comes with a quick shipment and is therefore ideal for those contractors that have a tight schedule. 
ConstructionThe sustainable construction of Masland Commercial Carpets involves a number of different fibers, however, most of them are nylon-based. Besides, the carpets within the Office to Home series feature the company’s EarthSmart Refresh 6,6 nylon fibers and a tile format. 
StylesThe Quick Ship aka QS comes under the company’s eNeRGy series and there are 40 styles included in this series. The style availability is a bit more diverse for the Office to Home series of carpets. 
Color and Design Options The Office to Home series carpets feature patterned styles as well as five versatile options of 2 square foot carpet tile carpets. However, the QS series carpets come in rather limited color options. 
Benefits A few carpets in the QS series come with a limited lifetime warranty and others come with a 10-year warranty. Whereas the carpets from the Office to Home Series offer a limited lifetime warranty. These carpets are the best floor treatment solutions for commercial areas with heavy foot traffic. 
Areas of Application Masland Commercial Carpets are the ideal durable solution for all commercial spaces such as offices, shops, stores, and other public places. 

Flooring Pure’s Take On Masland Carpets 

Post the collections’ description, we’ve got you a lot of other useful info about Masland Carpets, as well. With that said, we’ve pretty high hopes that our Masland Carpet Reviews will be the best guide and the ultimate help for you, regarding acquiring the best stuff for your place(s). 

Particular Specs Of Masland Carpet

These are some of the other notable aspects and plus points of Masland Carpets, making them stand out and totally worth investing in. 

  • High-end Certifications:

All of the Masland Carpet products are entirely eco-friendly in nature and therefore extremely healthy and safe to use. That’s because these products effectively meet all the Green Label Plus Requirements by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 

  • Brands Association:

There are several other carpet brands included within this high-end bracket. These are Tuftex, Fabrica, and Karastan. In other words, these carpets feature the same parent organization, i.e Dixie Group.

  • Excellent Soft Carpeting Choice:

Masland Carpets are the ultimate best choice if you’re looking forward to really plush carpeting, since they are the coziest to use, with the added benefit of the most promising and long-lasting serviceability. 

  • Installation And Maintenance:

It’s best and most effective to hire professional installation for Masland Carpets, as they are really high-end products. Also, Masland recommends carrying out proper and regular maintenance for its carpets to make them last longer. Regular vacuuming and immediate addressing of the spills and splashes are the foremost maintaining factors that need to be taken good care of. 

  • Warranty:

There is a 2-year limited replacement and repair warranty offered for all the Masland Carpet products, ultimately guaranteeing the carpets against any possible manufacturing defects. Besides, there are various other forms of warranties available for every collection and product, too. However, there is a requirement of sticking to the professional installation as well as pad quality recommended by the brand, in order to not void the warranties. 

Pros And Cons Of Masland Carpet 

Here is a precise description of both the favorable as well as non-favorable aspects of Masland Carpets. 

High-end Quality: Masland Carpets are the most exceptional quality premium carpets and are the best-value ones as well. Confined Options: Masland Carpets only come within the options of wool and nylon and there is no other choice available.
Extensive Style Choices: Masland provides the widest selection spectrum for its carpeting products as there are multiple carpet styles, textures, and color options to choose from. Inconvenient Availability: Masland Carpets can be a bit difficult to find since they aren’t sold at any big-box retailers. 
Excellent Resistance: Most of the Masland Carpets feature the StainMaster Technology which makes them incredibly resistant against odor, urines, stains, discoloration, and foot traffic. The structure of these carpets is specifically designed to repel any moisture and stop it from seeping through the carpet padding and subflooring.
Eco-Friendly Structure: Masland Carpets feature the CRI Certification which is to say that are entirely eco-friendly carpets and won’t be emitting any toxic VOC in the surroundings. 
Low-Maintenance: Masland Carpets are incredibly easy to take care of and the credit goes to their highly resilient build quality.
Lifetime Warranties: Masland Carpets come with Lifetime warranties that cover any the structural or occasional damage effectively. 

Cost Of Masland Carpet 

  • The cost for Masland Carpets starts from $4 per square foot and goes up to $8 per square foot. Besides, discount or sale prices can be as low as $2 for a square foot.

  • Premium range carpets cost around $12 per square foot to $20 per square foot, such as wool carpets. 

Where To Buy Masland Carpet

  • Only Select Dealers sell the high-end and proper quality Masland Carpets.

  • They can be shopped locally from some particular flooring companies, such as Flooring Inc

  • Local Flooring or carpet professionals can also be reached out to, regarding the purchase of Masland Carpets.

  • These all-exclusive carpets can’t be shopped from carpet stores or home improvements stores like Lowes and Home Depot, since those only provide the StainMaster Carpeting.

Masland Carpet Cost Comparison Vs Other Carpet Brands

Here is a brief comparison of Masland Carpet with some of the other noteworthy carpet brands regarding the cost.

Brands Cost (per square foot)
Dream Weaver$1.00 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot
TrafficMaster$0.65 per square foot to $3.39 per square foot
LifeProof$1.52 per square foot to $7.19 per square foot
Phenix Carpet$1.75 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot
Shaw$3.50 per square foot to $7 per square foot 
Mohawk $1.99 per square foot to $3.99 per square foot

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