Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews, Options & Cost Guide

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews, Options & Cost Guide 2022

Quick-Step is a renowned European Flooring manufacturer known for constructing quality Laminate Flooring since 1990. The brand initially produced Laminate Floorings only, however, commercial carpets and vinyl floors are also available now. Quick-Step, as a matter of fact, is a flooring brand by Mohawk.

As for the laminate flooring, Quick-Step comes up with wide selections, with the fact that some of them are only sold exclusively at Lowes. A reasonably excellent build quality, good warranties, fine resistance against moisture and other forms of damage, and a decent style selection are the notable plus points of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, making it worth the choice. 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews

Welcome to Pro Flooring Guide’s compilation of the Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Reviews. We’ve gathered all the necessary research-based info about the laminate flooring products of Quick-Step. This includes various aspects, first and foremost of which is the comprehensive description of the product lines.

As for the rest of the review components, we’ve got you all the prominent features and specifications of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring while taking the positives and negatives into account, as well. Post that, you’ll be provided with all the essential guidance about making a purchase, from the prices all the way to the sources of getting this flooring.

Since Quick-Step is a noteworthy flooring brand, which is to say that it is comparable to the top flooring brands such as Shaw, Mohawk & Pergo. And we’ve got that part perfectly covered for you, as well. 

Let’s not delay the analysis anymore!

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Collections

These are the main collections of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring. One essential factor to be noted at this point is that the Quick-Step Studio Line is only sold at Lowes, which was mentioned earlier too. 

1. Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line (Available On Lowes Only)

Characteristics Availability In Quick Step Studio Laminate Line 
DistinctionThe floorings from the Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line are not waterproof and are available at Lowes only. They come with pre-attached underlayment. 
ColorsChestnut Hand Scraped, Restoration Oak Embossed, Concord Maple Smooth, Whiskey Hickory Embossed, Whistler Oak Embossed, Glenwood Oak Embossed, Watkins Oak Embossed, Westend Apple Smooth, and Laguna Acacia Smooth are the notable color choices from the Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line.
StylesThe floorings from the Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line come within the style options of Textured, Hand Scraped, Smooth and Embossed.
AppearanceMost of the floorings of the Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line feature either a classic or a rustic appearance.
ThicknessQuick-Step Studio Laminate Line Flooring features a thickness of 10 mm 
AC RatingQuick-Step Studio Laminate Line has an AC4 Wear Rating.
WarrantyQuick-Step Studio Laminate Line comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a commercial warranty of 5 years. 
Best UsesThe Quick-Step Studio Laminate Line Floorings look best within both traditional as well as contemporary decor settings.

2. Quick-Step NatureTek Laminate Line 

Characteristics Availability In Quick Step NatureTEK Laminate Line 
DistinctionThe Quick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line Floorings are water resistant but not waterproof. Since it’s a very large collection, it is segregated into two further categories i.e. Textured Style and Natural Authentic. 
ColorsSienna Oak, Flaxen Spalted Maple, Terra Alder, Chestnut, Enhanced Cherry, Cane Hickory, Select Birch, Dark Merbau, and Brazilian Cherry are the notable color choices from the Quick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line.
AppearanceFlooring within the Natural Authentic Category resembles the look of traditional hardwood floors with distinctive and abundant wood grain textures. Also, there are a couple of Parisian Chevron Parquet looks available, too. As for the Textured Style category, there are multiple detectable textured wood styles available, that feature real wood grain and can be felt underfoot.
ThicknessQuick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line features the thickness levels of 12 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, and 7 mm.
SpeciesQuick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line features a number of domestic and exotic wood species with Cherry, Maple, Oak, Alder, Merbau, Brazilian Cherry, and Hickory being the popular choices.
WarrantyThe Quick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a commercial warranty of 5 years. 
Best UsesThe Quick-Step NatureTEK Laminate Line Floorings look best within homes where the pets are well-trained or preferably there are no pets at all. It’s an affordable flooring choice that will sync well with all Old world, rustic and modern home decors. However, it is not to be used within bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry areas. 

3. Quick-Step NatureTek Plus and Select Laminate Line

Characteristics Availability In Quick Step NatureTEK Plus And Select Laminate Line 
DistinctionFloorings from the Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Line are waterproof with Hydrophobic coating on the edges for the prevention of water absorption into the planks. 
ColorsBridal White, Painted White, Smoked White, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Gray Brown hues are the notable color choices from the Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Laminate Line.
AppearanceAll of the floorings of the Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Line feature an authentic hardwood look. 
ThicknessQuick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Laminate Line feature a thickness of ½ inches.
Species Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Laminate Line feature multiple wood species, while the prominent ones are Oak, Hickory, and Pine.
WarrantyQuick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Laminate Line come with a lifetime residential warranty and a commercial warranty of 5 years. Also, there is a waterproof warranty available, too. 
Best UsesThe Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus and Select Laminate Line work best for families with children and pets. Moreover, since this flooring is waterproof, it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even below-grade spaces, too.

The Comprehensive Guide On Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Now that you’re done with the product lines of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, Flooring Pure has also got you a lot of other interesting and practically lucrative info, as well. 

We’ll begin with the salient features of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring and proceed all the way to its cost-based comparison with other top-notch Laminate Flooring brands. 

Notable Features Of Quick Step Laminate Flooring 

These are the particular plus points of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring:

1. Three-Step Waterproofing

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, particularly the one from the NatureTEK Plus line comes with an extreme resistance against water. As per the warranty information, water cannot be absorbed by the flooring within the first 24 hours (and of course, it’s wise to address any spill during this time!). Talking about the three steps that make Quick-Step Laminate Flooring a completely waterproof floor system, these are the GenuEdge Technology, HydroSeal, and Uniclic Design. 

  • Uniclic Design: It’s the patented locking system that joins the planks tight enough that there is no chance of any water penetration taking place.
  • GenuEdge Technology: It works for providing additional protection to the laminate planks by wrapping the edges of the coated design layer.
  • HydroSeal: It’s the patented sealer that is used to treat all the planks against moisture damage. 

2. Extensive Selection: 

Quick-Step is one of the top–tier brands that offer a huge selection of laminate flooring products. As for the style diversity provided by Quick-Step, there are over 100 versatile flooring styles to choose from, which best suit any and every decor requirement and taste.

3. Safest Flooring Choice

With the FloorScore Certification, Quick-Step Laminate Flooring is an entirely safe flooring treatment to go for, It is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Flooring, which is to say that it won’t be emitting any of the harmful components in the surroundings or in other words won’t be lowering the indoor air quality in any way. 

4. Convenient Installation

With the Uniclic Locking system, there is no requirement for glue for installing Quick-Step Laminate Flooring. The installation is easy to conduct as a DIY project and doesn’t consume a lot of time, either.

5. Extreme Resistance

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring is highly scratch resistant as well as stain-resistant too, making it a perfectly low-maintenance and long-term favorable choice.

6. Excellent Comfort 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring feels very comfortable underfoot and can therefore be your foremost choice if there are toddlers or elderly people in your family. 

Installation Guidelines For Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

While you’re about to install your Quick-Step Laminate Flooring yourself, here are a few essential factors that you must take good care of. This will reduce the likelihood of any damage and will bring about the best consequences for you.

1. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring can be installed on either the concrete subfloors or the plywood ones. In addition to that, you need to ensure the fact that your subfloors are perfectly clean and thoroughly dry before you proceed with the floor fitting.

2. The flooring must be acclimated at least 72 hours before the installation. And the best way to do so is to place the plank boxes right in the room where you’re going to install them.

3. Don’t forget to examine your flooring planks thoroughly as soon as you place your hands over them. This will let you know about any visible defects or damages, such as unfinished or non-straight (both horizontally or vertically) planks. 

4. Make sure that you completely follow the installation instructions provided by the company’s website. 

Pros & Cons Of Quick Step Laminate Flooring 

Here is a short outlook on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Quick-Step Laminate Flooring as your next floor treatment. 

Realistic Looks: Quick Step Laminate Flooring offers the most realistic wood-looking graphics and there are vast options of colors and plank dimensions available too. This flooring efficiently suits every single taste and decor requirement. Cheap Options: Not all of the Quick-Step Laminate Flooring products come with good or long-lasting quality. Therefore there is a dire need for thorough research beforehand, prior to making the final purchase. 
Excellent Water Resistance: Two of the Quick-Step product lines, i.e. NatureTEK Select and NatureTEK Plus are completely waterproof while the NatureTEK line comes with a water-resistance. This way, this flooring is the ultimate perfect choice for most moisture-prone areas.
Incredible Technologies: All of the Quick-Step Laminate Flooring feature several innovative technologies such as the GenuEdge Technology for giving off a perfectly finished and extremely authentic hardwood-resembling look of the planks. HydroSeal is another noteworthy technology that is actually a surface treatment/ water locking system meant for repelling water and thus preventing any moisture damage.
Affordability: Quick-Step comes up with the best options of Laminate Flooring to best suit every budget and there are all sorts of cheap as well as excellent quality flooring choices available. 
Excellent Warranties: Quick Step Laminate Flooring offers amazing warranties for its Laminate Flooring products. For instance, the NatureTEK Plus comes with a commercial warranty, lifetime residential warranty, and lifetime waterproof warranty, as well. Similarly, the NatureTEC line offers a commercial warranty, too. 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Cost

  • The cost of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring ranges from $2.50 per square foot to $5 per square foot and it’s a relatively cheaper floor treatment option than solid or engineered hardwood flooring.

  • This pricing does not include the installation expenses.

  • The waterproof lines of Quick-Step, i.e. NatureTEK Plus and NatureTEK Select are more costly than the other product lines. 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Availability

  • Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, as the foremost and fastest source, can be easily bought from the Official Quick-Step Webshop. In addition to directly placing an order of your desired Laminate Flooring style, you can also order a sample of your chosen floor first.

  • Quick-Step Laminate Flooring can be purchased from the nearby Quick-Step dealer. Besides, the official Quick-Step website also helps you in locating the stockists and dealers nearest to you.

  • Lowes is the most common and obvious platform for getting Quick Step Laminate Flooring. In addition to that, it can also be purchased from a number of other authorized online dealers such as Floor City. 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Cost Comparison With Other Laminate Brands

Let’s take a look at a brief comparison of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring regarding the cost.

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Mohawk $1.90 to $3.50 per square foot
Shaw$2.50 to $3.50 per square foot
Traffic Master$0.75 to $1.50 per square foot
AquaGuard $2.49 to $3.99 per square foot
Mannington$3.50 to $3.99 per square foot
Home Decorators$1.79 per square foot to $1.99 per square foot

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