Shaw Carpet Reviews: Collection, Pros & Cons Vs Other Brands 2022

Shaw Carpet Reviews: Collection, Pros and Cons Vs Other Brands 2022

Shaw is one of the leading US-based carpet manufacturing brands and is, fair enough, the largest manufacturer of carpets across the globe. Shaw is known for its quality floorings and the same goes for its exceptional standard carpets, too. 

Shaw Carpet Overview

Shaw is, by all means, the largest carpeting brand and therefore it’s no wonder that there are innumerable varieties and choices available. 

We’ll be analyzing them in terms of carpet collections, in the first place. 

Shaw Carpet Collections 

There are up to 6 major carpet collections manufactured by Shaw. Each of these collections is meant to provide for various purposes and thus can be considered for nearly all the residential as well as commercial requirements. 

These collections include many constructions and textures, as well. 

Shaw Ballera Carpet Collection

  • Ballera Collection is the top-tier carpeting brand by Shaw and this leading brand is the one that gets the lion’s share within their entire online marketing. 

  • Known for its incredible Spill-Protective Backing, every single style of Ballera Collection is the first and foremost choice of a vast audience, specifically family persons and pet owners.

  • Ballera collection features the most luxurious and ideally long-lasting carpet styles and there is a vast ornamental versatility available. 

  • You can find endless color and style options within the entire Ballera Collection and this carpeting works wonders for all spaces, to boot. 

  • The carpets under Ballera Collection come with a warranty of 10 years. 

Shaw Caress Carpet Collection

  • Caress Collection features up to 10 distinctive patterns and is known to be the plushest creation by Shaw. 

  • These carpets are not just extremely long-lasting but also feel heavenly, comfortable and soft-to-touch, thanks to the staple Anso Nylon Technology.

  • There are up to 30 different styles available within the Caress Collection and the same goes for the infinite compilation of color choices, too.

  • Carpeting under the Caress Collection creates the most adorable-looking flooring.

  • The Carpets under Caress Collection come with a warranty of 20 years.

Shaw Colorwall Carpet Collection

  • The colorwall collection is known for its mesmerizing compilation of the most eye-catching color, tones and shades, thus an ideal choice if you’re looking forward to flaunting your interiors with carpeting. 

  • There are up to 80 different and dazzling options available in terms of shades and tints. 

  • This carpeting collection also features the incredible Anso Nylon Technology, therefore the carpets come with an excellent resistance against any kind of damage. 

  • As for the flooring styles, there are up to 8 options available and since this collection is more dedicated to offering color distinction, there is a somewhat lesser styling available.

Simply The Best Values

  • This range comes with merely one basic style of carpeting.

  • There are up to 9 distinctive and immersive color options available in this collection.

  • Simply The Best Values is the one that’s entirely budget-friendly. 

  • This carpeting collection is the ideal to consider, if you want a relatively less costly carpeting, that too, with a presentable styling. 

Foundations Carpeting 

  • Foundations Carpeting is just the ideal floor treatment and ornamentation choice for all personalized spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, personal libraries, etc. 

  • This collection is primarily meant for areas with a lighter extent of foot traffic.

  • The carpeting under this collection is greatly resilient and heavy-duty in nature, too, since the Anso Nylon Technology is present here, as well.

  • Since these carpets have more of a formal appearance, they can work wonders in professional and corporate spaces. 

  • There are up to 29 different styles available within the Foundations Carpeting and the color choices are nearly infinite, as an additional perk. 

TruAccents Carpeting

  • TruAccents Carpeting, according to Shaw, is the one that gives off the vibes of “Modern”, “Playful” and “Bold” at the same time. 

  • This collection is a genuinely outstanding one amongst all Shaw creations.

  • This carpeting offers reasonable comfort underfoot as there is a pre-attached padding, which also adds to the resilience and sustainability. 

  • “Sense Of Reflection”, “Free Spirited”, “Natural Space” and “Virtual Gloss” are some of the most notable names, amongst the 17 distinctive carpet styles of TruAccents Carpeting.

  • This is more of an ornamental carpeting range, rather than the one which focuses on functionality. 

Shaw Carpet Construction And Styles 

Shaw Carpet Styles

Within the Shaw carpeting, you’re meant to come across nearly all styles of carpet construction. 

Ahead is the named description of all those classic and modern Shaw carpet styles:

  • Simple Looped Berber
  • Formal Cut
  • Loop Pattern
  • Cut Pile Texture
  • Twist (Shag/Frieze)
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Shaw Carpet Color Choices

With Shaw carpets, you’re meant to enjoy the vast spectrum of the most eye-catching colors and another best part is the camouflaging color patches available alongside. These patches help to conceal any of the staining or spillage in a smart way.

These are some of the notable color choices:

  • Beiges
  • Blues
  • Browns
  • Golds
  • Grays
  • Greens
  • Oranges
  • Reds
  • Violets

Shaw Carpet Backing

Backing, by all means, is an undeniable necessity to use along with carpets as it not just functions for the comfort enhancement but also notably protects and prolongs the carpeting. Moreover, Shaw Backings keep mold growth at bay, as well.

As for Shaw carpets, they come with up to 3 versatile types of backing:

  • LifeGuard: A valuable backing that makes the carpets waterproof

  • Classic Bac: The simplest and most basic backing

  • SoftBac: A backing system that involves both non-woven and woven combination and prevents scuffing

Notable Shaw Carpet Technologies

Shaw is well-known for making use of a number of incredible technologies within its carpeting, making it a lot more functional and ressilent for the usage. This makes Shaw carpeting an entirely practical choice for everyday utilization. 

Ahead is the description of these exceptional carpet technologies. Moreover, this also defines the kind of materials being used by Shaw carpets. 

1. All Nylon And All Polyester

This is a basic technology that involves the protective abilities of both Polyester and Nylon and also uses them to bring about a comfort of utilization and physical beauty to the carpeting.

In addition to this, the all nylon and all polyester technology also brings about durability and long-term damage protection within the carpeting.

P.S. All Nylon and All Polyester refers to the fact that Shaw entirely makes use of Nylon, Polyester and a blend of the two, within the carpet construction.

2. Anso Nylon

Anso Nylon is Shaw’s remarkable anti-soil carpet technology, which is basically a recyclable carpet blend. This makes the Shaw carpeting a fool proof choice for most of the homeowners when it comes to resistance against pet soiling.

Besides, this also gives an extraordinary toughness (Shaw’s lifetime protection guarantee). This technology works a lot more efficiently than the traditional functionality of Nylon and the resilience is one of the lifetime warranties offered by Shaw. 

3. ClearTouch Polyester

ClearTouch technology refers to the eco-friendly manufacturing, featured by Shaw’s ClearTouch Carpet Collection. As it makes use of recycled plastic, there is a significantly lesser carbon footprint generation, and thus a relatively less bad impact on the surroundings.

Just like the carpets featuring the Anso Nylon Technology, ClearTouch Polyester carpets also come with lifetime warranties and with the added benefit of the major utilization of recycled materials.

4. Stainmaster Nylon

As the name suggests, this is the technology meant to make the carpeting tough against extreme-level staining. Stainmaster Brand is the most notable name in this regard, which is the ideal choice for families with children and pets, or in other words, the usage that involves a lot of staining.

Besides that, the carpeting featuring this technology has a high resistance to the shedding from pets, too. Last but not least, is the fact that this carpeting is really easy to clean and maintain as well. 

5. R2X Nylon

The R2X technology is the one that originates back to 2001 and is meant to prevent deeply penetrating stains. R2X is basically a treatment done to carpeting with the purpose of preventing heavy soil damage as well as to stop stains from reaching deep down the carpet fibers and ultimately becoming difficult to get rid of.

R2X is one exceptionally noteworthy creation by Shaw, amongst the other stain-protective technologies and is genuinely dedicated towards making the usage a lot more convenient. 

Pros And Cons Of Shaw Carpets 

Shaw carpets, of course, are a staple of the most matchless carpet excellence and they are worth investing on, in multiple ways.

However, there is a bit of the dark side, too.

Pros Cons
Ornamental Versatility: Shaw carpets come in the widest ranges and there is always an adorable pattern, texture, style and color available to match any and every decor scenario.Least Waterproofing: Shaw carpets do not come with water-resistance and there is very little selection available that can be put in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. 
Functional Ranges: Shaw’s all-exclusive “Always Active” collection are the ideal choices for families with pets and kids, as these carpets are extremely hard-wearing and durable in nature. Product Difference: There is likely to be a quality and appearance difference between what you get to see at the website and what you get delivered at your place. 
Incomparable Comfort: Shaw carpets such as the Anso, Stainmaster and R2X are the best comfort providing carpets with a build quality that’s highly resistant against stains and thus very enduring. 
Energy Benefits: Shaw carpets are excellent at insulation and their high energy efficiency makes them a really favorable choice.
Affordability: Shaw carpets ideally fit each and every budget and therefore are totally praiseworthy for delivering the most cost-effective quality. 

Shaw Carpet Cost 

Following is the mainstream cost description of Shaw Carpets, regarding qualities and collections. 

Line/ Collection Cost (per square yard)
Basic Foundations Lines$15 to $25 per square yard
Polyester Collections$15 to $25 per square yard
Colorwall Upper Grade Shaw Nylon$35 to $45 per square yard
Caress Collection $65 to $100 per square yard 

In addition to that, 

  • You’re likely to need to pay around $6 per yard for the installation services.
  • High-quality carpet padding can cost you around $3 to $9 per square yard.
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Shaw Carpeting VS Mohawk Carpeting

Mohawk is the ultimate competing carpet brand of Shaw’s. And since both of them are greatly popular manufacturers, a major indecisiveness is the most likely to take place. 

Therefore, in order to generate a better choice, let’s take a look at the upcoming concise comparison of the two.

Deciding Characteristics Shaw CarpetMohawk Carpet
Comfort ProvisionFeels soft underfoot and is able to outlast extreme foot trafficHas specialized products such as SmartStrand Silk and Forever Fresh Ultra Soft for the plushest comfort along with durability
Resilience Features resistance against spills, stains, odor and soilFeatures resistance against spills and stains 
Toughness Can withstand even the highest extents of foot trafficIs tough against moderate to high foot traffic
Availability Of StylesFeatures extensive color, pattern and style availability Features extensive soft, intimate and delicate designs availability
Cost Comes with a suitability for every single budget Comes within quite pocket-friendly options 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mohawk Or Shaw Carpet Better?

Shaw carpet can be the best choice on a budget and if one is essentially looking forward to some really high-end styling, Mohawk definitely is unbeatable by all means. And for the rest of the aspects, there isn’t quite a huge difference between the carpet quality offered by the two, as both have been industry leaders for a significant number of years. 

Where To Buy Shaw Carpet?

Home improvement chains like The Home Depot or Lowes are the first and foremost options to consider in this regard. In addition to that, you can look for several retailers within your area(s) and are much likely to get your hands placed on Shaw Carpeting without any major troubles. 

What Is The Best Shaw Carpet?

“The Ballera Collection” is the ultimate best carpeting choice by Shaw and there are up to 23 distinctive styles included within this collection. Carpeting under The Ballera Collection is considered to be the best choice overall, since there are a number of incredible features included in it. Besides, the build quality and sustenance are greatly praiseworthy, too.

Does Shaw Make Stainmaster Carpets?

Stainmaster carpet is not a Shaw product but rather the one that is owned by Lowes. There are a number of companies included within this such as Dixie, Carpet Mills, Phenix, Mohawk, etc and most of these companies are located in the USA. Stainmaster carpeting is known for its remarkable stain-resistant technology. 

Is Shaw Anso Nylon Carpet Good?

Shaw Anso Nylon is an excellent carpeting choice and the prime reason for this is the premium quality carpet fibers. Since this is a Nylon carpet, it is truly heavy-duty and stands out among many others due to its enduring performance. In addition to durability, Anso Nylon carpet is also the toughest against crushing and staining. 

How Often Does My Shaw Floors Carpet Need To Be Cleaned?

Shaw Floor Carpets have to be cleaned after every 12 to 18 months, according to the recommended criteria. Ensure hiring experienced professionals for the job, so as to not cast any damage to the carpeting and of course keep it functional for long too. Over and above, a regularly maintained professional cleaning schedule makes the carpeting safe for everyone, by keeping the bacterial buildup away. 

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Shaw Carpet?

Start by mixing required amounts of a mild detergent in a bowl of warm water. Dip an absorbent cloth or paper towel into the mixture and apply it onto the carpet surface, essentially avoiding any rubbing or scrubbing. Finish off by applying clean water in small amounts on the carpet, to get rid of any detergent residue and you should be achieving a thoroughly cleaned, odor-free and hygienic carpet. 

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