Shaw Hardwood Flooring | Reviews, Products, Pros & Cons

Shaw Hardwood Flooring; Reviews, Products, Pros And Cons

Shaw Floors, the renowned flooring manufacturer and industry leader is famous for providing the most matchless standard, that too, for decades at this point. Besides, being the proud creator of the most sublime quality carpets, Shaw also is absolutely exceptional when it comes to floor treatments. 

Shaw offers the most diversified as well as innovative choices of beyond adorable floorings like the ranges of laminate to carpet, included within a vast spectrum of lines and products, each meant to provide for various different functional and aesthetic requirements.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Reviews

As for our flooring analysis today, we’ll be reviewing the classy Hardwood Flooring from the industry leader brand Shaw. This is going to be an entire compilation of the collections, products, and styles of Shaw Hardwood Flooring. This will be followed by taking into account the bright side as well as the dark side of this noteworthy flooring.

And lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the structural and pricing-based comparison of Shaw Hardwood Flooring with its other counterparts such as Kahrs, Bellawood & Bruce.

The suave journey of Shaw Hardwood Flooring is waiting for us! 

Construction Based Types Of Shaw Hardwood Flooring 

Now, wood flooring only comes in two versions, which are the solid and the engineered ones.

Types of Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Solid Hardwood

  • Shaw Solid Hardwood Floor is known to feature a lot of character, varying with species.

  • Apart from “Caravan Maple”, all wood species come under the label of “Made in the USA”.

  • Shaw solid Hardwood Flooring features a thickness of ¾ ‘’ and it comes within standard sizes. 

Shaw Engineered Hardwood

  • Shaw Engineered Hardwood features stacked and bonded wood slices constructed under heat and pressure.

  • Shaw Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a perfect choice for below-grade installations since it is highly resistant to humidity as well as moisture damage.

  • The planks included in this type of Shaw Hardwood Flooring have a nominal plank thickness which is ⅜’’

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Collection Review

Shaw Hardwood Flooring gets segregated into multiple collections based on the distinctions of construction, styles, appearances, purposefulness, and most importantly the choice of wood species.

Ahead are the major ones.

Shaw Repel Hardwood

Characteristic QualitiesAvailability in Shaw Repel Hardwood 
DistinctionShaw Repel Hardwood is the kind of floor treatment that is resistant to water but not essentially waterproof. 
Notable Technology Shaw Repel Hardwood features the company’s proprietary REPEL Water Resistance Technology which makes it the sturdiest barrier against the damage that’s likely to be caused by water.
Durability Shaw Repel Hardwood is an excellent choice for moisture-prone rooms and areas and therefore is the right kind of durable floor treatment option for such spaces. Thanks to the Shaw REPEL Water Resistance Technology, it effectively restrains water from penetrating through the plank. 
Styles and SpeciesThere are up to 14 distinctive styles available within the Shaw Repel Hardwood. Besides, there are multiple species choices included too, with Hickory and Maple being the notable ones. 
Width The plank width of Shaw Repel Hardwood is generally 7’’. 

Shaw Floorte Hardwood

Characteristic QualitiesAvailability in Shaw Floorte Hardwood 
DistinctionShaw Floorte Hardwood is the incredible waterproof choice of floor treatment and thus can be installed within all areas whether they are above or below the ground level.
Core ConstructionShaw Floorte Hardwood features a waterproof core and is additionally protected with a surface sealant, as well. 
Durability The durability of Shaw Floorte Hardwood lies in its waterproof construction as it can easily withstand even the highest extents of spills and splashes.
Styles and ColorThere are only two colors available within the Shaw Floorte Hardwood Collection, however, the character marks, as well as color diversification, are really incredible. 
Width The plank width of Shaw Floorte Hardwood is 7.5’’.

Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood

Characteristic QualitiesAvailability in Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood 
DistinctionShaw Epic Plus Collection, as the name suggests, comes from the company’s EPIC series of flooring.
Core ConstructionThe core is made from recycled wood fibers and therefore ensures the maximum levels of strength and sustainability. It features the Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification, as well. 
Durability This series is known for its distinction of the Stabilitek core, which, as a matter of fact, is the most durable one amongst the similar lines. 
Styles and ColorThere are up to 26 styles available within this collection, featuring multiple textures and shades. Northington Smooth in Canopy and Albermarle Hickory are some of the natural as well as rustic-looking options. Each style offers around 4 to 8 distinctive colors. 
Width The board width of Shaw Epic Plus Hardwood ranges from 3.25’’ to 6’’

Shaw Smoky Mountains

Characteristic QualitiesAvailability in Shaw Smoky Mountains
DistinctionThe Shaw Smokey Mountain Collection is a particular kind of flooring amongst Shaw Hardwood Flooring that induces the delightful sensation of being around nature within the interiors. 
Durability The solid and sturdy planks of Shaw Smoky Mountain not only provide a resilient and long-lasting functionality but also nail the very dimension of aesthetics too. 
Styles and SpeciesMost of the products within the Shaw Smokey Mountain are made from Hickory, Oak, and Maple. There are up to 12 styles available within this collection and a versatile choice of entrancing colors, too. 
Width The board width of Shaw Smokey Mountains ranges from 3 1/4’’ to 5’’

Other Features Of Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw Hardwood Flooring stands out in multiple ways and from its build quality to the classy aesthetics it offers, there’s a lot to acknowledge. Besides, this way, you can easily figure out the right choice for yourself, as well. 

Notable Specs Of Shaw Hardwood

Here is the compilation of those factors that make Shaw Hardwood Flooring worth all the praise and of course the money. 

Promising Durability

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring provides the most exceptional durability and nearly all domestic as well as commercial uses can be entrusted with the sturdy build quality. 

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring offers amazing warranties against most of the damaging aspects such as scratching, denting, impact and weathering.

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring comes with a flawless resistance against all extents of foot traffic and is, therefore, an all-time favorable choice for all spaces, whether commercial or residential. 

Entrancing Aesthetics

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring features beyond attractive profiles and the super realistic wood patterns can easily flaunt every single interior space in no time. 

  • There are multiple styles, designs, grain, and color choices available with Shaw Flooring. The classy hues go ideally well with all modern as well as traditional interiors. 

Endless Species Varieties

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring is known for its nearly endless flooring products across a number of versatile lines, offering the widest style spectrum to choose from. 

  • The versatility of Shaw Hardwood Flooring lies in the very collection of its wood species in the first place. You can find a number of mind-blowing options such as Maple, Oak, Hickory, Bamboo, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, and several others. 

Finish Versatility

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring is widely available with a number of versatile finishes and textures. These include hand-scraped, wire-brushed, hand-sculpted as well as completely smooth surface finishes.

  • If you’re much into reclaimed wood patterns, then you can benefit from the heavily and lightly scraped flooring options, exclusively offered by Shaw Hardwood Flooring. 

  • There are both mattes as well as high gloss levels available within the Shaw Hardwood Flooring, featuring the Scufresist Platinum Treatment which serves as a remarkable addition to the adorable aesthetics of this flooring. 

Green Factor 

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring is an entirely eco-friendly and therefore very safe choice of flooring. Besides, it’s a highly sustainable flooring choice if you’re opting for domestic wood species. 

  • With Shaw Hardwood Flooring, off-gassing and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) won’t be a concern as most of the construction of this flooring is carried out from exotic woods.

  • While VOCs and off-gassing could be a problem with the engineered version of Shaw Hardwood Flooring, it is not experienced with the solid version, at all. 

Pros And Cons Of Shaw Hardwood Flooring 

Ahead is the analysis of both the favorable as well as non-favorable aspects of Shaw Hardwood Flooring. This will provide you with the perfect criteria to relate your requirements with and thus come up with the right choice for your place(s).

Exceptional Quality: Shaw Hardwood Flooring is known for featuring the most extraordinary quality in terms of both the build quality as well as aesthetics. This brand does provide the best value for the money. Limited Solid Hardwood Collection: Shaw has a confined collection of the Solid Hardwood Flooring. 
Extensive Styling: There are endless design and style options available across the extensive lines of Shaw Hardwood Flooring and one can always succeed in finding the best match for both classic as well as contemporary interiors. Faulty Engineered Hardwood Collection: A vast majority of users have reported experiencing serious troubles with Shaw Engineered Hardwood Flooring. 
Solid Warranties: Shaw Hardwood Flooring comes with a reasonable residential usage warranty against structural damage and wear and tear. 
Cost-Effectiveness: Shaw Hardwood Flooring is indeed one of the best home improvement investments as the quality you get is absolutely worth the money. 
Eco-friendliness: Shaw Hardwood Flooring is a wholly safe choice of floor treatment as it effectively eliminates the concerns of VOCs and off-gassings. 

Shaw Hardwood Cost 

The starting cost for Shaw Hardwood Flooring is around $4.50 per square foot, depending on the size, style, and locality. 

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  • Shaw being one of the most renowned flooring brands provides its flooring both online and it can be purchased locally, as well. 

  • Shaw Hardwood Flooring is sold exclusively at Home Depot

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Vs Other Brands 

Shaw being the industry leader does give a tough competition to other noteworthy flooring brands and this is likely to cause indecisiveness for anybody and everybody looking forward to a suitable flooring choice. 

Let’s first have a structural comparison of the Shaw Hardwood Flooring with the other famous flooring brand which is none other than Bruce. Post that, we’ll be comparing the pricing ranges of Shaw Hardwood Flooring with a few other flooring brands. 

Shaw Vs Bruce Hardwood Flooring

shaw vs bruce hardwood flooring
Characteristic QualityShaw Hardwood FlooringBruce Hardwood Flooring 
Wood Species Shaw Hardwood Flooring features the wood species of Hickory, Maple, Pine, and Oak. Bruce Hardwood flooring is made from the famous Appalachian Mountain fine wood and other species include Dundee Oak, Natural Oak, White Oak, Manchester Oak, Hickory, and Barnwood Living Red Oak.
Resistance Shaw Hardwood Flooring is 100% waterproof and also features the highest resistance against scratching.Shaw Hardwood Flooring, as well, is 100% waterproof and also features the highest resistance against scratching.
Maintenance Requires sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming for fine upkeep.Requires sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming for fine upkeep.
Distinctive FeaturesShaw Hardwood Flooring is known for its matchless excellence as well as the most promising durability, Bruce Hardwood Flooring offers sublime quality wood and is the easiest to install as an affordable DIY project.
CostStarts from $4.79 per square foot and goes to $7.65 per square foot.Starts from $3. 49 per square foot and goes to $8.22 per square foot

Shaw Hardwood Cost Comparison With Other Brands 

Here you can see the pricing difference between Shaw and other renowned Hardwood Flooring brands.

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Carlisle$8 per square foot to $16 per square foot
Somerset$4 per square foot to $7.50 per square foot
Mullican$4 per square foot to $8 per square foot
Bellawood$3.99 per square foot to $12.29 per square foot
K.D. Woods CompanyStarting from $9 per square foot
Lauzon$8 per square foot to $15 per square foot
Mirage $5 per square foot to $12 per square foot 

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