Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews

Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews: Pros & Cons, Prices 2022

Shaw is the largest flooring manufacturer and the industry leader that doesn’t need any introduction at all. This globally recognized provider of flooring is an exceptionally best creator of Laminate Flooring, as well, featuring up to 24 distinctive flooring lines, within three major categories. 

Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews 

Since Shaw, of course, is the top-tier manufacturer, the very description of its Laminate Flooring certainly has a long way to go. 

We’ll begin our analysis from the structural significance and the comprehension about the noteworthy product lines of Shaw Laminate Flooring.This will then be followed by a brief overview of the advantages and a bit of disadvantages, with the accomplishing comparison of Shaw with its counterparts. 

Construction Of Shaw Laminate Flooring

In the first place, Shaw Laminate Flooring has a construction similar to other laminate floorings, however there does exist a major difference of the core construction. 

Layers Of Shaw Laminate Flooring

  • Core: Shaw laminate Flooring does not feature a basic fiberboard core like other laminate floorings, rather the exception comes from the usage of the proprietary material known as OptiCore coreboard, made to coat within the base layer for the purpose of protection.

  • Wear Layer: This is the topmost layer of Shaw Laminate Flooring featuring transparent aluminum oxide 

  • Photographic Layer: This high-resolution photographic layer is otherwise known as Image layer or design layer and is the one that carries the image of the design that is to be depicted by the Shaw Laminate Flooring, not to mention with the highest vividness. 

  • Base Layer: The base layer of Shaw Laminate Flooring is made of melamine and this kind of construction ensures the best stability as well as durability.

Structural Aspects Of Shaw Laminate Flooring 

These are some of the distinctions of Shaw Laminate Flooring.

  • Shaw Laminate Flooring comes with different levels of thickness, i.e. 5/16” (8 mm), 3/8” (9.5 mm) and 15/32” (12 mm).

  • 12 mm is the highest level of thickness and the most recommended one, too, since it comes with increased stability, rigidity and ultimately more enduring and heavy-duty functionality. 

  • The long edged planks of Shaw Laminate Flooring either have a micro-bevel or a bevel.

  • The significance of bevel lies in the creation of a small groove, thus giving off a realistic solid wood floor look with a finely finished appearance. 

  • Bevel edge laminate flooring is the right choice to consider if you’re opting for the look of a real hardwood floor.

  • The planks of Shaw Laminate Flooring with a micro-bevel edge appear entirely seamless across all the rows of the floor, since they have been butted up to each other thoroughly.

Shaw Laminate Flooring Product Lines 

As a matter of fact, Shaw laminate flooring does not get segregated by the quality (premiumness) of the flooring, rather the distinction takes place on the basis of the dimensional differentiation of the planks. 

Ahead is the detailed description of all.

Shaw Repel Laminate

Characteristic Criteria Availability Within Shaw Repel Laminate 
DistinctionShaw Repel is the most famous collection amongst all Shaw Laminate Floorings and this high-end engineered flooring collection features an exceptional construction as well as resistance. 
Construction The beautifully authentic-looking Shaw Repel Laminate features an additional water repellent layer, as the topmost surface, which gives rise to all the incredible waterproofing. 
Included LinesThere are up to 9 lines of Shaw Repel Laminate, i.e. Anthem Plus, Pinnacle Port Plus, Port Royal, Cades Cove, Carriage House, Harbour Towne, Pinnacle Port, Freeport and Grand Vista. 
ResistanceShaw Repel Laminate stands out with its advanced and innovative water-repelling technology known as the Splash-proof Technology. This way, it’s the undeniably best choice for all the daily life usages within both commercial and residential spaces. 
Dimensions The general plank thickness for all Repel Laminate Planks is 12 mm. As for the plank measurements, these include 5.44 x 50.75 inches and 7.67 x 48 inches.
Colors Since there are multiple further lines included within Shaw Repel Laminate, therefore, the color range is extremely versatile, too.
Naming a few of the color choices, Summer Seattle (neutral toned), Boulder Sky (cool toned), Wyoming Sky(medium-light), East Virginia (medium-dark), Burleigh Taupe (neutral toned), Skyline Gray (cool toned), Evening Walk (cool toned), Weathered Hickory (cool toned), Golden Hickory (cool toned), Baytown Hickory (warm toned), Composed Gold (lightest one in the Carriage House Line) and Variety Mocha (a dark choice in the Carriage House Line). 
Styles Real wood looks, wood grain textures, rustic styles, heavy-character wood images (stains and knocks) and heavy-grain patterns are some of the notable styling choices available across the lines of Shaw Repel Laminate. 
Areas Of ApplicationVarious lines of Shaw Repel Laminate include ravishing designs that works wonders for all country, classic and rustic styled residential spaces, modern-styled homes, beach houses, casual decor themes, relaxed decor organizations, rustic flare style homes, places with man caves and cabins and lastly sunrooms. 
Cost Shaw Repel Laminate Costs up to $5.39 to $5.89 per square foot. 

Shaw Mixed Width Laminate

Characteristic Criteria Availability Within Mixed Width Laminate 
DistinctionThis highly unique and visually pleasing collection of the Shaw Laminate Flooring gets differentiated from the other versions due to the fact that it features two versatile plank dimensions. 
Construction Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring comes with a greatly authentic hardwood appearance, since the planks of different widths can be flaunted for achieving various adorable looks.
Included LinesManor Ridge and Castle Ridge are the two lines included within the Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring Collection. 
ResistanceShaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring offers a 30-year warranty for residential usage and as for the commercial usage, the usage warranty is of 5 years. 
Dimensions 3.58” ,5”,6.24”, 3.5”, 5” and 6.375” are the two major plank dimensions available within Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring.
Colors There are up to 4 colors included within the Manor Ridge Line, i.e. Dark Canyon (chocolatey brown), Spice Brown (warm medium), Ashley Gray (cool toned) and neutral color options. 
Styles EIR (Embossed in Register) is the texturizing style of most of the Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring. And the edge profiles are usually either bevel or micro bevel.
Areas Of ApplicationBoth Castle Ridge and Manor Ridge lines of the Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring collection are meant to be flaunted with homes having a classic or vintage decor theme. Besides the wood look styles work wonders for contemporary home decor styles. 
Cost Shaw Mixed Width Laminate Flooring costs up to $5.89 to $6.09 per square foot. 

Shaw Longboard Laminate

This used to be a line of the Shaw Laminate Flooring, however, it isn’t found on Shaw’s website anymore and had the distinction of exceptionally longer planks. 

Shaw Laminate Pros And Cons

While Shaw Laminate Flooring is one extraordinarily suitable, highly sustainable and premium quality floor treatment, there still are a few points where it gets to drop the ball a bit. 


  • Fair Pricing

Shaw is one of the most renowned and equally respected brands, for offering excellent 

quality at affordable rates, as a vast majority of options are available for as less as $3 

per square foot. 

  • Extensive Options

Shaw Laminate Flooring offers endless style, finish, color and pattern choices, eventually 

creating the best decor organizations. 

  • Authentic Appearance

Shaw’s Laminate Flooring is realistic to the point that it’s almost impossible to 

differentiate it from a hardwood floor. And most importantly this goes the same for all 

light, dark and even grayish toned floors. 

  • Easy Installation

Shaw Laminate Flooring is generally very easy to install, and an excellent way for DIYers 

to save the installation money. Besides, the installation can be easily done on all the 

levels of a place.

  • Moisture-Resistance

The Repel Collection of Shaw Laminate Flooring comes with a fine resistance against 



  • No Attached Underlayment

Shaw Laminate Flooring does not feature an integrated underlayment. And since it’s a 

crucial element to be used with the Laminate Flooring, one has to spend additionally on 

the padding.

  • No Commercial Warranty

There is no commercial warranty visible on Shaw’s website for any of the collection. And 

as for the residential warranties, there is no correspondence to be found among the 

warranty version and the product. 

Shaw Laminate Cost

The general retail price for Shaw Laminate Flooring is around $2.50 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot. 

  • This is, as a matter of fact, top mid-range pricing for the Laminate Flooring and the quality is absolutely worth the money.

Shaw Laminate Cost Comparison With Other Laminate Brands

Laminate BrandsCost
Pergo$2.29 – $2.59 Per Square Foot
Quickstep$1.79 – $2.39 per square foot
Armstrong$2.39 – $3.39 per square foot
TrafficMaster$2.20 per square foot
Tarkett$1 – $3.29 per square foot
Mohawk$1.90 – $2.65 per square foot.
Learn More in detail about Laminate Flooring Cost
  • As far as the availability of Shaw Laminate Flooring is concerned, you’re likely to find a few collections at Wayfair. However, for the purpose of having a detailed purchase, you’ll need to reach out to a dealer of the Shaw Floors

Shaw Laminate Vs Mohawk Laminate

So our Shaw Laminate Flooring Reviews can’t possibly be completed, until and unless we have the analysis with the other top-tier industry leader, which is none other, but Mohawk Flooring. 

Let’s take a look at this incredibly interesting battle.

Characteristic Comparison Of Shaw And Mohawk Laminate 

Characteristic Criteria Shaw LaminateMohawk Laminate
Moisture ResistanceShaw owns the Repel Collection which besides being the best seller is the most flawless waterproof Laminate Flooring.Mohawk Laminate, as well, is quite a water-resistant flooring, which also comes with the additional convenience of cleaning it with a water mop.
AC RatingMost of the Shaw Laminate Flooring Collections come with an AC4 rating, making them the ideally heavy-duty choice for busiest residential usage as well as commercial-grade usage, too. Mohawk Laminate Flooring too, features an AC4 rating against wear and tear and scratching damage, making it the best choice for residential utilization and for a relatively light commercial-grade usage, too. 
WarrantyA vast majority of Shaw Laminate Styles feature a 5-year Commercial warranty as well as a good 30-year residential warranty.A vast majority of Mohawk Flooring Choices come with a good 10-year Commercial warranty and most importantly a lifetime residential usage warranty.
CertificationShaw Laminate Flooring features GreenGuard Certification which means it isn’t toxic for the indoor air quality and has lower levels of VOCs. Mohawk Laminate Flooring features both CARB2 as well as GreenGuard Certification, therefore is guaranteed of not emitting any of the harmful formaldehydes or VOCs. 
Cost Shaw Laminate Flooring costs around $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot. Mohawk Laminate Flooring costs around $2.50 to $3.35 per square foot. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shaw Laminate Flooring Waterproof?

Shaw Laminate Flooring is likely to show a little resistance to water however, it is not completely waterproof. With that said, if you’re in a dire need for a Laminate Flooring that has a better water-resistance, you can totally opt for the Shaw Repel Laminate Collection. That’s because the laminate flooring within this collection features an additional top layer, which serves as a protection against all kinds of moisture damage, mostly splashes and spills. 

Is Shaw Floorte Pro Waterproof?

Shaw Floorte Pro, as per one of its super incredible benefits, is completely waterproof, which makes it the best recommendation for all of the moisture-prone spaces. In addition to that, The Shaw Floorte Pro flooring features a relatively thinner profile and therefore works wonders in all of the commercial settings. Moreover, its compact design can efficiently withstand all the wear and wear as well as the greater levels of foot fall, too. 

Where To Buy Shaw Laminate Flooring?

Shaw Laminate Flooring is widely available at a vast majority of flooring stores as well as retailers. Plus, it can also be shopped from home improvement chains like The Home Depot, Lowes and not to forget at Walmart, too. In addition to that, you can also consider shopping Shaw Laminate Flooring online from the renowned sources of Amazon and Wayfair. 

How Thick Is Shaw Laminate Flooring?

The general thickness level of Shaw Laminate Flooring is up to 12 mm. The planks of this flooring feature Shaw’s proprietary OptiCore Coreboard with the backing made of melamine. This kind of construction gives rise to the exceptional stability, durability and most importantly the entirely heavy-duty nature of Shaw Laminate Flooring. Not to mention the resistance against moisture damage, as well. 

What Is The Best AC Rating Of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring featuring the AC5 rating are considered to be the most durable ones, however their usage is not very common. Apart from that, the laminate flooring with an AC4 Rating is also a highly durable choice and the one that is most suitable for commercial-grade uses. This explains the dedicated usage of AC4 Rated Laminate flooring within restaurants, cafes, bars, offices, salons, boutiques and other similar spaces. 

What Is The Best Thickness For Laminate Flooring?

The ideal and recommended thickness for laminate flooring ranges between 6 mm and 12 mm. Besides, one important factor to consider at this point is to NOT BE FOOLED by a laminate flooring having a thickness more than 12 mm, since that would be including the padding, as well. 10 mm or 12 mm Laminate Flooring generally works best if you’re opting for a high-quality hardwood-feel flooring. Similarly, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for your rather smooth subfloors, a 7 mm or 8 mm Laminate Flooring will be pretty okay for you.

What Is The Best Padding For Laminate Flooring?

Foam and Cork are the best underlay options for Laminate Flooring and the most popular ones across the entire market, too. Talking about Cork, it serves as the ideally thick Laminate floor padding and the one that effectively absorbs excessive noise, too. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a rather cost-effective padding option, foam is what you should go for, as it is an amazingly heavy-duty material. Besides, it also serves as a moisture barrier, keeping all the water damage, at bay.