Trex Decking Guide Reviews

Trex Decking Reviews: Types, Cost,Pros ,Cons and Installation Guide

Trex is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of Decking and is known for its exceptional quality decking, specifically the composite styled one. The Trex decking products are famous for holding up really well for extensive periods of time. And besides the durability, the most phenomenal styling is another exquisite and of course extremely convincing aspect to go for. 

Trex Decking Reviews

Trex Composite Decking is, by all means, the first and foremost factor when breaking down the structural factors as well as the qualities of Trex decking. So let’s jump straight to this crucial point of our debate.

What Is Trex Composite Decking?

Composite decking, by far, is the most popular style of decking and is a perfect eco-friendly alternative to wood decking, as well. Beginning from the structural emphasis, Trex composite decking features a blend of wood fibers and plastic film (polyethylene or polypropylene). 

The resultant decking is an extremely sturdy, heavy-duty and resilient one, which, even, is significantly more functional than a decking containing 100% plastic. 

  • Trex composite decking is greatly resistant against warping, rotting and fading.

  • It’s super low-maintenance and low-cost at the same time. 

  • It lasts much longer than any wood or plastic decking.
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Product Lines Of Trex Composite Decking

There are three major series of Trex Decking or you can call them the types, too. This categorization makes it practically convenient to settle for a suitable choice. 

Trex Transcend Decking

Transcend is the premium decking line of Trex and is the only series that comes with Porch boards.

  • Distinction: It is the “greenest” line since up to 95% of its construction consists of recycled materials.

  • Styling: There are up to 3 distinctive profiles available and 10 different colors, five of which are Premium Tropicals (Havana Gold, Island Mist, Lava Rock, Spiced Rum and Tiki Torch) and the others are Classic Earth Tones (Fire Pit, Gravel Path, Rope Swing, Tree House and Vintage Lantern).

  • Resilience: This Trex decking is highly fade, scratch and stain resistant and comes with a limited residential warranty of 25 years.

  • Maintenance There is no need to sand or stain this decking and the overall maintenance is really easy with a simple soap solution.

  • Cost: Trex Transcend has a general retail price of $9.76 per square foot. 

Trex Select Decking

Select is the simplified product version of Trex and the best budget-friendly as well as durable option, too. 

  • Distinction: Trex Select comes with a heavy-duty shell protection technology which not only supports its highest-grade longevity but also gives rise to the nature-inspired colors.

  • Styling: Trex Select comes within 5 Nature-Inspired Earth Tones (Madeira, Pebble Gray, Winchester Gray, Saddle and Woodland Brown). 

  • Resilience: It is a greatly long-lasting decking which is resistant to fading and staining, as well. However, the effectiveness is lesser than the premium line. There is a limited 25 years residential warranty. 

  • Maintenance: Trex select decking is quite convenient to take care of and a minimal cleaning along with gentle scrubbing works pretty enough.

  • Cost: The general retail price for Trex Select decking is $6.56 per square foot.

Trex Enhance Decking

It’s the last one amongst Trex Decking products, there are two grades available within this decking and it syncs well with all Trex railing for the perfect ornamentation. 

  • Distinction: Trex Enhance Decking is the easiest to handle as a DIY project as well as the ideal alternative to composite decking. 

  • Styling: The innovative realistic wood-like design of Trex Enhance Decking comes within two color options, i.e. Basic (Clam Shell, Beach Dune and Saddle) and Natural (Coastal Bluff, Rocky Harbor, Toasted Sand, Foggy Wharf and Sunset Cove). 

  • Resilience: Trex Enhance Decking features a highly durable build quality and is incredibly resistant against fading, staining, mildew and mold. It also comes with a 25-year limited residential warranty. 

  • Maintenance: It not only is the decking choice with the easiest maintenance but also the one that is a really easy-to-deal DIY project without the need to look for any professional assistance, at all.

  • Cost: Trex Enhance Decking has a general retail price of $4.33 per square foot. 

Cost And Characteristics Comparison Of Trex Decking

This collective comparison will help you rest your case even if you’re not very obvious about which option to go for. 

Cost Table With Trex Decking Series 

Series/ Collection Color Choices Warranty Cost 
Trex Transcend5 Premium Tropicals and 5 Classic Earth ToneFade and Stain Resistance and 25-years Residential Warranties $9.76 per square foot
Trex Select 5 Earth TonesFade and Stain Resistance and 25-years Residential Warranties$6.56 per square foot
Trex Enhance 5 Basic Colors and 5 Natural Colors Fade and Stain Resistance and 25-years Residential Warranties$4.33 per square foot 
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Pros And Cons Of Trex Decking

Pros Cons 
Widest Availability: Trex decking comes within extensive ranges and there is a suitable option available for every budget. Initial Expenses: Trex Decking is much likely to seem costly than other deckings regarding the upfront cost. 
Warranty And Durability: Trex is extremely resilient in nature and sustains its beauty for long, too. Besides, there is a 25 year warranty against fading and staining.Lesser Availability Of Services: There is a relatively low number of professionals available, who actually have got a sound experience of building Trex Decking. 
Ease Of Maintenance: Trex decking does not require any staining or sanding at all and the cleaning is really basic and easy, too. 
Safety: Trex decking is totally free of rotting and does not get slippery too, even when it is fully wet. 
Environmental Friendliness: The composite material of Trex decking features recycled materials and thus is a technically biodegradable outdoor deck choice. 

Where To Buy Trex Decking?

Trex Composite Decking is widely available at home improvement chains like Home Depot, Lowes and 84 Lumber, as well. You can look for both online as well as physical samples from these big box retailers and thus continue with your selection. 

Trex Decking Installation Guide

Trex Decking is quite a convenient DIY project and when you’ve got the right set of equipment at hand, there are major chances for you to get done with much ease and without any considerable trouble. 

Recommended Tools

These are the major set of tools that have been recommended by Trex itself:

  • Jigsaw
  • Miter Saw
  • Impact Drill (a standard one will be pretty okay)
  • Pneumatic Gun (For Fastener Connectors)
  • Router Bit (For Crisp Edges)

Personal Safety Essentials 

Do ensure making use of this Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while you work, so as to effectively eliminate the likelihood of any injury or accident. 

  • Safety Gloves 
  • Safety Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • A shirt with full sleeves (along with long pants or trousers, basically any clothing that covers you properly)
  • Steel toe shoes (optional)

Easy Trex Decking Installation 

This is the most basic and easy way to install your Trex Decking, since essentially there isn’t a lot to do when you’re dealing with Trex Decking. Follow these guidelines and you should be able to lay the decking without any major trouble. 

1. Start by mixing and syncing the decking boards before proceeding with the installation as there is always a bit of a difference among them. 

2. Lay the decking boards in your intended styling order (any pattern of dark or light colors) to get an idea about whether the decking will appear to be the same as your aesthetic approach.

3. Both the lighter and the darker boards should be in an even and complimenting manner.

4. Check for your product specifications if the decking boards are scalloped or straight in terms of their profile. P.S. The very procedure of installation is much likely to vary depending on the type of product being used. 

5. You can start from any of the substructure ends while drilling down the boards as you move inwards. 

6. The composite decking boards can either be screwed down or you can nail them down, as well (and nail the entire procedure!).

7. Face screw all the boards, followed by screwing a concealed fastener clip into the grooves that are located on top of the joists. 

8. Continue sliding the grooves of the second board into the clips, followed by tightening them with a rubber mallet. 

9. It’s best to make use of up to 2 screws for every joist, according to the recommended criteria by Trex.

10. If there is any saltwater body nearby, always make sure that you use the stainless steel screws. Besides, you need to be extremely careful with never countersinking the screws.

Crucial Tips To Remember:

Keep these essential tips and tricks in mind as you continue with your Trex Decking installation.

  • Trex Decking can be installed atop aluminum, steel or timber subframes. 

  • NEVER go for installing your Trex Decking on a floating subframe or substructure.

  • As for the composite decking, it can always be laid on the ground, to boot. 

  • Ensure coating the board ends with an end-coat preservative treatment, as this will help you cut them easily and not make board customization (which is necessary in most cases) a demanding phase of installation. 

  • Do ensure buying up to 10% even if you’re extremely sure about the measurements, as you might be needing at any point. 

  • If you’re a legit beginner, avoid going for the DIY installation as the risk factor is much higher in any such scenario. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Trex Deck Last?

A trex decking, such as the composite one, is likely to last up to 25 to 30 years, as a mainstream standard. The composite material of Trex Decking not only is meant to last literally for an entire lifetime, but also is really low-maintenance, too. Besides, it remains resilient against staining and color fading, as well.

Can I Put Grill On Trex Composite Deck?

Grills are totally okay to be used on the Trex Composite Decking. The primary reason for this is that Composite decking, similar to wood decking, features at least a Class C fire rating and therefore is totally safe to use. You can absolutely utilize gas grills without any possible concern of fire hazard or even damage to the decking itself. 

Does Trex Decking Mold?

Trex decking, initially, is prone to getting moldy since it features a blend of plastic and wood fibers. However the good news at this point is that the structural performance of Trex Decking does not get affected by the mold in any way. Besides, mold is really easy to clean and to get rid of, since it’s mainly the accumulation of debris and dirt. 

Does Composite Decking Need Maintenance?

Composite decking has this major plus point that you don’t need to maintain it a lot and not a lot of time is required in this regard either. You can carry out either a semiannual or an annual cleaning by making use of soapy water (dishwasher and water). However, the best approach in this regard is to go for a specified composite deck cleaner. 

How To Restore Trex Decking?

One simple solution to restore the look of your Trex decking requires mixing half a cup of white vinegar (you can also use apple cider vinegar) and a cup of baking soda to one gallon water. You’ll need to either spray or spread the entire decking with this solution. Trex recommends this solution for the purpose of cleaning Decking, since it’s super effective when it comes to results. 

What Lengths Does Trex Decking Come In?

The 2 x 6 boards of Trex decking often come within the length ranges of 12 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet. In addition to this, Trex Decking is available on shelf within a measurement of 8 feet in many select stores. The square edge boards of Trex decking get installed in a traditional way, similar to that of the wood.

What To Make With Leftover Trex Decking?

There are a number of smart ideas to upcycle leftover composite decking. Some of the most effective and practical ideas in this regard include building a storage chest, planter box, bird house, dog house and even a garden bench, as well. Moreover, another amazing idea to utilize Trex Decking is to make building addresses and room numbers display with it.