Veranda Composite decking Reviews & Cost Guide

Veranda Composite Decking Reviews 2022; Notable Features, Pros And Cons And Pricing

Veranda Composite Decking is a sublime quality product that belongs to Fiberon, a renowned decking brand. This composite decking stands out with a number of incredible qualities, which are rather uncommon among other series of Fiberon Decking. With a highly resilient composite structure and supremely classy aesthetics, this decking is just the most suitable outdoor treatment, if you don’t wanna spend on those pricey real wood decks.

The cost of this decking is amazingly affordable and so are the perks and pros meant to be experienced with it. It’s super easy to care for and will last a lot longer than any of the regular composite decks. Convenient availability and great versatility are some other peculiar perks of this decking. 

Veranda Composite Decking Reviews 

Flooring Pure presents you with a comprehensive outlook on the Veranda Composite Decking. Besides, being generally informative, our reviews will be of reasonable help for you, in case you’re particularly up for a decking buying guide

Construction Of Veranda Composite Decking

  • Veranda Decking features a composite construction, essentially what makes it a way more smart option to settle for, in comparison with wood decking.

  • This decking is constructed from a blend of wood and plastics, which also implies that it’s a completely green and sustainable product.

  • The boards of this decking are capped from three sides for ensuring additional resistance as well as protection against factors like staining or fading. 

  • This kind of construction makes the Veranda Composite Decking incredibly tough against rotting, splintering, splitting and cracking. Besides, these boards don’t let any mould or mildew growth take place and also cannot be damaged by insects. 

Colors Of Veranda Composite Decking

Veranda Composite Decking comes in two solid colors, which give off the perfect look of a traditional stained deck. The boards are pre-finished as well and do not require any staining, painting or finishing. 

These are the two colors of Veranda Composite Decking

  • Brown 
  • Gray

Profiles And Dimensions Of Veranda Composite Decking

Veranda Composite Decking comes in two distinctive profiles, i.e. Grooved Edge and Square Edge. 

  • Square Edge Profile

This decking profile has dimensions of 0.92 inches x 5.2 inches. It is available in the length options of both 12 feet and 16 feet.

  • Grooved Edge Profile

This decking profile has dimensions of 0.92 inches x 5.2 inches. However, it only comes with the length option of 16 feet. This version of Veranda Composite Decking also comes with hidden fasteners for providing a quick and easy installation.

Maintaining Veranda Composite Decking

Veranda Composite Decking is generally easy to maintain. As for the occasional incidents or spillings, you simply need to go for the specified fixes. 

  • For general cleaning, all you need to do is clean the Decking surface with soap and water. Any mild household cleaner can be used in this regard. However, you can also use a specified composite decking cleaner for achieving maximum results. Avoid using any abrasive or metal scrub brushes.

  • For dealing with grease and oil stains, you’ll need to make use of an all-purpose cleaner or at best a commercial cleaner.

  • In case of any mold or mildew accumulations, you can get the job done with commercial cleaners such as the Collier Manufacturing 30-Seconds® Outdoor Cleaner. Regular cleanup is the best way to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Warranty Of Veranda Composite Decking

Veranda Composite Decking offers a 25 year limited warranty for assuring performance and for protection against fading and staining. 

Pros And Cons Of Veranda Composite Decking

Higher Protection: The boards of Veranda Composite Decking have a capped structure and therefore are completely protected against moisture, UV and atmospheric damage. Limited Hue And Style Options: Veranda Composite Decking only comes in two color choices which might be an unacceptable factor for several users.
Easy Availability: Veranda Composite Decking can be easily purchased from Home Depot Stores and also from a number of online retailers. 
Solid Resistance: Veranda Composite Decking features high resistance against multiple damaging factors such as mold, mildew, insects, fading and staining.
Great Affordability: Veranda Composite Decking is one of the most budget-friendly composite deckings in the market, with the added benefit of an excellent warranty of 25 years. 

Veranda Composite Decking Pricing 

Here is the pricing description for the size versions of Veranda Composite Decking.

Decking Measurement Cost (for the single board)Cost (for a pack of 56 boards)
12-foot board$20$1,300
16-foot board$26$1,757

Where To Buy Veranda Composite Decking

  • Veranda Composite Decking is widely available at the stores of Home Depot.
  • It can also be purchased from several online decking retailers 

Veranda Composite Deckings Vs Other Decking Brands 

Veranda Composite Decking Vs Trex Decking

Characteristic CriteriaTrex DeckingVeranda Composite Decking 
StrengthTrex Decking features a tensile strength of 250 lbs per square inch.Veranda Decking features a tensile strength of 262 lbs per square inch.
ResistanceTrex Decking is likely to be damaged by mould and moisture. Besides, repairing it can be difficult and the only feasible option is a replacement.Veranda Decking features a capped structure and therefore is resistant to atmospheric, moisture and mould damage. Besides, it is easier to deal with, in case of any fixing requirements. 
WarrantyTrex Decking comes with a 25-year warranty against staining and fading. Veranda Decking comes with a 25-year warranty against staining and fading.
Cost The cost of Trex Decking ranges between $1,600 and $9,600.The cost of Veranda Decking ranges between $1,300 and $1,757. 

Cost Comparison Between Veranda Composite Decking And Other Brands 

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Fiberon$15 per square foot to $22 per square foot
Zuri$70 to $90 for 12 foot length 
DuraLife$18 per square foot to $35 per square foot
Wolf Decking$9,500 to $20,000.
Envision$15 per square foot to $35 per square foot
CertainTeed EverNew$2.75 per square foot 

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