Wolf Decking Reviews

Wolf Decking Reviews: Products and Prices 2022

Wolf Home Products is the manufacturer that has been constructing both traditional as well as modern styles of decking (those involving composite and PVC materials) since the 1900’s and has a well-ranked positioning amongst the entire market. Besides, the company is also known for creating excellent quality home goods such as outdoor lighting, sidings and cabinets. 

Wolf Decking Reviews

We shall be periodically taking a look at all the noteworthy aspects of Wolf Decking, starting with the types, their structural emphasis and pros and cons.

Plus, lastly there will be a few lucrative comparisons mentioned, as well, so as to efficiently deal with any of the possible indecisiveness. 

Types Of Wolf Decking

Wolf Decking comes within three major types. 

Wolf Decking Products

Wolf Serenity Decking

Characteristic Criteria Availability In Wolf Serenity Decking 
DistinctionWolf Serenity Decking is the flagship and top-tier product by Wolf Home Products.
ConstructionInstead of any traditional construction, such as a composite blend, Wolf Serenity Decking features a PVC construction. It’s High Density Cellular Technology not only ensures the best stability and durability but also makes the decking appear like real wood. 
StrengthWolf Serenity Decking features a high-end, tough and sturdy core, which serves as the foundation for all the stability and heavy-duty performance. 
ResistanceSince Wolf Serenity Decking features a PVC construction, it’s technically totally resistant against a vast majority of the damaging concerns such as warping, rotting, splitting, delamination. And this also includes the toughness against any of the mildew or mold accumulation. 
Notable TechnologyWolf Serenity Decking features the company’s proprietary ColorWatch100 ASA capstock technology, which is there to keep all the sun damage and ultimately deck color-fading at bay. 
InstallationWolf Serenity Decking is the easiest to install for homeowners, who have got an experience of DIYs. Since all that needs to be done is the screwing down of the decking in the traditional way or it can also be installed with the help of included hidden fasteners.
MaintenanceThe maintenance is really easy to carry out, as well, since it is highly resistant in nature and therefore does not develop excessive buildup that’s difficult to get rid of. 
CollectionsThe Wolf Serenity Decking line features two major collections known as Seaside and Tropical Hardwoods. The tropical hardwood options include Teakwood, Weathered IPE (Brazilian Walnut), Rose Wood, Silver Teak, Golden Cypress, Driftwood Gray, Black Walnut and lastly Amber Wood. As for the Seaside, there are two major options available which are Sand Castle and Harbor Gray.
SizingWolf Serenity Decking features 1’’ thick and 5 ½’’ wide boards that have a length of either 12’, 16’ or 20’ and are reversible, as well. 
Styling And ColorsThe Wolf Serenity Decking features a capped PVC style and is available within 10 distinctive colors. 
ComplianceWolf Serenity Decking comes with the ESR-2824 ICC Code Compliance and all the boards are double sided too, within both of the collections. 

Wolf Perspective Decking

Characteristic Criteria Availability In Wolf Perspective Decking 
DistinctionWolf Perspective Decking is the one that resembles real wood in terms of feel and thus is the ideal choice for those in search of fine quality wooden decks. 
ConstructionWolf Perspective Decking features an entirely eco-friendly construction and is made of 94% recycled materials, so you know you’re using a green product.
StrengthWolf Perspective Decking comes with a sturdy core not only is the toughest itself but also ensures strength and stability for the composite boards. 
ResistanceThis decking comes with a reasonable and long-term sustained resistance against staging and fading, so you won’t need to be concerned about any touch ups or treatments again and again. 
Notable TechnologyWolf Perspective Decking features a Fiber Sequence Technology which serves as a stability providing source for both the core as well as the decking boards. 
MaintenanceIt’s quite easy to maintain the Wolf Perspective Decking, thanks to the highly resistant build quality.
CollectionsThere are no known collections available for the Wolf Perspective Decking. 
SizingWolf Perspective Decking features ⅞’’ thick and 5 ½’’ wide boards that have a length of either 12’, 16’ or 20’. However the boards do not have a reversible profile.
Styling And ColorsThe color choices included within Wolf Perspective Decking include Redwood, Potomac Gray, Dune, Acacia and Cedar Ridge. This decking features a composite styling. 
ComplianceWolf Perspective decking comes with a 25-year warranty against wear and tear and specifically scratching. 

Wolf Serenity Porch

Characteristic Criteria Availability In Wolf Serenity Porch
DistinctionThis is a spin-off product by Wolf Home Products and offers a syncing creation with the Wolf Serenity Decking (if you want your decking and porch to be similar) since both its plank construction and dual-sided profile resembles the decking. 
ConstructionWolf Serenity Porch comes with a tongue and groove construction and has narrow-width boards
StrengthWolf Serenity Porch comes with a solid, sturdy and highly stable surface appearance, much similar to the porches.
ResistanceThe Wolf Serenity Porch decking comes with the ColorWatch100 ASA technology too and therefore is highly resistant against all the major wear and tear from UV RAYS. 
MaintenanceThe maintenance as well, is quite easy plus budget-friendly for the Wolf Serenity Porch and is a practical choice for nearly all the atmospheric conditions and localities. 
CollectionsThe entire collections count for Wolf Serenity Porch goes up to 3, i.e. Tropical Hardwoods Collection, Americana Collection and Seaside Collection. 
Sizing Wolf Serenity Porch features 1’’ thick and 3 ⅛’’ wide boards that have a length of either 12’, 16’ or 20’ and are reversible as well. As for the boards within the Americana collection, they have a thickness of ¾’’.
Styling And ColorsThe Tropical Hardwoods Collection of Wolf Serenity Porch comes within 4 colors, i.e. Weathered IPE, Silver Teak, Golden Cyprus and Amberwood. The Seaside collection features two colors (similar to the Serenity Decking) that are Harbor Gray and Sand Castle. This Porch comes within a capped PVC styling. 
WarrantyWolf Serenity Porch comes with a 25-year warranty against staining and fadin and a 50-years warranty against general wear and tear. 

Pros And Cons Of Wolf Decking

We do consider taking a look at both the plus points as well as the negative aspects, in order to help you come up with the most suitable purchase.


Extensive Color Ranges

Wolf decking offers greatly extensive and versatile color choices, something that isn’t 

provided by a lot of PVC deck manufacturers.


Wolf decking comes with a high resistance against all of the possible damaging aspects 

such as rotting, warping, splitting, delamination and even color fading caused by UV 

rays. Besides, this decking isn’t prone to developing mold and mildew buildup, as well. 

ColorWatch Technology

The ColorWatch 100 Technology featured by Wolf Decking is an exceptional plus point 

that not only makes it a lot more functional and durable, but also makes the utilization a 

lot easier due to lesser requirement of maintenance. 


Wolf decking provides the ultimate advantage of an effortless and at the same time very

 low-cost maintenance. 


Wolf Decking comes with an extensive warranty of 50-years that covers all the damage 

and likelihood of scratching and rotting.


Lesser Availability

Wolf Decking isn’t easily available and often there is a need to look for specific 

contractors or dealers.

Not So Green

Wolf Decking isn’t entirely a green product, rather it has a low rating in terms of 


Cost Of Wolf Decking 

Wolf Decking, on average, costs around $9,500 to $20,000 with the exact pricing being decided by the decking material used as well as the styling and sizing. 

Ahead is the type-based description of Wolf Decking.

Type Of Wolf DeckingAverage Pricing 
Wolf Serenity Decking$13,750 to $19,200
Wolf Perspective Decking$9,500 to $14,250
Wolf Serenity Porch$14,500 to $20,000

Where To Buy Wolf Decking

  • Wolf Decking is widely available across the entire United States, but only at independent dealers and if that does not prove helpful, you might as well, need to make use of the zip code search, provided by the Wolf’s website

  • If one can’t manage to find it within his/her locality, there is a dire need to look for a specific dealer or contractor, in order to get the job done. 

  • If there is still disappointment being faced, you can have the online aid, i.e. ordering wolf decking at online retailers.

Wolf Decking Vs Trex Decking Vs Azek Decking

Why not compare Wolf Decking with its counterpart brands for the purpose of getting a better idea. And of course, the competing brands are none other but the renowned names of Trex decking as well as Azek Decking.

Characteristic CriteriaWolf DeckingTrex DeckingAzek Decking
MaterialsWolf Decking is a composite decking made from recycled materials. Trex Decking is a composite decking made from recycled materials.Azek Decking is made from PVC.
Resistance Wolf Decking comes with a reasonable resistance against scratching, dents, stains and fading.Trex Decking also features the same kind of resistance as Wolf Decking, however it’s a winner when it comes to durability. Azek Decking comes with a higher resistance against scratching and a relatively better fire rating is an additional advantage. 
InstallationWolf Decking is the easiest to install without any power toolsTrex decking requires a relatively prolonged (with more steps) installation than Wolf Decking, however it does not need power either. Azek decking comes with an easy installation by either screwing or with the help of hidden biscuit fasteners. 
Warranty The warranty offered by Wolf Decking ranges between 25 and 50 years, depending on the choice of the line.Trex Decking provides a 50-year warranty against all the possible defects.Azek Decking comes with a 50-year warranty against structural defects, staining and fading damage. 
Cost Wolf Decking costs around $9,500 to $20,000.Trex Decking costs around $1,600 to $9,600. Azek Decking costs around $8,750 to $16,500. 

Wolf Decking Cost Vs Other Brands 

Here is another cost comparison of the Wolf Decking along with some of the other notable decking brands, so as to provide you with a complete idea and a significant aid in the purchase. 

Cali Bamboo$75 to $120 for 16-foot deck boards
DuraLife$40 to $50 for 12-foot deck boards 
Fiberon$2.25 to $5.30 per linear foot
Envision $9.38 to $12.40 per square foot
CertainTeed EverNew$2.75 per square foot 
Zuri$70 to $153 for 12 & 20 foot deck boards

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Wolf Decking Last?

Wolf Deckings and specifically the Wolf Perspective decking are capable of remaining durable for up to 50 years, as a general criterion. The credit goes to the exclusive ColorWatch100 Technology, which ensures the enduring and highly prolonged working of Wolf Perspective Decking. Besides, this 50-year warranty goes against both fading and staining damage.

Is Wolf Decking Better Than Azek?

There is quite a minimal difference between the quality and structural specifications plus pros offered by both the brands. However, since there are multiple factors to look for, this ultimately provides one with enough criteria to settle for the relatively more suitable choice. You can either have the choice based upon colors as Azek decking comes with 10 color choices, so the winner here is Wolf Decking with a whole of 11 color options. Similarly, Azek is a more fire-resistant and scratch-resistant choice while the Wolf Decking has its significance in being the one with more rigidness. 

Does Wolf Decking Get Hot?

Wolf Serenity Decking is the one that’s totally prone to getting hot on days with high temperature, specifically from the sunlight that gets reflected on it by a Low-E glass (Low emissivity glass). And besides just increasing the decking’s temperature, excessive sunlight (even the indirect one, too) can cause severe damage to it, over time. Plus, this goes the same for all of the building materials, too. 

What Is Wolf Decking Made Of?

The Wolf Perspective Decking features a construction of up to 94% recycled materials, therefore is extremely heavy-duty and excellent in its performance. Besides, the rest of the decking strength comes from the core which is highly rigid and thus very promising in its functionality. In addition to that, the Wolf Serenity Decking comes with a proprietary ColorWatch100® premium ASA capstock which adds to the resistance and ultimately to the durability. 

Which Composite Decking Is Least Slippery?

Trex Decking is the one that remains totally non-slippery and thus very safe to use, even if it is wet. This water-resistant nature not only makes Trex decking the safest option to consider, but also reduces the effort required in terms of the maintenance, because after all, your decking is not going to be wet and messy and therefore, the cleanliness will be really effortless, as well. 

Does Wolf Decking Fade?

Wolf Serenity Decking features the proprietary ColorWatch100 ASA capstock that works for keeping all the color-fading and ultimately the UV damage at bay. In addition to that, it also makes the decking entirely resistant against the buildup of mildew and mold, thus making the maintenance a lot easier. Other benefits include toughness against splitting, delamination and rotting.

Is It Okay To Power Wash The Wolf Deck Or Boards Of The Porch?

You can totally do that, but it’s not that much necessary to go for the power washing. Instead, you can settle for a more practical and convenient method for cleaning, which is rinsing off the porch boards or the Wolf Decks with a water hose. In addition to that, you can also carry out a spot cleaning, which is an even easier procedure. This way, you can easily keep your decks as well as porch boards without having to do too much.