Zuri Decking | Reviews, Pros, Cons & Cost Guide 2022

Zuri Decking; Reviews, Products, And Cost Guide 2022

Zuri Decking is one of the decking products by the Canadian Company Royal Building Solutions, while the other ones are siding and trim products. The Zuri Premium Decking makes a perfect decking choice if wood or composite or even hybrid (a combo of the two) deckings aren’t your things 

As for the company, most of their siding, trim, and decking products are made from Vinyl and PVC and Zuri Decking isn’t an exception either. Besides, it rather serves as an alternative to the other two mainstream types of decking and is also a bit similar to the PVC-based and composite deckings. 

Zuri Decking Reviews

In our precisely perfect compilation of the Zuri Decking reviews, we’ll be going through all of the essential aspects as well as its characteristic qualities of it, the aesthetic factors (styling), and various other perks and pros offered by the company. Not to mention a brief outlook on the disadvantages, too. 

Lastly, we’ll have a comparison of the Zuri Decking with other decking counterparts, and that is majorly going to involve the pricing, followed by a few other prominent factors. 

This Zuri Decking Review by Flooring Pure is meant to be fundamentally lucrative for you, regarding settling for a favorable choice, as by the end, you can easily figure out the right product after relating all your major requirements to it.

Major Features And Specifications Of Zuri Decking 

Here is the comprehensive introduction of the Zuri Decking, as well as all the rest of the associated factors too.

Zuri Decking Construction 

  • Zuri Premium Decking is constructed from Cellular Composite PVC and the decking boards feature three layers, similar to the structure of Laminate Flooring. 

  • The boards of Zuri Decking also feature realistic-photo prints due to which the decking surface tends to give off the lifelike look of the wood grain. Besides, Zuri is the sole manufacturer of such authentic-looking wood boards and the credit goes to the digital surface print. 

  • The patterns of Zuri Decking boards are non-repetitive, which is to say that any and every unique design look can be easily achieved with these entrancing decking boards. 

  • There is a co-extruded clear Acrylic layer present as well, that covers the realistic-photo print of Zuri Decking boards. 

  • Zuri Decking boards feature the protection of “Zuri Trivance Topcoating Technology” which is there to effectively prevent any surface fading

  • The core of Zuri Premium Decking features a PVC substrate construction.

  • The very surface of Zuri Decking features up to 30% more hardness and ultimately structural stability, as compared to other non-wood decking products, a proprietary trait only offered by Royal Building Solutions. 

  • The surface hardness of Zuri Decking is the reason for its amazing stain resistance and this also includes all types of stainings such as food, drink, or those caused by pets. 

Zuri Decking Types

  • The incredibly tough and durable Zuri decking has the exceptional tendency to mimic a number of wood species.

  • There are two styles or essentially types of this decking available. 
  • Both the styles of the Zuri Collection feature a height of 1’’ and have a flat-profile bottom. 

Ahead is the rest of the structural description of the two. 

1. Zuri 7731

This is the style that has a solid profile or in other words a 1-inch square profile. The available lengths are 12, 16, and 20 feet with a similar width of 5.5 inches. Moreover, there are five colors available in this style. 

2. Zuri 9783

It’s the style with a one-inch grooved profile with lengths being the same as the Zuri 7731, i.e. 12 feet, 16 feet, and 20 feet. Besides, the 5.5 inches width is also identical for both of the decking styles. This decking style, as well, comes in 5 different colors. 

Zuri Decking Colors

  • Color availability is a downside of the Zuri Decking, to some degree, as there are only a few limited options available. 
Zuri Decking Colors
  • The repetition, as well as the grain reproduction, are indeed some of the legit perks offered by the company or you can call them the distinction of Zuri Decking, giving rise to the most authentic and attractive wood-look surfaces. 

  • These are the 5 color options of Zuri Premium Decking, three of which are domestic patterns while the rest ones being exotic options, ideally suiting cottage-style or rustic outdoor decors. 

Here are the available color options for Zuri Decking.

  • Pecan
  • Walnut
  • Chestnut
  • Weathered Gray
  • Brazilia

Zuri Decking Distinctive Features

Ahead are some of the other incredible aspects of Zuri Premium Decking that make it stand out among others and absolutely worth the choice. 

UV Resistance

Zuri Premium Decking comes with excellent and fool-proof resistance against UV damage. That’s because it has been subjected to extensive and intensive UV testing for more than 17,000 hours. Zuri Trivance Topcoating is the major driving force behind this incredible resistance 

Extraordinary Warranty 

Zuri Premium Decking offers an amazing ColorFastness warranty for a good 25 years, which is to say that it won’t get affected by sun damage in any way. Another beneficial guarantee is the fact that the product won’t be shifting more than 5 units on the Hunter Scale (color scale) under any circumstances. 

Mold And Water Damage Resistance

Zuri Decking is meant to stay flawlessly tough against damage from the nearby water bodies and ultimately any mold or bacteria growth. Besides, this goes the same for any rotting, as well.

Toughness Against Structural And Atmospheric Damage

This decking features high resistance against scratches and other types of deformation. In addition to that, there won’t be any structural or mechanical damage experienced with it either.

Anti-slip Working

Zuri Decking is the safest to use since it features an anti-slip coating for the most effective elimination of any accidents or injuries. Besides, this anti-slip coating also efficiently meets the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities).

Easy Installation

All of the Zuri decks feature a “Hidden Fastener System” which makes the very process of installation really easier by eradicating the requirement for any screws at all. 

Convenient Maintenance

Zuri Decking has an extremely resilient nature in the first place and staining of any given kind isn’t a concern with this decking. Besides, it’s also very easy to care for Zuri Decking, since all you need to do is carry out its washing simply with soap and water, after every 6 months and you’ll be good to go. However, harmful materials like Gasoline and Acetone need to stay away from the decking.

Zuri Decking Pros And Cons

Zuri Decking is, by all means, one of the most mind-blowing choices of decking as both it’s structural as well as aesthetic benefits are totally worth it. However, there are a few disadvantages of this decking, as well, and those, for sure, can’t possibly be overlooked, once we’re up for a thorough reviewing.

Excellent Resilience: Zuri Decking stays incredibly tough against multiple forms of damage such as UV rays, scratching, staining, moisture damage, and any bacterial or fungal growth.Excessive Pricing: Zuri Premium Decking is way too costly to some degree, as compared to other decking brands. Besides, it’s also more expensive than PVC deckings of various other brands.
Incredible Warranties: Zuri Decking is meant to retain its beauty for extended periods of time, thanks to the 25-year Color Fastness Warranty. Also, there is a warranty available against color fading of the decking too. Limited Color Options: There is no color versatility available with Zuri Decking and only 5 colors are included within both the decking styles. 
Safety Sustenance: This decking is wholly safe regarding the usage as it effectively meets all the requirements of ADA
Authentic Styling: Zuri Decking is the sole decking that gives off an extraordinarily realistic look of the wood grains and designs.
Weathering Toughness: Zuri Decking is entirely resilient against all sorts of atmospheric impact and damage to be more specific. And this includes both the damage from the sun as well as the wear and tear caused by weathering.

Zuri Decking Cost 

  • In the first place, there are no definitive prices available for Zuri Decking, and the only way to determine the overall project expenses is to seek help from the local distributor or contractor by asking for a quote. 

  • The pricing is similar for most of the colors, either grooved or solid boards, however, there could be a difference in the costs according to the retailer one reaches out to. 

Learn more about the decking cost guide – Installation Cost as Well

  • A basic cost range for Zuri Premium Decking starts from $70 for a length of 12 feet and goes all the way to $153 for a length of 20 feet.

Where To Buy Zuri Decking

  • It’s rather difficult to buy Zuri Decking products very quickly or let’s say easily and ordering it online isn’t feasible either. Therefore the best way to buy Zuri Decking is to have it from a local contractor, distributor, or dealer nearby.

  • Since Zuri Decking can’t be purchased from any of the home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, you need to reach out to the local hardware stores, where you’re likely to come across a few in-stock samples. 

  • “Locate Our Products” is a feature provided on their official website, which can be used as an alternative method to look for the products available in a certain area.

Zuri Decking Vs Other Brands

Now that we are nearly done with the analysis of Zuri Premium Decking in terms of all its major specifications, features, properties, advantages, and disadvantages, it’s time to take a look at its collation with the other prominent decking brand, which is the famous Trex Decking.

This will help a lot in coming up with a fairly suitable and favorable decision.

Zuri Decking Vs Trex Decking 

Characteristic QualityTrex Decking Zuri Decking
Core ConstructionThe core of Trex Decking features a 95% blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic, therefore has lesser maintenance requirements.The core of Zuri Decking entirely features PVC plastic and without any organic material addition, therefore, is highly resistant to rotting and mold buildup.
BreakabilityThe Modulus of Elasticity for Trex Decking is 2 980 MPa and therefore is stronger than Zuri Decking.The Modulus of Elasticity for Zuri Decking is 1 731 MPa and therefore is somewhat fragile as compared to Trex Decking.
Maintenance Trex Decking is really easy to care for with its incredible polymer cap and it only needs to be wiped thoroughly in order to clear out any of the spills or splashes.Zuri Decking as well is extremely convenient when it comes to maintenance and even the dried-out spills can be wiped off of it very easily. 
Fading ResistanceTrex Decking does not fade easily and can stay the same for up to 25 years on end. And there is a warranty available for covering any additional fading.Zuri Decking also features the highest resistance against fading, thanks to the transparent acrylic coating, which works as a protective barrier for the decking surface.
WarrantyTrex Decking offers a warranty of 25 years, against all major damages. Zuri Decking, as well, comes with a warranty of 25 years that covers any structural or wear damages. 
Availability of Styling OptionsTrex Decking has four major product lines with multiple color and profile choices included within each.Zuri Decking does not provide a lot of color options, but rather hardwood species choices. 

Zuri Decking Cost Comparison With Other Brands

Here is a cost-based comparison of the famous decking brands, so you can have the most accurate analysis about which one to go for, regarding your next Decking project.

BrandsCost (per square foot)
Trex$15 per square foot to $35 per square foot
TimberTech$20 per square foot to $40 per square foot
Cali Bamboo$15 per square foot to $75 per square foot
DuraLife$18 per square foot to $35 per square foot
Wolf$19 per square foot to $35 per square foot
Fiberon$15 per square foot to $22 per square foot

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Does Zuri Decking Cost?

Initially, it’s not quite possible to come up with a definitive pricing for Zuri Decking and only a local distributor or contractor can help you in this regard, by providing you with a quote. In addition to that, the pricing varies depending on the colors and of course the retailer you seek help from. Besides, the general cost for a 12 foot Zuri Chestnut style is from $70 to $90 and for the 16 foot Zuri Brazilia, it ranges between $80 and $123. As for the 20 foot Zuri Decking, which is known as Zuri Pecan, you can expect to pay around $100 to $135.

What Is Zuri Decking Made Of?

Zuri Decking is constructed from Cellular composite PVC and the boards have three layers, similar to the structure of Laminate flooring. In addition to that, they also feature realistic-photo prints on them, which mimic the authentic look of wood grains, something which isn’t offered by any other brand with such a level of proficiency. Moreover, there is a transparent acrylic layer also present atop the realistic-photo print which protects the decking boards from all kinds of damage, such as UV damage, moisture, rotting, staining, or atmospheric effects.

Who Sells Zuri Decking?

Zuri decking is a product by Royal Building Solutions and it can only be obtained from a local distributor or dealer or at best from a local hardware store. Alternatively, one can also use the “Locate Our Products” feature offered by the official website of the company. This, as the name suggests, is meant to help the users find dealers near them as ordering the decking online isn’t helpful most of the time. Besides, it can’t be found on home improvement chains like Lowes or Home Depot too. 

Does Zuri Decking Get Hot?

In the first place, Zuri decking does not get hot because it features a PVC construction. PVC is highly resistant to heat and is way cooler than any of the composite materials. That’s why Zuri decking will remain entirely, even on the hottest summer days, and can serve as an entertaining spot all year long. Another benefit of the PVC construction lies in the fact that Zuri decking is completely resistant to rotting, which again is a major benefit regarding the overall decking performance and for providing a good value for the money. 

Is Zuri Decking Slippery?

Zuri Decking is actually quite a safe and amazing choice of decking as it does not get slippery under most circumstances. Rather Zuri decking offers excellent traction which makes it the safest choice to consider. In addition to that, Zuri Decking also meets the ADA requirements and is non-slippery in both wet and dry states. When dry, it’s less slippery than most of the other decking products and when it is wet, it still does not become slippery enough to pose a threat to the person stepping over it.

What Sizes Does Zuri Decking Come In?

Zuri Premium Decking boards have a height of 1’’ and a width of 5.5’’. Besides, there are three different options available for the board length which are 12 feet, 16 feet, and 20 feet. These measurement attributes are the same for both of the Zuri Decking styles, i.e. Zuri 7731 and Zuri 9783. The decking boards feature three layers and the photo-realistic print of the boards (which resembles wood grains) is covered by a transparent Acrylic layer for the purpose of protection.

Is It Okay To Use Zuri Decking For Rooftop Application?

As a matter of fact, Zuri Decking does not come with an approval for the rooftop application, according to its user manual. However, it actually is a perfectly suitable product for patios, but with a few conditions. As for the patio substructure, it must not be a floating frame and should be anchored instead. In addition to that, the minimum joist height of the framing should be 3-½’’. Besides, proper venting is also necessary for the framing to ensure maximum escaping of heat.

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